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June 4, 2012

21 Inspiring Light Installations In Sydney

Vivid Sydney is an 18 day festival of light and music happening right now. Here are some of the coolest light installations from this year and years past. (via

A Worrying Clue About The Future Of Google+

Google is buying Meebo and putting its employees to work on Google+. Adding a nagging, forceful Meebo-style bar would be one of the few guaranteed ways to make Google+ less fun, so this doesn't bode terribly well. Although I do feel sort of sorry for the Meebo folks? I mean, I know they just joined Google but they're basically being sent to the front lines of social networking's Stalingrad.

Meet Jean Claude Van Damme's Daughter, Bianca Bree

The 21-year-old actress accompanied him to last night's MTV Movie Awards. I tried to find more information about her but my Google searches were met with roundhouse kicks to the face by her father.

Get The Look: "Game Of Thrones" Style In Today's Fashions

A ring of Tumblrs exist solely to explore which of today's designers fashion our favorite Westerosians would wear.

See The Queen As A Series Of Pantone Color Swatches

In honor of Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee, Pantone and ad agency Leo Burnett have created a color guide book of her famously monochromatic outfits. Each swatch comes with a Pantone reference, and the date the shade appeared on the queen. In other words, this is the best non-flip book flip book ever.

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