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June 24, 2012

Romney Campaign Denies Twitter Claims Of Illegal Collaboration

Officials from campaign and SuperPAC push back against widely-retweeted photo alleging coordination, apparently without evidence.

10 Reasons Why Coding Literacy Should Be A Human Right

Current TV's Daniela Capistrano argues why learning to code is just as important as learning to read and write.

How To Walk A Human, By Kodi The Kitty

Further proof of the future cat world domination. I wish walking a cat was this easy!

Baby Box Turtle Eating A Raspberry

Pretty much exactly what the title promises. As one YouTube commenter aptly phrased it "I like the part where he eats the raspberry."

The London Olympics Mix Tape By Danny Boyle

The "Slumdog Millionaire" director has been tasked with the task of directing London's 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, and his Olympics playlist was leaked to The Telegraph this week. Those Brits, they are pretty good at this whole music thing...

Who Said It: Romney Or Obama? - The War Room With Jennifer Granholm // Current TV

Political candidates will say anything to get your vote, even if it means flip-flopping on important issues. “The War Room” guest host John Fugelsang hit the streets of San Francisco yet again, but this time to play a game of “Who Said It?”

High Security At Koch Conclave

Name tags required at secret Carlsbad gathering, as donors awaited Koch speech. BuzzFeed got tossed out.

10 Tips To Skirting Sky-High Airfare

To help you counteract the effects of these external factors, here are some surefire ways to skirt fees, find deals and score discounts so you don’t wind up paying top dollar:

Five Unexpectedly Beautiful Skrillex Covers

"Dubstep" is not for everyone, and the most famous and successful musician of the genre, Skrillex, is rather famously divisive. Regardless of your feelings about the music, the sound of Skrillex's compositions played on real instruments may surprise you...

13 Of The Best "Life In Hell" Comics By Matt Groening

Simpsons' creator Matt Groenig has just announced that he's ending his iconic comic strip's 32 year run. Here are some of it's best, most truthful, and most hilarious strips:

‘Jurassic Park 4′ Is Suddenly A Top Priority

Universal Pictures is fast-tracking Jurassic Park 4, presumably because a friend of Steven Spielberg’s just woke from an 11-year coma and shouted: “What happens next?!?!” But massive gaps in time and reasoning aside, the producers are in a hurry to …

21 Animals Returning To Their Home Planets

A breathtaking collection of photographs documenting the exact moment that these heroic animals returned to their home planets to save their people. Truly powerful stuff.

Haiku By A 4th Grader

This kid. Via Tucson, AZ.

The All-American Rejects Live In Glasgow Photo

The All-American Rejects supporting Blink-182 at the SECC in Glasgow on 6/20/12.

New "Playboy" Commercial

It's about hair. Men's hair. And women's hair.

Jessica Simpson Heads To The Gym As She Embarks On Her 50 Pound Weight Loss Regime

That kind of weight is very hard to lose without absolute conviction. If you notice, Jessica can barely tie her shoes due to her body putting on so much weight it is now storing fat in non-normal places like her feet. She appears to be about 225 pou…

Gene Studies Support 'Queen Of Sheba' Legend

THURSDAY, June 21 (HealthDay News) -- Cited in both the Bible and the Quran, the legendary African ruler the Queen of Sheba was said to have had a child with King Solomon of Israel. Now scientists studying the genomes of people in Ethiopia say

Documentaries To See Before You Die

I was reminded earlier today of True Films, Kevin Kelly's collection of must-see documentaries, educational films, etc. As dogged

Formula One Cars Are Fast. Like Super Fast.

Speaking of what fast looks like, here's a pair of synced videos that show just how fast F1 cars are. On the left are drivers participating in a track day, that is, normal folks who want to drive their cars fast on a real race course. A couple of th…

Watch: Kate Upton Loves America And Having Big Boobs

Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of the beautiful, boobilcious and suddenly ubiquitous Kate Upton? Well, thanks to this new behind-the-scenes video from her GQ shoot, you may have a better idea. The clip, directed by Terry Richardson (who else?)…

McDonalds’ New Uniforms Are Inspired By Mad Men

McDonald’s may not have had an entire Mad Men plot line centered around it a la Howard Johnson’s, but that hasn’t stopped the fast food mecca from cashing in on being inspired by the runaway success of Don Draper and co. At least in the UK. When tim…

Mistie Atkinson: Mom 'Who Made Sex Tape With Son, 16' Claims It Was Just A Case Of 'Genetic Attraction'

Mistie Atkinson, 32, of Lake County, California, tracked down her son on Facebook after 15 years apart. She told the court that 'genetic attraction happens to people becoming reunited with a long-lost relative'.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Now The Top FOUR Best-selling Books. Brb, Leaving The Earth.

Yes, Fifty Shades of Grey now makes up the top FOUR spots on the best-seller list. I could handle three spots, but FOUR?! THIS IS THE FINAL STRAW, EARTH!

LeBron James Vs. Michael Jordan: By The Numbers

Now that LeBron has won a title, how does he compare to the greatest basketball player of all time at a similar point in his career.

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