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June 10, 2012

40 Of The Best Summers Anyone Ever Had

Beach trips, picnics, kiddie pools, flirting, watermelon, and drinking in the bleachers... These are the things that the perfect summer is made of! Take a tip from these vintage photos and do it up right in 2012.

Check Out This Punny Portrait Of Mark Zuckerberg

"Red" Hong is an artist who likes to use unconventional materials to craft her portraits of iconic figures. She wanted to commemorate her recent trip to the US and was about to seek inspiration from her Facebook network when inspiration struck... Face. Book. Watch her amazing process below:

Homeowners Association Could Be 'Eden' Of Liabilities

NEW YORK (MainStreet) -- The Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida was a wake-up call to the nation about the persistance of racism and racial profiling, but for anyone who lives in a community with a homeowners association, or is thinking about moving…

Santorum On Veep:No One's Asked Me For Anything

Rick Santorum said Sunday that the Romney campaign has not asked him for any information related to vetting him for a spot on the ticket as Romney's running mate. When asked if he would like to be considered Santorum responded “if he calls me, I’ll answer the phone."

World Is Stunned By Bradley Vs. Pacquiao Boxing Decision

Timothy Bradley Jr. was awarded the welterweight title over Manny Pacquiao in a controversial decision that had twitter in all caps and sent #RIPBoxing trending worldwide. Two of the three judges had Bradley winning by two points, although evidently everyone else in the world had Pacquiao winning easily. In other news, people actually watch boxing.

Manny Pacquiao Vs. Timothy Bradley Results

Despite the fact that Timothy "Desert Storm" Bradley entered his fight against Manny "Pac-Man" Pacquiao on Saturday night with an unblemished record, few gave the 28-year-old boxer a chance. Bradley proved the critics wrong, however, as he defeated …

Manny Pacquiao Vs. Timothy Bradley Live Stream

While going out to watch a big fight can be fun, staying home and watching it is the better way to go. If you are planning on watching Timothy Bradley vs. Manny Pacquiao at a friend's house or at a bar, it's going to be more of a social event...

Century-Long Tortoise Marriage Ends In Divorce

Bibi and Poldi have been together since they were young -- back in the 1890s -- but "they can't stand the sight of each other anymore." Bibi has attacked Poldi, biting a chunk out of his shell, and managers at the Austrian zoo where they live had no choice but to put them in separate enclosures.

Ladies, This ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Stuff Is Getting Out Of Hand

I don’t even know where to start with this, but here we go. Erika Leonard, AKA E.L. James AKA Snowqueen Icedragon, is one of the smartest people on the planet. With what writing and storytelling experience that she had, she created an empire by pigg…

Robocop Remake Adds Samuel L. Jackon

Okay, I realize, the bloom is probably off the rose when it comes to Samuel-L-Jackson-has-been-cast-in-something news. The guy would probably emcee your circumcision-ban pancake luncheon at the local Elks Lodge, as long as you offered free food and …

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