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June 12, 2012

Leaks Could Sink Obama White House

Republicans call for an independent counsel, while the FBI and two federal prosecutors are already on the case. Clapper was furious — and now the White House is “very nervous."

Skelanimals Photo - Buzznet

Have you ever heard of Skelanimals? I just randomly found out about them. Dead animals need love too. What do you think? Creepy or cute? stay in love, k Check out Suffer For Fashion: Corset Training!!! & WANT... Skeletons in My Closet!!! Zero Gravit…

Buying Makeup Online? Exercise Caution.

Sites like eBay and Amazon are not just havens for counterfeit handbags, but also counterfeit beauty products that retail for as little as $50. And the sites don't police the fakes — that's up to the defrauded brands.

What Can Black Women Teach The Military About Suicide?

The Department of Veterans Affairs believes it can curb veteran suicides by emulating the culture of black women, who have the lowest rate of suicide in the country. It's unclear exactly how this culture will be implemented into VA programs, but officials say they're drawn to the "built-in support that [black women] get from each other."

Just, NO, New York Lottery

If you live in Gotham, you've seen these "little bit of luck" creepy little fucks on TV or in the subway. One little creep was bad enough.

The New iOS Maps Icon Wants You Dead

I guess this is what happens when you ask Siri "Is THAT rain?" one too many times. The people who designed this app can actually see this intersection from work — that's Apple's HQ in the bottom right.

Is Your Barsita Hitting On You? [NSFW]

Sure, you assume that the cute barista is only being nice to you because it's her job, right? For you, yes. But this is what Ryan Gosling's lattes look like every time he goes to Starbucks.

Insane Book About Life In The Middle Ages

Life in the 12th century was short, brutal, and freakin' awesome! Between monster snails and Doctor Who villains, this 100% accurate illuminated manuscript is certainly illuminating.

The Insane @Sweden Racist Twitter Rant

Sweden: Your biggest fear has happened. Only a day after the NY Times posted an article about the fear of humiliation on the nation's Twitter account, Sonja -- the current curator -- decided it would be a great open forum for her to discuss "The Jews" and even include Nazi references.

Leave Madonna's 53-Year-Old Breast Alone

Madonna recently flashed her right breast at a concert in Turkey, prompting cries of disgust from people who think she's too old for that. WTF, people?

Will Cupcakes Fund NASA's Next Trip To Mars?

NASA scientists around the country washed cars and sold baked goods in exchange for signatures on letters to Congress protesting President Obama's proposed 2013 budget, which would cut 21 percent from NASA's planetary science budget and 38 percent from its Mars projects. The cupcakes had appropriate names like "red planet" and "white dwarf."

Obama Gaffe Vs. Romney Gaffe

BuzzFeed's McKay Coppins joined Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer's political panel Monday to discuss how Obama's gaffe for saying the private sector is "doing fine" measures up to Romney's slip asserting that the police officers, firefighters and teachers should be cut. "Mitt Romney's comment is reflective of this sort of austerity fetish that the Republican party has right now," Coppins said.

The Emailization Of Facebook

Facebook has already infiltrated every mobile OS, and now its roots are snaking into the foundation of the traditionally internet-agnostic OS X. Facebook is a service, not a site.

Coroner Rules Dingo Did Take Australian Woman's Baby

Coroner Elizabeth Morris has officially ruled that a dingo killed Lindy Chamberlain's baby Azaria in 1982. Chamberlain had previously been convicted of murdering the child, and spent four years in prison.

How To Kiss

A lesson in four photos, from a 1942 "Life" magazine.

Trace Cyrus And Brenda Song Split On Patty's Blog

When it was announced that Trace Cyrus and Brenda Song were expecting a child last year, we're not going to lie: we were quite surprised! We didn't realize that the two were even together, but nonetheless were happy for the couple. From their strang…

$3,749 MacBook Pro

Apple released some pretty new products earlier today, the undisputed best one being the new $2,199 MacBook Pro with Retina display. That price can go up quite a bit though if you select the best options. How high can it go? Check it out below (that rhymed.)

Weekend Box Office: Madagascar 3 Outgrosses Prometheus

No matter what you think about Prometheus (I mostly enjoyed it, but I’m definitely not going to defend it), you have to give Fox credit for at least releasing it with an R-rating. But since no good deed goes unpunished and all of that, it earned $50…

28 Of The Biggest Kid Fails Of All Time

I don't know if I should laugh or if I should cry? All I know is that someone should make a show that highlights the best home videos in America similar to these.

Hot Or Not: Selena Gomez's Leggy Look Photo Crystaldots' Photos

Well, well, well, this ex-Disney star is definitely growing up as she wore this leggy, chic outfit to her fragrance launch yesterday at Macy's! Selena Gomez was all legged out in a pair of satin, beachy shorts and a barely there top. Hmm, looks awfu…

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