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June 24, 2012

Who's Getting Cast As Johanna Mason In Catching Fire?

News came out today that both Mia Wasikowska and Zoe Aggeliki are being considered for the part of Johanna Mason. The tough and cunning tribute who Katniss is unsure about trusting during during Catching Fire. Without giving away any spoilers (besid…

Jesse Michener, Mom, Aims To Change School Policy After Kids Are Severely Sunburned

On Tuesday, sisters Violet, 11, and Zoe, 9, came home from school with severe sunburns -- they were outside for 5 hours for field day and were not allowed to apply sunscreen because of a school policy, their mom posted on her blog. "Two of my three …

Romney Campaign Denies Twitter Claims Of Illegal Collaboration

Officials from campaign and SuperPAC push back against widely-retweeted photo alleging coordination, apparently without evidence.

10 Reasons Why Coding Literacy Should Be A Human Right

Current TV's Daniela Capistrano argues why learning to code is just as important as learning to read and write.

10 Books To Fill The ‘Girls’-Shaped Hole In Your Life

Last weekend, Lena Dunham’s much talked about HBO show Girls aired its season finale, and though like everyone else, we had our quibbles with the program, we’re finding ourselves more than a little sorry that we don’t have a new episode to look forw…

Beverly Hilton Murder-Suicide: 2 Dead At Daytime Emmy Awards Venue

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- Two people have been found dead in what investigators believe was a murder-suicide at the Beverly Hilton, just hours before the Daytime Emmy Awards are being held at the posh hotel, police said Saturday. Police responding to…

Fallen War Hero And Former NFL Player Pat Tillman Left Behind A Series Of Love Letters That His Widow Marie Has Turned Into A Book

When Pat Tillman was deployed to Iraq for the first time, he did something he had done throughout his love affair with his wife, Marie — he wrote her a letter.

How The 100,000-Student Classroom Came To Life

In this six-minute TED talk, Norvig shares what they learned about teaching to a global classroom. He describes how they borrowed innovations and learnings from various education entities, like the Khan Academy and Teach For America to ensure they h…

How To Walk A Human, By Kodi The Kitty

Further proof of the future cat world domination. I wish walking a cat was this easy!

Baby Box Turtle Eating A Raspberry

Pretty much exactly what the title promises. As one YouTube commenter aptly phrased it "I like the part where he eats the raspberry."

The London Olympics Mix Tape By Danny Boyle

The "Slumdog Millionaire" director has been tasked with the task of directing London's 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, and his Olympics playlist was leaked to The Telegraph this week. Those Brits, they are pretty good at this whole music thing...

'Jeopardy!' Host Alex Trebek Suffers Heart Attack

Alex Trebek, longtime host of the iconic game show Jeopardy!, was admitted into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on Saturday after suffering a “mild heart attack.” PHOTOS: 10 Broadcast and Cable TV Show Most Watched By Men

Great White Sharks Spotted In Massachusetts

Just in time for the influx of summer tourists to the popular Massachusetts beach, state fisheries officials say two great white sharks that were tagged last summer off the Cape Cod coast have been detected via transmitter signals. The state tagged …

5 Basic Rights You Won't Believe We Still Have To Fight For

But gay marriage isn't legal everywhere, and all around the world, people are fighting for the right to do lots of other simple things that most of us take for granted. Things like ...

Kate Middleton Is Redecorating Kensington Palace!

"She's keen to work with interior designer Kelly Hoppen," said a source, "but she wants to do a lot herself." Structural work on the pad begins this September.

Who Said It: Romney Or Obama? - The War Room With Jennifer Granholm // Current TV

Political candidates will say anything to get your vote, even if it means flip-flopping on important issues. “The War Room” guest host John Fugelsang hit the streets of San Francisco yet again, but this time to play a game of “Who Said It?”

6 Insane Things Science Can Predict About You At Infancy

But science, as it usually does, has some surprising and kind of scary things to tell us. Apparently, no matter what kind of life you lead, scientists can still figure out who you'll be at 30 based on who you were as a toddler. Studies show ...

High Security At Koch Conclave

Name tags required at secret Carlsbad gathering, as donors awaited Koch speech. BuzzFeed got tossed out.

Allen Ginsberg’s Suggested Reading List

Ever wonder what books Ginsberg would have recommended if you had the chance to ask him? You’re in luck! This reading list, which was ostensibly printed for his students at the Jack Kerouac School for Disembodied Poetics, the writing department that…

10 Tips To Skirting Sky-High Airfare

To help you counteract the effects of these external factors, here are some surefire ways to skirt fees, find deals and score discounts so you don’t wind up paying top dollar:

Five Unexpectedly Beautiful Skrillex Covers

"Dubstep" is not for everyone, and the most famous and successful musician of the genre, Skrillex, is rather famously divisive. Regardless of your feelings about the music, the sound of Skrillex's compositions played on real instruments may surprise you...

After The Sandusky Verdict, Lessons For Parents

The Sandusky trial reveals valuable lessons to help parents prevent child abuse or identify its early signs, experts say.

Tony Parker Recovering From Eye Surgery; Sues Nightclub For $20 Million Over Chris Brown & Drake Brawl

Basketball star Tony Parker is recovering from eye surgery in Paris to repair a corneal laceration that he sustained in last week's bar brawl involving rappers Chris Brown, Drake and their entourages. According to Parker, during the brawl the two s…

Stellar Funny Photos :

June 22, 2012 | Author: Bob | In: Funny, Hot Women, Top Photos

Casper Smart Accused Of Being Gay & Using Jennifer Lopez For Fame By Fellow Dancer

Jennifer Lopez has been dating her 25-year-old backup dancer Casper Smart for the past seven months, but a dancer at Hollywood nightclub Boulevard3 is making claims that Smart is gay and only using Lopez for her fame and fortune.

Why ‘Fast And Furious’ Matters -

Pssst — heard the one about the lethal scandal that reaches to the upper levels of the Obama administration and may turn out to be bigger than Watergate? A crime in which two American agents have been killed, and which the Justice Department has bee…

13 Of The Best "Life In Hell" Comics By Matt Groening

Simpsons' creator Matt Groenig has just announced that he's ending his iconic comic strip's 32 year run. Here are some of it's best, most truthful, and most hilarious strips:

‘Jurassic Park 4′ Is Suddenly A Top Priority

Universal Pictures is fast-tracking Jurassic Park 4, presumably because a friend of Steven Spielberg’s just woke from an 11-year coma and shouted: “What happens next?!?!” But massive gaps in time and reasoning aside, the producers are in a hurry to …

EXCLUSIVE: Terminal 7 At JFK Evacuated And Hundreds Of Passengers Re-screened After TSA Agent Didn't Notice Metal Detector Was Unplugged

The TSA’s bungling reached a new low yesterday when a JFK Airport terminal had to be evacuated and hundreds of passengers marched back through security screening all because one dimwitted agent failed to realize his metal detector had been unplugged…

21 Animals Returning To Their Home Planets

A breathtaking collection of photographs documenting the exact moment that these heroic animals returned to their home planets to save their people. Truly powerful stuff.

Haiku By A 4th Grader

This kid. Via Tucson, AZ.

Anna Faris Shows Off Growing Baby Bump, Reveals Baby's Gender!

While chatting with her What's Your Number? costar Dave Annable, 32, and his wife, Odette, 27, Faris let it slip that she and Chris Pratt, 33, are expecting a baby boy this fall. "He's doing great!" Faris, 35, was overheard telling her celebrity pal…

We're Not Your Model Minority: Asian American Education Groups Dispute Pew Report

It should be common sense that Asian American and Pacific Islander students are not universally high achieving and on the college track. But, thanks to the "model minority" stereotype—the myth that all Asians are highly educated and financially succ…

Fifty Shades Of Funny: The Best Of The 50 Shades Of Grey E-Cards

If you loved reading 50 Shades of Grey by EL James, then you’ll want to marry this hilarious set of e-cards that are all about the book.

Andy Samberg Gets Divorced In 'Celeste And Jesse Forever' Trailer (Video)

They aren’t friends with benefits. They’re soon-to-be divorcees with friendship. Confused? The first trailer for Celeste and Jesse Forever shows adorable BFFs (and separated spouses) played by Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones navigating their relati…

Soda Bans Coming To Los Angeles, Cambridge?

Cities across the country seem to be following NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's lead. Officials in LA and Cambridge proposed partial soda bans this week.

The All-American Rejects Live In Glasgow Photo

The All-American Rejects supporting Blink-182 at the SECC in Glasgow on 6/20/12.

Bronx School Bus Driver Dead After Being Beat Up For Knocking Off Side-view Mirror

A Bronx school bus driver died yesterday from the beating he suffered after he accidentally knocked a side-view mirror from a double-parked car, a spokeswoman for his bus company said.

New "Playboy" Commercial

It's about hair. Men's hair. And women's hair.

Beyond The Book Mobile

According to the ALA’s 2012 State of America’s Libraries report, more than two-thirds of the 9,000 or so libraries in the U.S. are lending out e-books. But as libraries try to expand their digital offerings — publishers are particularly wary of thes…

Miley Cyrus Braless -- Flashing Nips & Butts & Stuff Is Pretty Cool!

A friend of Miley's talks to about her exhibitionism and explains why her friends think it is completely normal and shows how confident s

Celebuzz - Kourtney Kardashian: Making Progress On DASH LA (PHOTOS)

Category: Articles, , , Listing Type: Articles, _uri:, _link:, By: Kourtney Kardashian, _commentCount: 0, _mai…

2 Dead In Beverly Hilton Murder-Suicide

(BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.) — Two people have been found dead in what investigators believe was a murder-suicide at the Beverly Hilton, just hours before the Daytime Emmy Awards are being held at the posh hotel, police said Saturday.

Jessica Simpson Heads To The Gym As She Embarks On Her 50 Pound Weight Loss Regime

That kind of weight is very hard to lose without absolute conviction. If you notice, Jessica can barely tie her shoes due to her body putting on so much weight it is now storing fat in non-normal places like her feet. She appears to be about 225 pou…

Kim Kardashian Dances With Beyonce At Kanye West And Jay-Z's Concert!

"Kim and Beyonce were dancing all night! They even went into the mosh pit!" a source tells Us Weekly. "It was the most hectic thing ever!"

'Dredd' Trailer: Karl Urban Stars As Judge Dredd (VIDEO)

"Dredd," which was announced back in 2010 and given its Sept. 21, 2012 release date last July, finally has its trailer. The post-apocalyptic comic book adaptation focuses on the title law keeper (Karl Urban), who must infiltrate an apartment complex…

Pregnant Snooki Trips In Platform Sandals!

Bad idea. While filming the sixth season of Jersey Shore in Seaside Heights, New Jersey on June 21, the expectant star took a tumble in her platform sandals. Luckily, Polizzi wasn't seriously injured.

Daytime Emmy Awards 2012: Stars Celebrate At Low-Key Ceremony

The fact that there was a murder-suicide in the hotel Friday night did little to dampen the festive atmosphere at the Beverly Hilton Saturday afternoon when the 39th annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy awards were presented.

Looking For The Creative Spark That Fuels Innovation? Take A Shower

Jonah Lehrer, author of Imagine: How Creativity Works has his own short list of tips for generating the creative spark, including playing ping-pong and diversifying your social network. But at the top of his list, just like Zielinsky's, is taking a …

NBC's $10 Million Ann Curry Mistake

Ann Curry will get her walking papers from the "Today" show next week, and NBC will pay dearly for its blunder -- because network sources tell us she's…

Daytime Emmy Awards 2012: The Nominees And Winners List

The 39th annual Daytime Emmy Awards, broadcast live on HLN starting at 5 p.m. PST, are taking place at the Beverly Hilton hotel. The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences event will feature tributes to recently cancelled programs including …

Gas Prices: $3 National Average, Here We Come

Gas prices, once all but guaranteed to hit record highs this summer, are now forecast to keep retreating well into autumn. At the current pace, by Thanksgiving if not sooner the national average should dip under $3 per gallon—roughly $1 cheaper than…

Gwyneth Paltrow Home: A-Lister Sets Up Camp In LA (PHOTOS)

The Oscar-winning actress, cookbook author, and web entrepreneur -- who recently starred in "The Avengers" and will appear in "Iron Man 3" -- is known for being a East Coast girl. As she was mostly raised in New York (she even has an iPad app about …

The 5 Most Excessively Creepy Children's Educational Videos

If there's one thing that the whole world can agree on, it's that teaching children is the highest calling. But what's the best way to teach them? Through rote memorization? Through repeated quizzing? Through interactive puzzles and games? Or is it …

Gene Studies Support 'Queen Of Sheba' Legend

THURSDAY, June 21 (HealthDay News) -- Cited in both the Bible and the Quran, the legendary African ruler the Queen of Sheba was said to have had a child with King Solomon of Israel. Now scientists studying the genomes of people in Ethiopia say

Documentaries To See Before You Die

I was reminded earlier today of True Films, Kevin Kelly's collection of must-see documentaries, educational films, etc. As dogged

Formula One Cars Are Fast. Like Super Fast.

Speaking of what fast looks like, here's a pair of synced videos that show just how fast F1 cars are. On the left are drivers participating in a track day, that is, normal folks who want to drive their cars fast on a real race course. A couple of th…

Miranda Kerr News - Miranda Kerr Flaunts Flawless Bikini Physique On Instagram (PHOTOS)

Posing in a coral two-piece swimsuit for a photo shoot, the 29-year-old Victoria’s Secret model flaunted her toned abs as she slipped into the gorgeous waters at an unknown location. Looking perfectly wind-blown, Kerr had the seductress look down, e…

Jessica Simpson News - Jessica Simpson Flashes Major Cleavage On Twitter -- See More Sexy Celebrity Twitpics (PHOTOS)

On Friday, the Dukes of Hazzard actress posted a revealing photo of her massive cleavage on Twitter. According to the starlet, she was out for a walk when she snapped this sexy shot.

Watch: Kate Upton Loves America And Having Big Boobs

Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of the beautiful, boobilcious and suddenly ubiquitous Kate Upton? Well, thanks to this new behind-the-scenes video from her GQ shoot, you may have a better idea. The clip, directed by Terry Richardson (who else?)…

McDonalds’ New Uniforms Are Inspired By Mad Men

McDonald’s may not have had an entire Mad Men plot line centered around it a la Howard Johnson’s, but that hasn’t stopped the fast food mecca from cashing in on being inspired by the runaway success of Don Draper and co. At least in the UK. When tim…

An Illuminating Map Of TV Show Settings Across The US

Perhaps because we live in New York, and New Yorkers notoriously believe that our city is the center of the universe, it doesn’t often occur to us how odd it is that so many TV shows are set here — or across the Northeast in general. What’s fascinat…

Watch Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ Recreated In 7,000 Dominoes

We’ve seen lots of re-creations and re-imaginings of classic art over the years, but this is something a little bit unusual and definitely surprising in its beauty — Vincent Van Gogh’s classic painting Starry Night recreated in dominoes. It took dom…

'NCIS' Creator Suffers Another Setback In CBS Lawsuit

JAG and NCIS creator Donald Bellisario has suffered a second setback in his lawsuit claiming CBS cheated him out of profits from the spinoff series NCIS: Los Angeles, with a judge ruling Thursday that Bellisario isn't owed anything under a 2006 agre…

Ellen DeGeneres, Ryan Seacrest Rally Behind Bullied Bus Monitor (Video)

Bullied bus monitor Karen Klein has already traded a bus seat for a spot on some of the nation’s top news programs. Now that more than $420,000 has been raised for the grandmother of eight, she may be able to take a permanent vacation. Klein, who w…

John Travolta, Marty Singer Sued For Libel By Author Of Spa-Sex Book

The legal odyssey involving John Travolta's alleged sexual exploits has taken another turn. Travolta and his lawyer Marty Singer were sued Thursday for trade libel by the author of an incendiary book about the actor.

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Taunts FCC By Showing Nudity On His Show (Video)

Television networks won a victory at the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday when the justices decided that the FCC violated due process by not providing enough notice to ABC and Fox of a new policy on isolated instances of fleeting profanities and nudit…

Justin Bieber Bickers With David Letterman Over New 'Believe' Tattoo (Video)

Generations collided on Thursday's Late Show when Justin Bieber showed off his new tattoo, much to David Letterman's disapproval.

Alec Baldwin Addresses Photographer Scuffle On 'Late Show' (Video)

While his angry face was splashed across the cover of the New York Daily News, showcasing his allegedly violent clash with a photographer from the paper (see the front page headline: "30 Rocky"), Alec Baldwin candidly addressed his latest tabloid co…

'Dredd' Trailer: It's 'Judgment Time' (Video)

Court is back in session, and the judge isn't happy. Including legal-inspired catch phrases such as “I’m the law,” and “judgment time,” the first trailer for Dredd also shows that like the comic book character he is based upon, Karl Urban’s take on…

Box Office Report: 'Brave' Fearless With $24.5 Mil Friday; 'Abraham Lincoln' Soft Bite

Once again silencing the naysayers, Pixar and Disney's Brave topped the Friday box office with an impressive $24.5 million, putting the animated tentpole on course for a weekend debut in the $66 million range. Brave -- receiving an A CinemaScore fr…

Box Office Report: 'Lincoln' Scores $700,000 In Midnight Runs, 'Brave' Enjoying Brisk Matinee Biz

Pixar and Disney's Brave got off to an impressive start at the domestic box office, with strong Friday matinee returns suggesting a weekend debut in the $60 million range or better. At the other end of the spectrum, the R-rated genre epic Abraham L…

Two Dead In Beverly Hilton Murder-Suicide On Eve Of Daytime Emmys

A man and a woman have been found dead at the Beverly Hilton hotel in an apparent murder-suicide, the Associated Press reports. Police responded to reports of a shooting late Friday night, and discovered the two victims -- described as "elderly" --…

What Game Of Thrones Would Be Like As A Super PAC Ad

Ever wonder what Game of Thrones would look like if all the twisted, gnarly politics in the show were real and each candidate was waging a veritable mudslinging media campaign against the other? Wish granted.

Jerry Sandusky, Guilty Of 45 Counts Of Child Sexual Abuse, Faces 442 Years In Prison

Sandusky said nothing as he was led from the courthouse to a police car in handcuffs, quickly glancing past gathered TV crews. He was accused of sexually abusing 10 young children over a period of 15 years. Prosecutors argued he sexually abused the …

Fundraiser For Bullied Bus Monitor Earns Over $173,000

It’s a horrible scene: a 68-year-old bus monitor brutally mocked and driven to tears by a group of middle-school boys. Luckily, the Internet has come to the rescue.

Beyonce Bought Jay-Z A $40 Million Plane For Father's Day

New mom Beyonce spent nearly $40 million on a Bombardier Challenger 850 plane for Jay-Z on his first Father's Day, according to reports.

A $6 Billion Reality Show Set On Mars? I’d Watch It

By and large, reality shows are crap. The last thing I want to see is a singing or dancing competition, or some housewives bitch-slapping each other over a sweet-16 party gone awry. But this is a reality show I can get behind: One set on Mars.

Mischa Barton Strips For Noel Gallagher Video And The Best Videos Of The Day

What more could you want? We got Mischa Barton running around Los Angeles in leopard-print skivvies while filming Noel Gallagher’s music video “Everybody’s on the Run.” Better yet: the hottie runs in slow-motion. Yes. The proof is one of our video p…

86% Of Women Want THIS Kind Of Makeup Product. Do You?

A new report says women don't just want makeup with the perfect color and texture–we want it to be good for our skin, too. I call that smart shopping!

This Hairstyle On Emma Stone Is The Most Creative One I've Seen In Forever (It Features White Hairpins As Hair Accessories!)

Emma Stone finished the week out with a bang with this interesting hairstyle:...

Yep, Channing Tatum Was A Stripper (And Tells Us All About It!)

Magic Mike’s Channing Tatum talks marriage, movie stardom, and what it was like to take his pants off for money.

Matt Sandusky, Jerry Sandusky's Adopted Son, Says Through Lawyer His Father Sexually Abused Him

BELLEFONTE, Pa. -- Lawyers for one of Jerry Sandusky's adopted sons said the man has told authorities the former Penn State assistant football coach abused him. The lawyers issued a statement Thursday naming Matt Sandusky, one of Jerry Sandusky's si…

Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis Split: Actor Was 'Bored Senseless' (REPORT)

After months of speculation, Johnny Depp finally confirmed that he and longtime partner Vanessa Paradis had separated, and according to RadarOnline the reason for their split is absolutely heartbreaking.

Supreme Court Health Care Ruling: Individual Mandate Decision May Be Announced Thursday [UPDATED]

The Supreme Court is most likely to choose to hear a case for one of three reasons: The constitutionality of a federal law hangs in the balance, the circuit courts disagree on the same issue, or the solicitor general advises the Court to take the ca…

Aaron Bennett, Army Veteran, Banned From Old Navy Store After Uniform Scuffle (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Old Navy sent us the following statement: “Old Navy has the utmost respect for the military and we're proud of our longstanding tradition of supporting American troops, including our own employees and their family members who serve. We spoke…

Jerry Sandusky Guilty: Verdict Reached In Child Molestation Trial Of Former Penn State Football Coach

PHOTOS: Story continues below Loading Slideshow Joseph E. McGettigan III Former Penn State University assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, right, is escorted by Centre County Sheriff Denny Nau, left, as he is taken into c…

Whale Shoots Rainbow Out Of Blowhole (VIDEO)

We know what you're thinking and yes, you saw that right: A whale just shot a rainbow out of its blowhole. A rainbow.

Tony Parker Suing For Injury In Chris Brown-Drake Melee

This wasn’t the kind of bottle service NBA star Tony Parker had in mind.

The Bachelorette Season 8: Why Emily Maynard, Her Kid, And The Terrible Suitors Have Disappointed.

Everything That Is Wrong with the Latest Season of The Bachelorette

Facebook Facial Recognition: How To Opt Out

Don't Want Facebook to Recognize You in Photos? Here's How to Opt Out

Mistie Atkinson: Mom 'Who Made Sex Tape With Son, 16' Claims It Was Just A Case Of 'Genetic Attraction'

Mistie Atkinson, 32, of Lake County, California, tracked down her son on Facebook after 15 years apart. She told the court that 'genetic attraction happens to people becoming reunited with a long-lost relative'.

Katie Holmes & Suri: Girls’ Night Out!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Girls’ Night Out!

Meredith Vieira Turned Down NBC Offer To Replace Ann Curry On 'Today'

NBC secretly offered Meredith Vieira a big contract to replace Ann Curry on the "Today" show ... but she turned them down.Sources connected with the…

OKC Thunder's Kevin Durant -- Sued For Stealing 'Durantula' Nickname

Hoops superstar Kevin Durant is one game away from losing the NBA Finals, and now one lawsuit away from losing his famous nickname -- "Durantula" --…

Fifty Shades Of Grey Now The Top FOUR Best-selling Books. Brb, Leaving The Earth.

Yes, Fifty Shades of Grey now makes up the top FOUR spots on the best-seller list. I could handle three spots, but FOUR?! THIS IS THE FINAL STRAW, EARTH!

New Mom Jessica Simpson Flaunts Major Cleavage During "Walk Around The Block"

On June 22, the new mom, 31, uploaded a new picture that puts her engorged breasts front and center. "Just taking a walk around the block," Simpson, who welcomed daughter Maxwell Drew on May 1, wrote. "Street legal?"

LeBron James Vs. Michael Jordan: By The Numbers

Now that LeBron has won a title, how does he compare to the greatest basketball player of all time at a similar point in his career.

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