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Harvard Student: "I Worked With Jahar"

Harvard junior recalls lifeguarding with Boston bombing suspect, says he loved playing jokes on the swimmers.

Rebecca Elliott 6 years ago

Former Classmates Shocked By Boston Bombing Suspect's Crimes

"He was literally among the sweetest, most laid-back guys I've ever known."

Rosie Gray 6 years ago

9 People In A "Human Wall" Trying To Stop The Westboro Baptist Church In Boston

Community members come out to stand by victims of the marathon bombing, showing love and support. Even though the Phelps clan never showed up, participants still felt a sense of community and purpose.

Rebecca Elliott 6 years ago

Obama To Boston Bomber: "We Will Find You"

The president attended an interfaith service in Boston Thursday alongside local spiritual and political leaders.

Jessica Testa 6 years ago

10 Emotional Stories From The Aftermath Of The Boston Attack

In the hours after two bombs detonated near the marathon finish line on Boylston Ave., runners and spectators came together, amidst the chaos and confusion of the scene, in common support.

Rebecca Elliott 6 years ago

Boston Marathon Runners Marry Despite Terror Attacks

Finishers wed amid the chaos of the bombings.

Rebecca Elliott 6 years ago

The 8 Most Eccentric High Dollar Donors Of This Election

These oddities happen to be bankrolling the campaign.

Rebecca Elliott 7 years ago

"Beasts Of The Southern Wild" Has Roots In Obama '08

Field organizing in 2008 helped inspire this season's surprise hit. For three producers, "an adventure on par with electing the president."

Rebecca Elliott 7 years ago

Watch Obama Supporters Melt Down In Real Time

This email thread from a Virginia pro-Obama listserv offers a glimpse into tension in the hope-and-change crowd. "We're supposed to be the adult party."

Rebecca Elliott 7 years ago

How Romney Is Winning The Money Race In 10 Charts

Republicans lead the fundraising march going into the conventions. Obama maintains edge with small donors.

Rebecca Elliott 7 years ago

8 People Who Think Todd Akin Had A Point About Biology, Rape

Reporter, radio host, and others stand behind Rep. Todd Akin's views on women being less likely to get pregnant through rape.

Rebecca Elliott 7 years ago

Meet Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, Survivalist

"If I woke up tomorrow and none of these things that are all around me today were there, what would I need so that I and my family and my friends would be okay?" He's also hoarding precious metals.

Rebecca Elliott 7 years ago

6 Ways The Internet Is Transforming Politics

BuzzFeed speaks with techpresident co-founder Micah Sifry about the complex, changing relationship between politics and the internet. Sifry released a timeline yesterday that charts their interaction over the past four decades.

Rebecca Elliott 7 years ago

Virgin America Enables In-Flight Voter Registration

Romney and Obama impersonators come along for the ride.

Rebecca Elliott 7 years ago

12 Photos Of Tim Pawlenty Looking Sad

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. The former Minnesota governor knew he'd been passed over, and had to keep the secret to himself.

Rebecca Elliott 7 years ago

Ryan Heckled At First Solo Event

A talk at the Iowa State Fair turns chaotic. Protester allegedly assaults volunteer.

Zeke Miller 7 years ago

Ryan And Obama Spar Over Budget

They went head-to-head over a budget freeze and line-by-line veto. "You've said that you want to take a scalpel to the budget and go through it line-by-line," Ryan says of Obama. "We want to give you that scalpel."

Rebecca Elliott 7 years ago

Paul Ryan Chats With Bill Clinton

Ryan talked medicare and government paralysis with the former President. A hot mic offers a glimpse into their behind-the-scenes conversation: "Give me a call," Clinton says.

Rebecca Elliott 7 years ago

The 5 Ryan Policies America Is Going To Spend The Next 3 Months Fighting About

Paul Ryan's "Path to Prosperity" budget an an earlier "Roadmap" detail his vision for a scaled down government, with lower taxes, less regulation, and less support for the poor. These are the defining fights of the months to come.

Zeke Miller 7 years ago

BuzzFeed Veepstakes: So Who Didn't Make The Cut?

As time runs out for Romney to select his running mate, let's take a look at the folks he's definitively passed over.

Rebecca Elliott 7 years ago