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June 26, 2012

Would You Rather…? The Spice Girls Then And Now

Did you know a Spice Girls live musical was happening? If not, you were bound to find out today because for the first time since 2008, the Spice Girls reunited and that’s a pretty big deal. They were brought together for a press conference about the…

Flavorwire » The Teachings Of Ron Swanson

Flavorwire: Cultural news and critique from Flavorpill

Liz Smith: Nora Ephron In Hospital, Gravely Ill

Nora Ephron, the celebrated screenwriter and director, is gravely ill, suffering from leukemia, but her agency CAA and her publisher Knopf denied reports that surfaced on the web Tuesday afternoon that she had died. PHOTOS: Hollywood's Notable Deat…

Elizabeth Banks, 'People Like Us' Star, On Effie Trinket, First Ladies And 'Catching Fire'

It’s the classic story: Boy meets Girl. Girl falls for Boy. Boy reveals that he’s Girl’s long-lost half-brother and that he has a $150,000 cash inheritance for her son.

Welcoming Jennifer Lawrence, Our Newest Ryan Gosling

It’s hard to keep track of all the celebrities coming out as heros lately (like remember when Mila Kunis did, for instance?) (VERY hard to keep track), but it’s important to take a moment and recognize each one for their beauty, bravery, and ability…

Rush Limbaugh Says Huma Abedin And Hillary Clinton Tied To The "Muslim Sisterhood"

"Folks, it's Peyton place. It's too much to keep up with."

Life Sized Dollhouse By Heather Benning Photo

Life Sized dollhouse by Heather Benning This is amazing! An old abandoned farm house from the 60's was turned into a life sized dollhouse by Saskatchewan artist Heather Benning. It was built in Manitoba a few years back and I'm not sure if it's stil…

Rihanna Kisses Pooping Justin Bieber In Her Most Excellent Twitpic Yet

In her latest and best twitpic, Rihanna kisses a pooping ‘Justin Bieber’, because why not?

Sarah Tressler, Journalist Fired For Stripping, Writes Exotic Dancing Book (PHOTOS)

Photos of Sarah Tressler (Story continues below) Loading Slideshow Sarah Tressler Strippers are used to exposing themselves, but Sarah Tressler insists she wasn't prepared to be publicly exposed earlier this year. Tressler, 3…

Movie Investors Sue Over 'One Of The Greatest Box Office Flops Of All Time'

Any lawsuit that opens by touting a "staggering" fraud on "one of the greatest box office flops of all time" has quite a bit of work to do to live up to such damning words. The investors now suing over the 2009 film Transylmania believe they can mak…

Erika Christakis On School-Bus Bullies: Who's To Blame?

It’s not victim blaming to acknowledge that Klein was both horribly abused and also hired to prevent the kind of torment she endured. It’s therefore puzzling that neither she nor the bus driver — the adults on the bus — took any measures to prevent,…

Giant Tortoise ‘Lonesome George’ Dies In The Galapagos

The world shed a tear when the news broke that “Lonesome George” — the last remaining giant tortoise of his kind — passed away  in his enclosure in the Galapagos Islands on Sunday.

Woman Upset Over Corpse On Flight

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, June 24 (UPI) -- A Swedish woman says she had to fly overnight from Europe to Tanzania next to a man who died after the plane had departed.

The Worst NBA Draft Day Outfits Of All Time

NBA Players have gotten stylish, but that wasn't always the case.

Aubrey Plaza's Deadpanning 28 Times

But she's also really really funny, so here are 28 funny things she said. Happy birthday Aubrey!!

Photo: Bethenny Frankel As A P.A. On "Saved By The Bell"

If you thought her biggest life accomplishment was selling her Skinny Girl margaritas to a liquor company for a bajillion dollars, you're wrong. Her Most Important Achievement in Life was working as a production assistant on Saved by the Bell. She Instagramed photographic proof.

100 Years Of Oreo Packaging

Oreos have had many guises over the last century, not just Rainbow Proud.

What Developers Thought About WWDC

A look at what Apple really did last week.

21 Reasons To Never Have Kids

Aren't kids the worst? If you think otherwise, this will change your mind.

Pug Hats For Babies

Every baby should be REQUIRED to wear one of these. NO exceptions.

How Do You Write A Gesture?

Design technologist P.J. Onori has come up with a set of icons to describe the touch gestures we use every day, called "Cue." Useful! It reminds me of the icons in those old video game cheat code books, too.

Zach Galifianakis News - 'Hangover' Star Zach Galifianakis Is Getting Married (EXCLUSIVE)

Prepare for the biggest bachelor party ever, as The Hangover star Zach Galifianakis is getting married to his longtime girlfriend, Celebuzz can exclusively reveal.

John Fugelsang: Mitt Romney Isn't A Homophobe, He Just Pretends To Be

"A calculating non-bigot who profits from bigotry — I think — is just a little bit worse than an actual ignorant bigot." — John Fugelsang

The Spice Girls, Then & Now: Who's Wardrobe Has Come The Farthest?

Like a fine wine, it seems the Spice Girls just get better with age--which is pretty unsurprising, considering how impossibly awful some of their outfits were in the early 90s! All five ladies reunited in London earlier today, and we want to know wh…

Which U.S. State Has The Worst Girls?

Using a highly scientific measurement: which state's "girl problems" Twitter account is the most annoying.

Republican Senators Flip-Flop On Leak Investigations

31 GOP Senators signed a letter calling for the White House to appoint an independent counsel on leaks. They didn't feel this way during the Valerie Plame affair, and in fact defended Karl Rove for his role in the episode.

Stephanie Has A Birther Debate With Orly Taitz

Orly Taitz, of the Defend Our Freedom Foundation, joins Stephanie for a heated debate on the birther movement. Stephanie lists all of Taitz’s failed lawsuits and suggests, “Maybe birtherism isn’t your thing.” Taitz says, “ I am sure that was told to…

Grow Your Own Architecture: Unusual Structures Made Out Of Trees

In honor of Gaudí’s greatest achievement, the mind-blowing Sagrada Família in Barcelona whose stunning nave is without a doubt the most beautiful architectural and artistic representation of a tree ever created, we’ve taken a look at some of today’s…

Sylvester Stallone Defeats Lawsuit Claiming 'The Expendables' Was Ripped Off

Sylvester Stallone has delivered a knockout punch to an author who claimed to be the real writer behind The Expendables. Marcus Webb sued Stallone last October and claimed that the 2010 film was "strikingly similar" to his own copyrighted work, from…

Rare Unseen Vintage Photos Of Celebs :

Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

Miss COED: Amber Victoria [11 PHOTOS]

Amber is a 22 year old model originally hailing from Houston, TX. She traded the Lone Star State for Alberta, Canada to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. After she’s done with school, Amber plans on moving back to Los Angeles to pur…

Interview: Stealing Back The Music Crown With Rhythm Thief From

We speak to Sega's Shun Nakamura about this fresh new musical blast from the past.

4 Gorgeous Little Details You Might Miss On Blake Lively Here (And You Really MUST See Them!)

Yes, Blake Lively's structured waves and red lips were incredibly beautiful at last night's Savages premiere, but those are the obvious things to obsess over. There are a few other little details that you might not immediately notice that I MUST poi…

Ways To Wear Summer Staples Year-Round

TAGS: summer fashio| A to Zee

Can A National Campaign Get Schools To Rethink Homework?

Even the PTA agrees that homework needs to be reworked. Could this new campaign end homework as we know it?

Oil Change: A DIY Alternative To Body Lotion

When Jessica Simpson's edible glitter collides with DIY body oil, our beauty columnist's moisturizing woes evaporate.

Can Someone Please Explain Why This Exists?

Spiders? Zombies? I need to know!

Dr. Oz Episode About Butts Features Real-Life, Actual Butts

Yesterday's episode of Dr. Oz was dedicated to butts and as such, a group of 20 or so women stripped down and let it all hang loose for the sake of TV.

Fox News Sets Up Shop In Tampa For The RNC

The network has rented out the entirety of the Tampa Bay Historical Center as their headquarters for the Republican convention.

16 Famous People Who Prove That Not All Celebrities Are Horrible People

Here's proof that being famous doesn't mean you have to be a d-bag.

If Vintage NBA Draft Evaluations Had Actually Been Accurate

Find out what NBA experts said about Kobe Bryant on draft night, and what they should have said.

Apple Just Won't Give Up On Podcasts

I will never stop singing the podcast gospel — it's a nearly unlimited source of new stuff to listen to that's often better than radio and totally free. Long buried in the iPod/Music app on the iPhone and iPad, podcasts are finally getting their own official app from Apple, and it's pretty great. Automatic downloads are the killer feature.

Highly Endangered Rhino Gives Birth And Other Links

The Sumatran rhinoceros is near extinction, with less than 300 estimated to live in the wild, but this baby is sure cute! Plus, how to turn a production disaster into movie gold and a floating mansion you'll never own.

Lindsay Lohan Poses With A Disturbing Prop

What exactly is going on here?

Extremely Silly Photos Of Extremely Serious Artists

You might think visual artists have it easy — hanging out with models and making pretty pictures — but after a long day of churning out portraits (at the Factory, perhaps) or patiently mixing colors, every serious artist needs to cut loose and let h…

The "Breastaurant" Business Is Booming (Sort Of)

The "Breastaurant" Business Is Booming (Sort of)

50 Cent Hospitalized After Car Accident With Big Rig

7:51 AM PT -- A rep for Curtis Jackson released a statement ... confirming 50 was in an accident early Tuesday morning. The rep adds, "He was taken to New…

Guess Who This Lil' Guy Turned Into!

Before he was Hollywood's most sought-after friend -- he was just another kid growing up in Massachusetts. Can you guess who he is?! JESSICA BIEL The…

It’s Jessica Biel’s Butt In A Bikini

Until now, I would’ve safely said no other bikini butt photos could ever come close to matching the power and ass-majesty of Leighton Meester in Hawaii. It was like staring into the face of Butt-halla as winged Valkyries gave you a lap dance. But th…

Yasiin Bey Would Like You To Quit Calling Him Mos Def

At a performance last August, the deliberate and sharply dressed emcee, who is also well known as an actor, announced his “official transition” to a huge audience gathered in the parking lot of a popular pub and pizzeria in Anchorage, Alaska: “My pr…

Willow Smith's Tongue Piercing Isn't Real, Says Willow Smith

11-year-old Willow Smith says picture of her tongue piercing isn't real, just a magnetic tongue pierce.

Former Doper Justin Gatlin Really Wants Two Female Sprinters To Wrestle For Him

Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh tied for the last spot on the U.S. Olympic 100m team. The tie will be settled with either a runoff or a coin flip. Justin Gatlin had a different idea.

An Imaginary First Act Of A Spice Girls' Musical, Presented In 17 GIFs

A new musical called Viva Forever! will be based on songs by the Spice Girls. The storyline won't focus on the girl group, but in my dream world it would — and the first act would go something like this.

Cats Battling Cat Banks

What, you ask, is a "cat bank"? It's a piggy bank shaped like a cardboard box with a motorized kitten inside it. These few cats are brave enough to protect us from those diabolical creations.

Is Miss America Becoming A Political Training Ground?

In recent years, the Miss America pageant has enjoyed record ratings and has been turning out more aspiring politicians than ever before. What gives?

How Technological Ineptitude Ruined John Edwards And Rielle Hunter's Romance

These two had no idea how to call each other, text, email, or prevent pregnancy. As Hunter's new tell-all book proves, ignorance isn't always bliss.

Is Kickstarter Getting Punk'd?

A trio of Oakland artists want to build Tom Hanks statues to inspire kids. Or do they?

Sucker Stocks: Avoid These Dogs At All Costs

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- In recent weeks, I have written about several stocks that turn up in your portfolio after the proverbial weekend in Las Vegas.

Kim Kardashian News - Steal Her Look! Kim Kardashian Dishes On How She Prepares For A Day Out (VIDEO)

The 31-year-old reality star recently shared her secrets to getting ready for the daytime. Whether she’s grabbing lunch with beau Kanye West or visiting one of her DASH stores, Kim always keeps it light, fun, and fresh with casually chic clothes and…

'The Many Talents Of Kate Upton' Is Terry Richardson's Masterwork

Kate Upton’s GQ cover is already the stuff of legend, and somehow it keeps getting better. Case in point: ‘The Many Talents Of Kate Upton’, a “bonus” video shot by Richardson where he finds 7 different reasons for Kate to make her boobs move around…

Louis C.K. Gets 'Today' Show Introduction, Defends Sarah Palin Jokes (Video)

The critically-acclaimed comedian, writer and television star featured in a segment on Monday's Today Show, which served for many as an introduction to his raunchy humor and cult hit TV show. During the interview segment, he laughed off the fact tha…

Photoshop Disasters: Eva Longoria's White Skin On "Amica" Magazine

Her face is virtually unrecognizable — but that's nothing compared to the color of her seemingly-bleached skin. WTF?

If The "Diablo III" Trailer Were Honest

Now featuring over TWENTY different imp colors. Sometimes loving a franchise can't save it from itself.

The Best Of The Disappointing Childhood Friend Meme

We've all had this friend. Or we were this friend. Just reading these is giving me childhood sleepover PTSD.

15 Adorable Photos Of Uggie Getting His Paw Print On The Walk Of Fame

Uggie, the dog film star, was honored today by having his paw prints casted in cement in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre. The sad part is it also marked his retirement from acting. We love you Uggie!

Male Sprinter Says Two Female Sprinters Should Break Their Tie By Wrestling In Jell-O

Over the weekend, Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh tied for third place in the 100-meter dash at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials. While USA Track and Field debated how to settle the tie, the male 100-meter victor Justin Gatlin offered his totally-not-sexist idea: "I'm voting for Jell-O wrestling match... Red Jell-O. That's my favorite."

Arena Pharma: Sell-Side Squawks

The latest viral buzz from

Are Bronies Secretly Running American Politics?

Revealing photographs from the Republican primaries show the secret cabal controlling each candidate's decisions. We know little about this group from a place called Equestria, other than that their main agenda appears to be "friendship".

10 Early Radical Poets

Although his tempestuous, bohemian lifestyle and philosophies garnered much attention, Baudelaire’s radical use of composition and verse resonated and had a significant impact on later poets and the literary world at large. He wasn’t alone, however.…

iPhone 4S, Lumia 900, Droid Razr Maxx: Three Great Smartphones You Should Not Buy

Imagine that you are inside your favorite mobile phone retail store. The air conditioning blows cool on the back of your neck; you tap your foot to the Foster the People tune playing softly on the loudspeaker. In your left hand, you hold the smartph…

9 Totally Creepy Opposites

I'm so happy these are just drawings and this isn't the actual world we live in.

See Megan Fox's Pregnant Bikini Body!

On June 24, the pregnant actress, 26, and her husband, Brian Austin Green, 38, celebrated their second wedding anniversary in Kona, Hawaii -- the same spot they tied the knot in 2010. Fox, clad in a Cia. Maritima bikini, proudly showed off her growi…

"The Hills" As Art

Artist Karin Bubas creates chalk pastel portraits of people who appeared on The Hills and The City. I think they are masterpieces.

DIY Sushi Maker Makes Making Sushi Yourself An Easy Thing To Do

Taking a page out of a tobacco rolling handbook, German design firm osko+deichmann has designed this device that will help make making sushi at home an easy task.

Shadowy Playground Heroes Celebrate Imagination

Anyone can be a super hero (or villain) with some sticks and a trash can lid. You just have to believe in yourself and artist Andy Fairhurst.

Romney Sees Win/Win In Coming Obamacare Ruling, Regardless Of Outcome

In Virginia, he previews his talking points. Depending on the verdict, the Republican will cast Obama as a failure, or as the author of an unpopular policy.

The Brooklyn Nets Wish Deron Williams A Happy Birthday, Are Totally Not Desperate

Hey basketball teams, stop acting like John Hughes characters.

Women In Fake Beards And Mustaches Are Awesome

They are called Whiskerinas, and they are artists. These photos are from the Whiskerina section of the Los Angeles Beard and Mustache Competition.

The "Can't-Lose David Kahn" Meme

Despite frequently making inexplicable personnel decisions — drafting three point guards AT THE SAME DAMN TIME; trading for Michael Beasley — GM David Kahn has made the Minnesota Timberwolves into one of the most promising young teams in the league. He just can't lose.

You Can't Say That On Television: 40 Years Of Debating Dirty Words

Television is markedly different than it was when a radio station aired George Carlin's 'Seven Dirty Words' in 1973, but the same issues we deliberated four decades ago are still far from decided

Edwards And Mistress Have Broken Up

Democratic politician John Edwards and the mistress who bore his child have ended their relationship, it was announced on Good Morning America this morning.

Découverte Des Corps D'Eran-David Et Andy Dans Une Piscine

Les deux corps flottant ont été retrouvés "sur le rebord de la piscine à deux mètres l'un de l'autre". Selon Claude Laplaud, procureur de la République de Bordeaux, "la piscine a apparemment été inspectée. L'eau est saumâtre, on ne voit pas au fond …

Bright Nail Polish Colors - At-Home Manicure Tips

Bright nail polish colors are in for summer. See which shades are best for your skin tone on!

Edible Insects And Seaweed Are The Perfect Sustainable Foods.

About 200 years ago, the lobster was regarded by most Americans as a filthy, bottom-feeding scavenger unfit for consumption by civilized people. Frequently ground up and used as fertilizer, the crustacean was, at best, poor people’s food. In fact, i…

13 Best Fandom Friends Forever Necklaces

Being best friends mean obsessing over the same things. What better way to show off your allegiance to each other and your favorite part of pop culture than with jewelry?

Ann Curry Negotiating Exit From NBC -- Savannah Guthrie A Lock

Ann Curry and NBC are negotiating her exit from "Today" and the hang-up is money ...  sources connected with the network tell TMZ.Our sources say…

6 Terrible Decisions That Gave Us Great Movie Moments

Remember the awesome scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indy shoots the swordsman? Yeah well, the only reason they included that in the movie is that Harrison Ford had the shits -- as we've mentioned before, Ford had dysentery and didn't feel li…

Emily Maynard Confronts Arie Luyendyk, Jr., Bachelorette Producer About Past Relationship

One week before hometown dates, Bachelorette producers dropped a bombshell on Emily Maynard: Arie Luyendyk, Jr., the race car driver from Arizona, once dated show producer Cassie Lambert.

Tragic Time Capsules: Capturing The Decay Of Forgotten Olympic Venues

In a new project called "The Olympic City," photographer Jon Pack and filmmaker Gary Hustwit are taking a close look at what the Olympic Games leave behind. Cities spend billions getting themselves all dolled up for the big dance. But what happens t…

It's F*ckin' Late With Dave Coulier From Dave Coulier, Andrea Barber, Melissa Stephens, Ally Hord, Johnny Pemberton, Cat Solen, Manasewitsch, Andy Maxwell, Brian Lane, And Funny Or Die

At 2am when the bars close, Mel and Ally drunkenly host a late night talk show in their living room with their nostalgic heroes as guests. This episode features Full House's Uncle Joey some surprise guests, as well as comedian Johnny Pemberton.

Channing Tatum News - ‘Magic Mike’ Reviews Are In

Magic Mike finally hits theaters on June 29, but is Channing Tatum's movie all about male stripping worth the price of admission? Celebuzz compiled some

Henri The Existential Cat Is Back

This time, he suffers the indignity of a trip to the vet, where they fail to recognize his overwhelming ennui.

The Best Of "The View" Grilling Rielle Hunter

I think it's safe to say that everyone needs a shower after this moment in television history.

Amy Poehler Answers Questions From Tumblr Users

Such as, "What's the easiest way to make Will Arnett cry?"

Where Charles Barron Is Coming From

A '60s radical on the verge of joining the 113th Congress.

Ex-Wives Of A-List Celebrities Expose Their Wacky Lives On "Hollywood Exes"

Wondering what the ex-wives of Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, R. Kelly, Jose Canseco, and (the artist formerly known as) Prince are like today? This is your show.

For Obama And Romney, A History Of Flubbing Vital Hometown Baseball Knowledge

The President called the old White Sox stadium "Cominskey Field" instead of "Comiskey Park." Mitt Romney flubbed the years the Red Sox nation waited for a championship, saying "87 long years" when it was 86.

Ever Wonder Which Wine Goes Best With A Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Supreme?

Last week, a redditor asked this question, which was so graciously answered by wine and social media expert Gary Vaynerchuck. Now I'm hungry.

Hot Or Not Rihanna Slims It Down To Fishnet And Sneaks Photo Crystaldots' Photos

We love sneakers. Fishnet shorts - totally on the fence about 'em. Usually, I'm a fan of Rihanna's style, her music, and her hairstyles, but this outfit that she wore during this past weekend at the BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend performance: oh no. Fi…

Revealing Portraits Of LGBT Youth

“I highly hold onto my evangelical roots even though they sort of slapped me in the face a little bit,” says Braxton, age 20 from Auburn, Alabama. “But I grew up believing certain things, and just because I’m gay doesn’t mean they don’t make sense t…

Why The Supreme Court's Healthcare Decision Has Taken So Long

If you turned on a TV news show Monday morning, you were probably told to expect a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court on the Obama Administration’s Affordable Care Act any minute. Newsrooms around the country were braced for the most important ruling …

Dear Prudie: My Co-worker Takes The Office Newspaper Into The Bathroom.

Emily Yoffe, aka Dear Prudence, is on weekly to chat live with readers. An edited transcript of this week’s chat is below. (Sign up here to get Dear Prudence delivered to your inbox each week. Read Prudie’s Slate columns here. Sen…

10 Picnic-Perfect Dishes That Won't Wilt In The Summer Heat

Now is the time to eat outside every chance you get. Here are a few sturdy and filling salad and dessert ideas that won't turn to gross mush in the hot sun and are easy to make and pack for alfresco dining. Just bring a bottle of chilled white wine to make sure you don’t melt, either.

"Six Pack" Is The Worst Song You'll Hear All Day

Is it the generic chord progression? Is it the disturbing lack of six pack? Is it the striking vocal similarity Spongebob Squarepants? The world may never know.

Jennifer Lawrence Comes To The Rescue Of A Collapsed Girl

She pulled a Ryan Gosling (that's a thing right?) and aided a woman who collapsed outside her home.

Posh Spice's Tiny Frame In Sharp Relief Tops The Morning Links

Those mannequins really need to drop a few pounds. Plus, two celebrities have ended up in the hospital so far today and Lana Del Rey thinks she's Jackie Kennedy.

26 Photos Of Olympic Hopefuls Realizing They're Going To London

This is the kind of joy that only a life-defining achievement can bring.

Supreme Court Health Care Decision Coming Thursday

The Supreme Court did not rule on the constitutionality of President Obama's health care law Monday, pushing the announcement of the decision to Thursday morning. The decision is among the most closely watched in decades.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy D.I.Y. From

With its driving, industrial, "We Will Rock You"-style beat, it's surprising that "Devil's Lab" didn't make it to Theatrhythm's set list. Sure, most wouldn't regard it as a highlight of Final Fantasy VI's stellar soundtrack, but for pure rhythm game…

Jérémy Menez à Hugo Lloris : "Va Te Faire Enculer"

EURO 2012 - C'est décidément dans une sale ambiance que l'équipe de France achève son parcours à l'Euro. Après les incidents survenus dans les vestiaires lors de France-Suède, impliquant Samir Nasri et Hatem Ben Arfa, un nouvel échange d'amabilités …

American Airlines Vs. Communications Workers Of America

The failed effort by Democrats to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker prompted much speculation about the tenuous future of American unions, but the real future of American labor is being determined right now not in a high-profile electoral fight but…

Reese Witherspoon Breaks Silence On Pregnancy

Reese Witherspoon hasn't said much since Us Weekly broke the news of her pregnancy in March -- until now.

1976 McDonald's Ad Targeting African-Americans

The body copy. Read the body copy.

Black Republicans Attack Eric Holder

Herman Cain and Ken Blackwell team up for a video critiquing Holder's stances with voting rights.

This Is What Happens When You Throw A Bag Of Trash Into Lava

Anyone know where I can find some lava in NYC?

How High Are Lady Gaga's New Shoes?

I'm going with 10 inches. Place your bets.

How Could ANYONE Boycott A Cookie?!

This is the world we live in.

How To Run Against Rob Portman

If Ohio Senator Rob Portman becomes Mitt Romney's running mate, Democrats have an obvious line of attack: His service in the George W. Bush Administration. The ads didn't hold much weight with Ohio voters in 2010, when Portman won his race by nearly 20%.

The Spice Girls Reunite To Launch The New Musical "Viva Forever!"

It's based off their songs and will open in the West End (London's Broadway) this December. BUT PLEASE, BRING IT TO AMERICA.

Tim Pawlenty Played Down The Vice Presidency In 2008

The former Governor of Minnesota recently suggested the Romney campaign to "look elsewhere" for a running mate. He wasn't so enthusiastic about possibly being VP in 2008 either.

Jessica Biel News - Jessica Biel Flaunts Flawless Physique In Teeny Bikini Bottoms (PHOTOS)

The future Mrs. Justin Timberlake was seen hitting the beach in Puerto Rico over the weekend, and though she was covered up on top, the 30-year-old actress left very little to the imagination when it came to her bottoms.

Rana Foroohar: Extreme Work Deprives Us From Having It All

All-encompassing jobs don't just rob us of family time, they kill productivity too

Technology Sounds Beautiful When You Slow It Down

What happens when you slow down some of the most recognizable tech sounds to 1/8th their normal speed? Beauty! And horror. You're going to want to put on your headphones.

The Real Problem With Kate Middleton's $54,000 Clothing Bill

That's the amount she's estimated to have spent on all the clothing she's worn for public appearances so far this year. I don't care how much she spends but I wish we had something substantive to talk about along with her outfits.

DeLorean Limousine Lets You Go Back To The Future With A Party

All we need now is 1.21 gigawatts of power and we are in business.

James Rosemond Admits To Tupac Shakur 1994 Shooting Involvement (Report)

The mystery of the shooting that launched a coast-to-coast hip-hop feud may finally be over.

A Very Ironic Bike

Well, this is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen.

OREO Celebrates Gay Pride

People added well over a million "Likes" to their facebook page overnight.

Simcity Social Preview For PC From

SimCity Social is a frustrating game. I want to love it, and in many ways I do. I've spent the better part of the day playing it and I would absolutely love to be making my way through more quests right this second, only I'm unable to do so as this …

Zooey Deschanel Dating Jamie Linden: Actress Steps Out With Screenwriter

TV's "New Girl" finally has a new man. Us Weekly reports that Zooey Deschanel is back in the dating game nearly six months after splitting from her husband of two years, Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard.

Jessica Simpson Takes Her Post-Baby Cleavage For A Walk And Bikini Pics From The Dukes Of Hazzard

This is how Jessica Simpson takes walks around her block which she graciously decided to share with everyone on Twitter. (June 22, 2012)

Luke Hemsworth Joining Brothers Chris And Liam In Hollywood

We’re used to our Hollywood families — the Baldwins, the Wilsons, etc. — but this is some Hollywood Immigration Ingenuity. The planets are finally aligning, and soon all three Hemsworth brothers will be covering the Crushable front page with their c…

Black Licorice Tells Us The Truth About Itself

It's about time it came out.

Goodbye Spring, Hello Bikini (32 Photos)

Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

Remembering Michael Jackson: 7 Developments After His Death

Throughout his life, Michael Jackson created a legacy that shaped the nature of the music industry. His impact on the world continues to grow, even three years after his death. The King of Pop’s legacy has not simply lived on; his memory has shatter…

Quasars On A Diet

Once in a while, a dim quasar does get something a little more succulent to eat: small, satellite galaxies that circle larger ones can become snared in a black hole's gravity well and get swallowed whole. In the universe's early days, there were a l…

Sweet Mind The Gap Photos :

June 25, 2012 | Author: Leo | In: Girls, Hot Women, Mind the Gap

Axe Installe Des Peepshows Virtuels Dans Les Toilettes Publiques à Porto Rico

CAMPAGNE PUBLICITAIRE - Comment doper son activité sur les réseaux sociaux lorsqu'on est une marque connue comme Axe, le déodorant pour hommes appartenant à Unilever? Simple: du sexe, du sexe et encore du sexe. A Porto Rico, en mai, une campagne pub…

Ryan Guzman: Shirtless For Bello Magazine!

Rising star Ryan Guzman goes shirtless sexy on the entertainment cover of Bello Magazine‘s latest Summer Fashion Issue, available on iTunes on June 26.

Octomom Nadya Suleman 36, Dating Bodybuilder Frankie G, 23

The 36-year-old mother of 14 is dating 23-year-old amateur bodybuilder Frankie G. Suleman chatted with TMZ about her new relationship at the airport in Los Angeles on Sunday -- where she was waiting for her beefy new guy to pick her up.

Jenny McCarthy: ‘Playboy’ Cover At 39!

Jenny McCarthy: ‘Playboy’ Cover at 39!

Pregnant Nicole Snooki Polizzi Trips In High Heels

We hate to say 'we told you so' but...we told you so! Snooki's high heels finally take a toll on the pregnant Jersey Shore star. Is it time to retire them until the baby's born? Look at the photos and you tell us!

Zombie Apocalypse: Bangor, Maine Prepares For Hordes Of Undead Minions

Just days after the federal government denied the existence of zombies, the city of Bangor took the zombie apocalypse craze to a whole new level. Officials began "preparing" for the undead by running a daylong pandemic exercise Thursday that was rea…

In Defense Of Jennifer Lawrence's See-Through Dress

Not to get all Fifty Shades of Grey  on you, but I just saw Jennifer Lawrence’s thong outline. And I didn’t see it on purpose. I saw it because some total creeptastic paparazzo zoomed into her ass when she bent over outside her car. (And I’m not put…

Kourtney Kardashian News - Baby Countdown

There is an abundance of expectant moms in Hollywood right now, and though some will be first time parents, there are others have done this a time or two before. Regardless, there is one thing that remains: these ladies are ready to welcome their li…

Celebuzz - Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian Goes Glam For Play Date With Son Mason (PHOTOS)

Category: Articles, , , Listing Type: Articles, _uri:, _link:, By: Rachel Maresca, _comme…

PHOTO: Jenny McCarthy Nude On Playboy Cover (July/August 2012) // Current TV

Actress Jenny McCarthy, who recently confessed to sexting her son’s dentist, appears naked in all her glory on the cover of the highly anticipated MORE

Foods For Longevity: 7 Picks That Could Add Years To Your Life

The more we learn, the clearer it is that longevity isn't just about our genetic heritage. Instead we can control many of the factors that will influence the quality and quantity of our years with all those small, daily decisions we make about nutri…

88 Books That Shaped America, According To Library Of Congress

On Friday, the Library of Congress released its list of the "books that shaped America." There are 88 books on the list, and there will be an exhibit in Washington that opens Monday.

Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise Wear Matching Outfits

I wish Katie would stop letting Suri wear high heels. she is a growing child and this is going to mess up her hips and pelvis and mis align things. doesn't katie have a brain in her head anymore since she married tom? and why is the kid wearing make…

Celebuzz - 'Real Housewives Of New Jersey's' Melissa Gorga On Teresa Giudice Feud

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Someecards Are Twisted Genius (22 Photos)

1 We've partnered with the folks over at Someecards to print their hilarious anecdotes on t-shirts. They have so many funny designs, that we don't know which ones to print. We're going to start with 4 designs and we need you help ch…

Louisiana Private Schools Teach Loch Ness Monster Is Real In Effort To Disprove Evolution Theory

Some students at private schools in Louisiana are being taught that Scotland's fabled Loch Ness monster is real, a claim that is then held as evidence disproving Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, the Scotsman reports.

Jessica Biel -- The Bootyful Bikini Bottom

In case you forgot, Jessica Biel has the most ridiculously awesome ass on the planet -- and she reminded everyone while in Puerto Rico this weekend ...…

Jessica Simpson Wants You To Know She Still Has Giant Breasts, In Case You Forgot

Apparently Jessica Simpson takes walks around her block with her gigantor cleavage hanging out and felt the need to share that with everyone on Twitter because she understands social media and it’s dynamic capacity to connect millions of people from…

Jonathan Groff And Zachary Quinto Might Be My Favorite Couple

Sorry Michelle Williams and Jason Segel, there’s a new cute couple in town and they’re beating you out for absolutely adorable candid photos. Zachary Quinto and Jonathan Groff  aren’t so much a new couple as they are new to the paparazzi scene. Over…

WATCH: The E.U.’s Breathtakingly Sexist Science Video

Maybe it’s the Euro crisis that seems to have turned the brains of the European Union’s (probably male) image-makers soft. You can hardly spend all week trying to bail out Greece, hang onto Spain and keep Germany from getting surly (never a good ide…

Busty Women :

June 25, 2012 | Author: Bob | In: Beautiful, FLBP, Hot Women

The 12 Best Romantic Comedies (Dirty Dancing! When Harry Met Sally!) Of The '80s

Gah, summer is here, and it's hot, hot, hot. When the temperature rises to omg-I-can't-breathe degrees, there's nothing better than sitting inside a heavily air-conditioned room with a lengthy Netflix queue, lotsa ice cream, and a delightfully open …

Shop Chic Work Bags Inspired By Fendi (For Every Budget!)

Nothing spoils a cute work outfit like a dingy tote bag stuffed full of documents, binders, or a laptop. Worse, designated laptop/briefcases are generally offer more function than form. But, after seeing the shots from Fendi's resort show I was insp…

Zac Efron, Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson

10+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Zac Efron at Kevin Turen‘s wedding…

Channing Tatum: ‘Magic Mike’ Premiere

Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, and Matthew McConaughey heat up the red carpet at the premiere of Magic Mike held at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live on Sunday (June 24) in Los Angeles.

Kim Kardashian And Kris Jenner Were Both Disgustingly Conniving From The Start

Ooh! What’s that, my baby girl? Did I just feel a little kick? Oh, my sweet one, you agree with all this! I knew you would. So sleep, my darling, and when I pop you out in October we’ll move forward with the master plan. I love you, Kim. You really …

Channing Tatum News - Channing Tatum On 'Magic Mike' Lawsuit

After receiving news that his former fellow strippers — Thomas “Awesome” Austin and London Steele – are claiming that Magic Mike was ripped off their lives, Channing Tatum has stepped forward to address the lawsuit at hand.

Jenny Mccarthy News - Jenny McCarthy Nude In Playboy At 39, See Her Sexiest Covers (PHOTOS)

Proving that age really is just a number, Jenny McCarthy — who turns 40 in November — appears in her seventh nude pictorial for Playboy in the July/August issue that hits newsstands Friday, June 29.

Vogue Ponders Kate Upton’s ‘High Fashion’ Potential

When Kate Upton and her assets jiggled onto the scene dancing the Dougie on YouTube (and then the Cat Daddy for Terry Richardson), lots of people (like Victoria’s Secret) were quick to dismiss her as a flash-in-the-pan bit of T&A. Turns out Kate has…

Overdressed Author Elizabeth Cline Tells Us Why Michelle Obama (And Everyone Else) Should Stop Shopping At Target And H&M

No one loves a good fashion deal more than us. I mean who can resist the siren call of a $20 H&M dress? Or the summer sale at Zara, for that matter? But while fast fashion seems awesome (trends right off the runway for all for the price of dinner), …

Chuck Bass Ed Westwick Makes His Runway Debut

The Gossip Girl actor is the face of Philipp Plein’s menswear this season, and has already mugged for the brand’s steamy ad campaign, lensed by Terry Richardson. Plein, if you’ll remember, has a knack for picking slightly off-peak celebs as his camp…

Photo Highlights From NYC’s Governors Ball Festival

NYC has struggled for years to develop a music festival it can call its own. And while it may not rival mega-fests like Coachella or Lollapalooza, Governors Ball came back kicking for its second year with a weekend-long lineup that included such hea…

Artful Photographs Of The Daily Diets Of Turkish Olympians

With just over a month until the official kickoff of the London Olympics, you can bet that hundreds of elite athletes all over the world are kicking their regimes into high gear. Of course, that includes their carefully planned diets, a few of which…

10 Of The Strangest Apocalypses In Literature

Nuclear war, zombies, alien attack, impact event. These are what we think about when we think about literary apocalypses (or any fictional apocalypses, for that matter). But don’t get too comfortable, folks: there are many more — and many stranger —…

The 10 Best TV Shows About TV Shows

Although we had originally intended to give The Newsroom at least three episodes to win us over, we found last night’s premiere — which critics seem to agree is the best episode they’ve seen — so off-putting that we might have to give up now. Thankf…

Heejun Han And Colton Dixon Talk 'American Idol' Summer Tour

Heejun Han and Colton Dixon interview each other and viewers are left to wonder: is it getting hot in here? Heejun and Colton’s bromance certainly makes one of two uncomfortable, but even while Heejun grills him, Colton proclaims it the best intervi…

'Magic Mike' Star Channing Tatum Denies He Stole Stripper Moves From Former Co-Workers

Magic Mike star Channing Tatum is laughing off accusations that he used the real-life stories of two former male strippers he once worked with in his new movie. Thomas "Awesome" Austin and London Steele -- both of whom worked with Tatum during his …

James Franco, Bryan Cranston And Backstreet Boys Among 2013 Walk Of Fame Honorees

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce announced the 24 honorees who will be given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a list light on motion picture names but inclusive of radio and live performance figures. Marg Helgenberger, who was honored wit…

Club In Chris Brown-Drake Brawl Could Lose License

It’s more bad news for the club made famous by a brawl involving Chris Brown and Drake. Already under investigation by the city of New York and facing a $20 million lawsuit from an injured NBA star, SoHo club W.i.P. has now received 14 code violati…

North Korea Slams U.S. And South Korea For Use Of Flag

(SEOUL, South Korea) — North Korea on Monday called the use of its flag during U.S.-South Korean military drills last week a serious provocation and evidence of U.S. hostility that justifies the growth of Pyongyang’s nuclear arms program.

Verdict: Jerry Sandusky Found Guilty Of 45 Counts In Sex Abuse Trial

Sandusky, a 68-year-old retired defensive coach who was once Paterno's heir apparent, was found guilty of 45 of 48 counts. He faces life in prison at sentencing, which is weeks away.

Lindsay Lohan 'Delusional' On 'Liz & Dick' Set

The cast and crew are getting sick of Lindsay Lohan's diva demands and poor acting skills on the set of Liz & Dick, according to a new report. The Daily has written a scathing story on a rebelling crew getting sick of Lohan and her "delusional" atti…

Like Your Men Burly And Gruff? Head To America's 50 Manliest Cities.

If you like a real guy’s guy, or if you just enjoy spending your weekend on activities other than the stereotypically feminine mani and pedi/shopping day, you might want to check out the specimens in the cities that have been declared America’s most…

Yay, Reese Witherspoon Finally Confirmed That She's Pregnant (She Kinda Had To--Just Look At This Pic!)

I like Reese Witherspoon's style. I don't mean her fashion style, though of course I love that too. I mean: I'm a big fan of celebs who skip the famous-person equivalent of a first-sonogram Facebook status--who, in other words, keep the press guessi…

LeBron James Surprises Wedding Party: Heat Star Poses With Shaun And Jamie Kolnick (PHOTO)

It would be tough to upstage a bride as pretty as Jamie Kolnick, but the glowing Heat fan met her match Saturday in Miami's freshly crowned narrative-slayer, LeBron James.

Kate Middleton Demoted? Duchess Ordered To Curtsy To Princesses Eugenie & Beatrice

Lest you thought the life of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, was a nonstop fairy tale of posh parties, gratis fashion and domestic bliss with Prince William, think again. Even duchesses can't escape a bit of family drama, according to new …

Supreme Court Reverses Anti-Citizens United Ruling From Montana

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, decided in January 2010, struck down federal limits on campaign spending by corporations and unions as violations of the First Amendment. Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing on behalf of Chief Justice Joh…

Jenny McCarthy Playboy Cover: Actress Poses Nude At 39 (PHOTO)

At 39, Jenny McCarthy is returning to her roots -- posing nude for Playboy.

Jenny McCarthy’s Playboy Cover Hits The Web

Jenny McCarthy’s cover shot for Playboy’s July/August issue has been released online before hitting newsstands June 29.

CHART: GOP Won't Cut The Deficit

CHART: GOP Won't Cut the Deficit

Hackney Weekend: Rihanna Closes Festival In Some Very Cheeky Hotpants And Fishnet Stockings

The 24-year-old took to the stage as the sun was setting over Hackney Marshes to the tune of her 2010 hit Only Girl In The World, in front of a crowd of around 100,000 revellers.

Michelle Williams & Jason Segel: NYC Stroll

Michelle Williams enjoys a summer stroll with boyfriend Jason Segel on Saturday (June 23) in New York City.

New John Travolta Lawsuit -- Cruise Ship Steward Sues Actor For Sexual Assault

11:12 AM PT -- Travolta's lawyer Marty Singer just released a statement, claiming, "This is another ludicrous lawsuit with inane claims.  It is…

Jerry Sandusky In Jail -- Inmates Sang Pink Floyd ... 'Leave Those Kids Alone!'

Jerry Sandusky was mercilessly taunted for HOURS during his first night in jail back in December -- when his fellow inmates chanted Pink Floyd's famous…

Kris Humphries -- How I Knew Kim Kardashian Cheated On Me With Kanye West

Kris Humphries told his ex, Myla Sinanaj ... he KNEW Kim Kardashian hooked up with Kanye West because he was mysteriously absent from the big wedding ...…

Are You Smarter Than A Legal Rockstar? Obamacare At The Supreme Court

"Perhaps," Ezra Klein wrote last week, "the Supreme Court will surprise us on this one"—meaning the Court might not overturn the part of the Affordable Care Act that would require nearly all Americans to maintain at least some amount of healthcare i…

Anti-Semitic Elmo Kicked Out Of Central Park Zoo In New York

They say mental illness isn’t funny, but when I say “they” I mean my dishwasher and mailbox, and those two liars are always spreading rumors about me. Case in point: a mentally disturbed man in an Elmo costume was kicked out of Central Park Zoo over…

Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Party With Zac Efron, Andrew Garfield At NJ Wedding

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were among the most-ogled guests at the Saturday wedding of pals Kevin Turen (a Hollywood producer) and Evelina Oboza in Englewood, NJ -- a bash also attended by such Hollywood A-listers as Andrew Garfield, Zac E…

Matt Groening's 'Struggling Artist Magazine' From Look What I Found

Matt Groening, creator of the Simpsons, recently announced that after 32 years, he'd be ending his comic "Life in Hell." While that's sad news, it's given everyone the opportunity to look back at his work and celebrate it once again. Here's a gem fr…

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