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June 26, 2012

Would You Rather…? The Spice Girls Then And Now

Did you know a Spice Girls live musical was happening? If not, you were bound to find out today because for the first time since 2008, the Spice Girls reunited and that’s a pretty big deal. They were brought together for a press conference about the…

Life Sized Dollhouse By Heather Benning Photo

Life Sized dollhouse by Heather Benning This is amazing! An old abandoned farm house from the 60's was turned into a life sized dollhouse by Saskatchewan artist Heather Benning. It was built in Manitoba a few years back and I'm not sure if it's stil…

Woman Upset Over Corpse On Flight

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, June 24 (UPI) -- A Swedish woman says she had to fly overnight from Europe to Tanzania next to a man who died after the plane had departed.

How Do You Write A Gesture?

Design technologist P.J. Onori has come up with a set of icons to describe the touch gestures we use every day, called "Cue." Useful! It reminds me of the icons in those old video game cheat code books, too.

Apple Just Won't Give Up On Podcasts

I will never stop singing the podcast gospel — it's a nearly unlimited source of new stuff to listen to that's often better than radio and totally free. Long buried in the iPod/Music app on the iPhone and iPad, podcasts are finally getting their own official app from Apple, and it's pretty great. Automatic downloads are the killer feature.

Highly Endangered Rhino Gives Birth And Other Links

The Sumatran rhinoceros is near extinction, with less than 300 estimated to live in the wild, but this baby is sure cute! Plus, how to turn a production disaster into movie gold and a floating mansion you'll never own.

Yasiin Bey Would Like You To Quit Calling Him Mos Def

At a performance last August, the deliberate and sharply dressed emcee, who is also well known as an actor, announced his “official transition” to a huge audience gathered in the parking lot of a popular pub and pizzeria in Anchorage, Alaska: “My pr…

Cats Battling Cat Banks

What, you ask, is a "cat bank"? It's a piggy bank shaped like a cardboard box with a motorized kitten inside it. These few cats are brave enough to protect us from those diabolical creations.

'The Many Talents Of Kate Upton' Is Terry Richardson's Masterwork

Kate Upton’s GQ cover is already the stuff of legend, and somehow it keeps getting better. Case in point: ‘The Many Talents Of Kate Upton’, a “bonus” video shot by Richardson where he finds 7 different reasons for Kate to make her boobs move around…

Male Sprinter Says Two Female Sprinters Should Break Their Tie By Wrestling In Jell-O

Over the weekend, Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh tied for third place in the 100-meter dash at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials. While USA Track and Field debated how to settle the tie, the male 100-meter victor Justin Gatlin offered his totally-not-sexist idea: "I'm voting for Jell-O wrestling match... Red Jell-O. That's my favorite."

Are Bronies Secretly Running American Politics?

Revealing photographs from the Republican primaries show the secret cabal controlling each candidate's decisions. We know little about this group from a place called Equestria, other than that their main agenda appears to be "friendship".

The "Can't-Lose David Kahn" Meme

Despite frequently making inexplicable personnel decisions — drafting three point guards AT THE SAME DAMN TIME; trading for Michael Beasley — GM David Kahn has made the Minnesota Timberwolves into one of the most promising young teams in the league. He just can't lose.

13 Best Fandom Friends Forever Necklaces

Being best friends mean obsessing over the same things. What better way to show off your allegiance to each other and your favorite part of pop culture than with jewelry?

10 Picnic-Perfect Dishes That Won't Wilt In The Summer Heat

Now is the time to eat outside every chance you get. Here are a few sturdy and filling salad and dessert ideas that won't turn to gross mush in the hot sun and are easy to make and pack for alfresco dining. Just bring a bottle of chilled white wine to make sure you don’t melt, either.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy D.I.Y. From

With its driving, industrial, "We Will Rock You"-style beat, it's surprising that "Devil's Lab" didn't make it to Theatrhythm's set list. Sure, most wouldn't regard it as a highlight of Final Fantasy VI's stellar soundtrack, but for pure rhythm game…

How To Run Against Rob Portman

If Ohio Senator Rob Portman becomes Mitt Romney's running mate, Democrats have an obvious line of attack: His service in the George W. Bush Administration. The ads didn't hold much weight with Ohio voters in 2010, when Portman won his race by nearly 20%.

The Real Problem With Kate Middleton's $54,000 Clothing Bill

That's the amount she's estimated to have spent on all the clothing she's worn for public appearances so far this year. I don't care how much she spends but I wish we had something substantive to talk about along with her outfits.

Simcity Social Preview For PC From

SimCity Social is a frustrating game. I want to love it, and in many ways I do. I've spent the better part of the day playing it and I would absolutely love to be making my way through more quests right this second, only I'm unable to do so as this …

Pregnant Nicole Snooki Polizzi Trips In High Heels

We hate to say 'we told you so' but...we told you so! Snooki's high heels finally take a toll on the pregnant Jersey Shore star. Is it time to retire them until the baby's born? Look at the photos and you tell us!

Vogue Ponders Kate Upton’s ‘High Fashion’ Potential

When Kate Upton and her assets jiggled onto the scene dancing the Dougie on YouTube (and then the Cat Daddy for Terry Richardson), lots of people (like Victoria’s Secret) were quick to dismiss her as a flash-in-the-pan bit of T&A. Turns out Kate has…

Chuck Bass Ed Westwick Makes His Runway Debut

The Gossip Girl actor is the face of Philipp Plein’s menswear this season, and has already mugged for the brand’s steamy ad campaign, lensed by Terry Richardson. Plein, if you’ll remember, has a knack for picking slightly off-peak celebs as his camp…

Anti-Semitic Elmo Kicked Out Of Central Park Zoo In New York

They say mental illness isn’t funny, but when I say “they” I mean my dishwasher and mailbox, and those two liars are always spreading rumors about me. Case in point: a mentally disturbed man in an Elmo costume was kicked out of Central Park Zoo over…

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