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June 2, 2012

E3 2012: The Challenges Ahead From

n just a few days, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo will be taking the stage at E3 to articulate their individual visions with an eye to the future. The agendas will be different, but each platform holder has a particular point of emphasis that they wi…

Priebus Downplays Expectations In Wisconsin

GOP chairman manages expectations before the recall. "I'm not going to play into this narrative about whether or not the Democrats are letting up because I don't care."

SpongeBob The 30 Pound Cat

No one can ever fill the oversized litterbox of Meow (R.I.P.), but this cat clocking in at 30 lbs in an NYC shelter comes close. He already lost 3 pounds since he's been at the shelter - he just needs a loving home.

Daily Deals Sites A Downer For Buyers And Sellers

New research out from Kansas State University echoes much that has already been said about those ubiquitous daily deals: the sites like Groupon and Living Social may actually hurt the businesses that offer them, and contribute to impulse buying amon…

I Wish I Said Hello

A new project that attempts to bring missed connections "back to the public space in the form of street art." The founders turn Craigslist personals into stickers, combining parts of the original text with an image to encapsulate the encounter. Once the stickers are created, they are placed at the original Missed Connection's exact location.

'Markets Are Facing A Rerun Of The Great Panic Of 2008'

Mr Zoellick, who stands down at the end of the month after five years in charge of the watchdog, said it was ‘far from clear that eurozone leaders have steeled themselves’ for the looming  catastrophe amid fears of a Greek exit from the single curre…

E3's Most Memorable Moments From

ith E3 2012 and its inevitable glut of crazy game news bombshells only a few short days away, we're taking one last look at the show that we've known over the years and revisiting our favorite moments. Sure, we're there for work, but we're fans of g…

Probably The Best Headline Of All Time

I know I’ve already run my fair share of “BEST HEADLINE EVER” stories, but this legitimately gave me an uncontrollable, 30 to 60-second fit of laughter. I still haven’t showed it to Frotcast Brendan, I worry that it might actually kill him. I’d been…

Odd News, Funny News, Strange News

Odd News at United Press International (UPI) brings you the latest of the odd, humorous and bizarre. Strange news

Ashton Kutcher Returns To 'Punk'd' & Gets Kim Kardashian

Ashton Kutcher is returning to his old stamping grounds, and some very famous people are about to get punk'd. In a special episode of Punk'd airing before Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, guest host and series creator Kutcher pulls one over on Kim Kardash…

Atkins-Type Diets Look Kidney-Friendly: Study

THURSDAY, May 31 (HealthDay News) -- High protein, Atkins-type diets don't cause noticeable harm to the kidneys in healthy patients without kidney disease, a new study indicates. "There has been concern for decades about possible damaging effe

Modelizer Adam Levine Bags Another Victoria’s Secret Angel

Adam Levine must be doing something right because the dude is like catnip to models. Victoria’s Secret models, to be precise. Levine split from ex-girlfriend and VS Angel Anne V., only two months ago but the Maroon 5 singer has already moved on to a…

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