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June 6, 2012

Jenny McCarthy: Jim Carrey Won't See Autistic Son

Jenny McCarthy has moved on from her relationship with Jim Carrey, but her son Evan is having a tougher time. In an interview with The Howard Stern Show, McCarthy revealed that Evan, who is 10 years old and autistic, tells her "almost weekly" how mu…

First Leaked Trailer For Django Unchained

The trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained was supposed to premiere on Entertainment Tonight at 7:30 ET tonight, but once again I’ve got it prematurely. Ha, classic me. Anyway, Jamie Foxx. Christoph Waltz. Leonardo DiCaprio. Don Johnson. I…

Applebee's Thinks Women Need To Get Off The Internet

The restaurant chain's new campaign — called Life Is Better Shared — urges women to get off Pinterest so they can get together to gossip IRL over some Long Island Iced Teas. Perfect.

Japanese Para-Athlete Makes Nude Calendar To Fund Trip To London Olympics

Beautiful and brave and inspiring ("beautibriring"). Maya Nakanishi, a track star who lost her leg when she was struck by a steel beam, is selling this calendar to help get her to this summer's Paralympics in London.

28 Ways "Sex And The City" Would Be Different If It Were On TV Now

Sex and the City premiered on HBO exactly 14 years ago. But what would the fab four be doing with themselves if the show were still on? Well, Charlotte would be all over Pinterest, obviously.

This Grandma Doesn't Understand Facebook

Old people on the internet are so adorable.

Green Arrow Getting His Own TV Show

Hollywood's love affair with all things bow and arrow is coming to the small screen. Staring Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, Arrow will be on the CW this fall.

Mom Straps Gas Can Into Car Seat Instead Of Toddler

A Denver woman was pulled over by police for violating state seat belt laws. She had secured a gas can into the car seat, leaving her diapered son sitting next to it without a seat belt.

MTV Movie Awards: Best And Worst-Dressed 2012

When it comes to red-carpet style, it seems Emma Stone can do no wrong! The Amazing Spider-Man star (who won the MTV Trailblazer Award) rocks a structured Martin Grant top and skirt, matching ankle-strap shoes and a simple black cocktail ring. Her n…

Rock The Slut Vote Tries, Fails To Re-appropriate The Term Slut

Rock the slut vote is an idealistic failure in the making that will fall on deaf ears. The fact of the matter is that word caused incredible damage to Rush Limbaugh and has had ripple effects toward other conservatives in talk radio a positive thing…

15 Bastardized Versions Of Your Favorite TV Shows

I can't even look at these cast photos without being filled with rage.

35 Terrible Puns To Brighten Your Day

Because terrible puns are the best kind of puns. And the only kind of puns.

Fashion Bloggers Make Tons Of Money From Brands. So What?

Apparently Internet fashion personalities like Bryan Boy can make $50,000 for certain endorsement deals. The practice is generating controversy in the fashion industry. But it's the same thing print titles have been doing for decades.

Joel McHale Spoofs The "Prometheus" Trailer

McHale or Michael Fassbender: who did it best?

Breathtakingly Decadent Hand Wrought Jewelry

Warning: This post may cause seizures brought on by excessive coveting. Julee Drain of Harlequin Romantique has a serious gift.

Iowa Senator Has Poor Cell Phone Etiquette On The Senate Floor

Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley's cell phone went off while speaking today.

How Fear Of Clinics Keeps Women From Getting Abortions

The majority of abortions in America today are performed at standalone clinics rather than in doctor's offices. And that may be scaring lots of women off.

Myspace Tom Tom's Shoes

Buy one pair, and a second pair is given to a needy child who still only has a Myspace.

29 Of The Most Imminent "SOON" Attacks

You better watch your back! They are coming for you.

Pretty Much Irrefutable Proof That There Is A God

I know how cool we all like to play it because we’re so young and so beautiful and nothing bad will ever happen to us in our lives! Our youth and our beauty will protect us. But our grandparents were once young if maybe not quite as beautiful. Every…

Mitt Romney's New Hispanic Leadership Chair: We Need To Be Realistic About Those Here Illegally

The Romney campaign announced today they had tapped the former Secretary of Commerce, Carlos Gutierrez, to lead his Romney's Hispanic Steering Committee. Gutierrez might not, however share Romney's hard line on immigration: He said in a 2006 interview we need to "realistic" about the millions of people here illegally, while calling for comprehensive immigration reform.

14-Year-Old Radio Host Goes On Anti-Gay Rant

Caiden Cowger, who hosts a West Virginia-based talk show, displays the eloquence and enthusiasm of a homophobe twice his age. Here's a clip where he calls homosexuality an immoral choice and claims that President Obama is turning kids gay.

This Is Why You Can't Buy HBO All By Itself

Have you ever wondered why HBO doesn't offer a standalone online subscription? This is why.

Romney Campaign Misspells Reagan

The error is in a slideshow made by the Romney campaign's pollster for bundlers. Ronald Regan is the President of Amercia.

23 Leaked LinkedIn Passwords That Will Ruin Your Day

Good grief job hunters, this is some dark stuff. Business professionals: change your passwords. Then get help.

Gallery 1988 Pays Tribute To Steve Martin

Super cool art inspired by Steve Martin ahead!

Rare "Flying Rainbow" Caught On Camera And Other Links

Damn Nature, you pretty! Plus a giant squid washed up on the shore of Australia and Star Wars has made an obscene amount of money.

Food Critic Jonathan Gold Tells About Getting Stinkeye From Suge Knight

Why would Suge Knight get mad at a Pulitzer Prize winning food critic? Well, he used to be a hip hop critic.

'Django Unchained' Trailer

Jamie Foxx as a slave turned bounty hunter with Christoph Waltz as his mentor in Quentin Tarantino's new incredibly cool looking film Django Unchained.

Scott Walker, Conservative Super-Star

The new star plans to take a day off to ride his Harley, before continuing his trajectory as conservative standard-bearer. To the convention, at least.

6-Year-Old Giants Fan Sends Player $3.36 To Convince Him To Stay In New York

When a young fan was told the New York Giants couldn't afford to keep Brandon Jacobs, he sent the 49ers running back a letter and some cash to do his part.

Next Time You Feel Like Bitching About Moving, Remember This Guy

The Beijing U-Haul must have been booked up.

Career Confidential: Harrowing Tales From The Tanning Salon

How did the Tan Mom get so tan? Do parents really bring their young kids in to tan with them? A former tanning salon employee explains just how bizarre things really get under the UV lamps.

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Engaged On Naz Buzz's Blog

No, this is not a rumor guys! Miley Cyrus, 19, and Liam Hemsworth, 22, are offically engaged! This happy couple met back in 2009 when they were filming The Last Song, and have been going strong for three years. Now they have decided it's time to mak…

Charlie Sheen Still Drinks, Wants To Sleep With Denise Richards

In a new interview with 'Rolling Stone,' Charlie Sheen admits that he still drinks alcohol and still wants to sleep with his ex, Denise Richards.

23 Incredibly Cultured Cats

These cats have been around the world, taken classes and studied hard to be as cultured as they are now. In .gif form!

Whale Slaughter Creates Ocean Of Blood

This looks downright Biblical. Every summer, Viking descendents on a tiny group of islands off the coast of Denmark herd hundreds of pilot whales into a bay and partially decapitate them. The result is a sea that runs red with blood.

Meet Conan O'Briens Doppliest Doppleganger

She is a policewoman from Ohio. They are twins.

Tween Girl Video Games: Let's Go Shopping And Find Rich Boyfriends

Gaming is on the rise among girls aged 8 to 12. But the games they're playing aren't exactly sending them great messages.

Wizard Of Oz Characters Reimagined

These super sweet costumes were created for an exhibit in Dublin last month.

20 Amazing Photos Of The Transit Of Venus

Yesterday, Venus passed in front of the sun, which won't happen again for 105 years. In case you missed it, here's what it looked like.

Condiment Packet Hall Of Fame

Where would we be today as a society if it wasn't for these portable little sauces?

The Ad Stu Stevens Made Attacking Romney

While working for John McCain's campaign in 2008, current Romney strategists Russ Schriefer and Stuart Stevens made this ad attacking Romney as a flip-flopper according to the book "The Real Romney." The duo jumped ship mid-campagn to work for Romney in 2007. The ad never ran, but was leaked on the internet a few months after being produced.

New 3D Google Earth Looks Like A Movie

Sweeping aerial shots of cityscapes: not just for people with helicopters anymore. The next version of Google Earth for mobile looks amazing.

Goth's At Disneyland Photo - Buzznet

Vice Magazine wrote this really epic article on Goth Day at Disneyland. It's officially called Bats Day in the Fun Park. So many people showed up and it looked like they had an amazing time! Check out the original post here for more info! When are w…

15 Ironic T-Shirts The NBA Should Also Sell

The latest viral buzz from

8 Ways To Eat Well And Cheaply Now That You've Graduated College

Commencement has come and gone, and you’re settling into life without school. You’re free, you’re educated — and you have student loans. Now that you’re out of the dining halls and into your own kitchens, here are a few ways to eat well by dressing up typical, everyday pantry staples, without breaking the bank.

Go Ahead, Post That Facebook Privacy Notice

That privacy notice you've seen posted on your friends' Facebook walls? It has no legal effect, but it may be a landmark for privacy online.

Groupon Is Owning Its Father's Day Gaffe

Last week, Groupon offered deals "for the man who gave birth to you." In its latest email, the company shows a sense of humor about its mistakes.

Starbucks' Twitter Manages To Call Irish People The One Thing You Should Never Call Irish People

In honor of the Queen's diamond jubilee, Starbucks asked its Irish twitter followers how it feels to be British. Awkward. (via

Googling Harrison Barnes Is Hilarious

The University Of North Carolina "star" and future disappointing Cavalier (I've resigned myself to my team's fate) is a great person to Google.

40 Stunning Photos Of Venus Passing In Front Of The Sun

Thanks, Science Photography! Special filters and satellites caught some pretty impressive images yesterday of Venus transiting the sun, a phenomenon where Venus passes between the Earth and the Sun, that won't happen again for 100 years.

From Full House To CFDA Winners: How The Olsens Became Legitimate Designers

Ten years ago, if someone told you that the Olsen twins–they of the matchy-matchy outfits and cheesy made-for-TV-movies–would win the most prestigious fashion design award in America, beating out the likes of Marc Jacobs, you’d laugh. But that’s pre…

Andy Samberg's Anti-Cannibal PSA

Please, help with the cause, join C.A.N.N.I.B.A.L.

Oh My God They Changed The Twitter Bird

Where are his hair feathers?? And did he (Larry) lose weight???? The new Twitter logo sticks his BEAK up at us and I don't think I like it.

How They Filmed The Hulk Fight Scenes

Have you ever wondered how they filmed the special effects for the Hulk in the Avengers? This video shows how they did it!

Do You Know What The Twitter Bird's Official Name Is?

He has one, and it might surprise you.

Morning On Mars

These stunning images come courtesy of the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE), which was carried abord the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

ESPN Is Not Biased At All

ESPN posted this photo to their Facebook page, despite, you know, the results of the game.

"Aqua Teen Hunger Force" Changes Its Name Again

Last season the show's title changed to Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 and now it's apparently just Aqua Something You Know Whatever. Did the show just really change its name again? You know, whatever...

Bulgarian "Vampire" Skeletons Uncovered In Monastery

Oh good, something to distract from the unending supply of zombie stories. It shouldn't be surprising that a church in the heartland of vampire origin myths would turn up questionable remains.

The NBA's Playoff Commercials Are Amazing

The NBA's "BIG" commercials have a little more significance now that the teams have shown their mettle.

Potential Issues In Social Media Integration With TV Content

A&E's "Storage Wars" scrolls tweets from fans using the hashtag across the top of the show. What could possibly go wrong?

Five Lessons From Big Blue's Wisconsin Disaster

Republicans and Democrats look to November after a dramatic night in Wisconsin.

A More European U.S.A.

In which the New York Times imagines Euro-style borders on a map of the U.S.A.

Michelle Obama Does Letterman's Top Ten List

First Lady Michelle Obama delivered Letterman's top ten list last night, giving the ten "fun facts" about gardening. "With your own care and effort you can grow your own Barack-oli."

This Marilyn Manson Look-Alike Is America's Susan Boyle

Who knew Criss Angel had the voice of an actual angel?

High School Track Star Helps Injured Competitor Cross Finish Line

There's hope. Ohio high school junior Meghan Vogel instantly became the poster girl for sportsmanship and all around decency when, instead of stepping over an injured competitor on the track, she put the wounded young woman's arm around her shoulder and they crossed the finish line together.

People Around The World Watching The Transit Of Venus

It won't happen for another 105 years, so people everywhere got excited for a little black dot travelling across the sun. Here's 30 photos of people across the globe observing the event.

The World's Largest Paint Can

It exists and it's very big.

Childhood Perler Beads Get A High Fashion Makeover

This is completely cool but I'm not sure how practical. Remember when you used to make deformed animals with wax paper and mom's iron? Sabine Ducasse does.

Star Wars Has Made How Much Money?

Last month we celebrated Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you) with a picture gallery, and we celebrated the 35th anniversary of New Hope‘s release (May 25th) with a collection of Star Wars Weekends posters. WIRED has also readied something for th…

The Rise Of "Good Job, Good Effort" Kid

Last night, the Miami Heat lost to the Boston Celtics, but let's not let that overshadow the instant fame of the world's most positive Miami Heat fan.

How Walker's Recall Victory Is Playing On Wisconsin's Front Pages

Where is the New York Post when you need it? Walker covers every paper in Wisconsin today.

Jessica Simpson's Baby Pictures Cannot Sell Covers Of "People"

"People" paid $850,000 for exclusive photos of Jessica Simpson's new baby, but the issue was a newsstand flop. About a quarter fewer copies than average were sold.

The College Promo Video That Will Make You Want To Skip College

This student video describing how stressful Oberlin College can be was actually uploaded to the school's Youtube channel. Sounds like a total blast.

Life After A Total Hack

LinkedIn, eHarmony and were all hacked wide open this week.. But what would happen to us if everything got compromised? A short story about the biggest fear you don't even know you have.

Ghost Children Gravity Hill

Gravity hills are a natural phenomena that exist around the world. We decided to check one out in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania that is supposedly haunted by the ghost of dead children. Here are our observations.

Casey Anthony 'Wants To Move To Costa Rica' As Soon As She's Legally Allowed To Leave Florida

America's most hated mother reportedly plans to move to Central America for the warm weather and its distance from Florida. Her year of probation - for admitting to writing bad checks - ends this summer.

Ray Bradbury Dead At 91

io9 just broke the news that the beloved author has passed away.

Liam Hemsworth And Miley Cyrus Got Engaged

Well, this happened. Unofficial call on the marriage: 1 year and 2 days. Place your bets, if you are right, we'll high five you!

Why Did Miss Pennsylvania Turn In Her Tiara?

After competing in the Miss USA pageant on Sunday, Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin resigned, announcing on Facebook that she believes the contest was fixed. But pageant organizers say the 27-year-old gave up her title because she didn't agree with their decision to include transgender contestants.

Jenna Lyons Tells Us How She Pulled Her CFDA Outfit Together At The Last Minute

We always look forward to seeing what our style crush Jenna Lyons wears to formal events. She never fails to mix J.Crew with high fashion in a way that seems effortless and just, well, cool. Our friends over at The Cut were keen on Lyons being the d…

Thunder Fans Put A James Harden Beard On Their Business

It now looks like the happiest building in all the land.

Inside The World's Greatest Miniature Village

Basically unchanged since 1961, "Roadside America" is seriously something everyone should go to. It was truly an experience. I got chills.

Report Says War On Drugs Harms Women In Latin America

A report by Nobel Peace Prize winners Jody Williams and Rigoberta Menchu alleges that the "militarization" of anti-drug efforts in Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala, aided by the US, has actually led to more violence against women, some of whom have been killed when they were mistaken for drug traffickers. Says the report, "The war on drugs ... has become a war on women."

Mitt Romney Called For Government Spending In The Stimulus Package

The former Massachusetts Governor called for a stimulus package in 2008 and 2009 based on tax cuts and new government spending.

Kristen Stewart Is 'Proud' Of Looking Bad In Photos On Patty's Blog

The beautiful Kristen Stewart looks ravishing as Snow White in her current movie Snow White and the Huntsman and has dazzled us in the Twilight series, so it's hard to believe that the girl can take a "bad" picture! Back in January, the 21-year-old …

Celebrities Without Makeup: Photos

Makeup-free, Lady Gaga brings drama to a shot and still looks beautiful. She echoed the sentiment to her followers, tweeting, "Have a beautiful day!!" on March 27.  Click Here for More on Lady Gaga!

This Dog Is A Real-Life Snoopy

All he's missing is a typewriter and a small bird to keep him company.

Anger And Denial — And A Slap To The Democrat's Face — In Wisconsin

Fury at Obama, worry about November. "Everything is great," says Barrett at the end.

Introducing Huffington Post Sideboob

They can't seem to decide whether it's one word — "sideboob" or two — "side boob." But in any event, this page does exist, for all your sideboob news needs:

Nun's Sex Book Reveals Conflicts In The Catholic Church

A nun has angered the Vatican with her writings on masturbation, gay relationships, and divorce. But some say that by attacking her work, the Church is alienating the faithful.

Octomom Nadya Suleman To Be A Stripper

"Octomom" Nadya Suleman has a new job: stripper! The bankrupt mother of 14 will be taking it off at a Florida strip club to promote the summer release of her "self-pleasure" porn video.

All The Types Of Dancing Animals

Animals love to move it, move it. Look how many styles of dance they know!

Amanda Bynes Pleads For President Obama To Fire Cop Who Arrested Her

Amanda Bynes asks President Obama to fire the cop who arrested her and continues to deny she was drunk night of DUI arrest.

This Punk Wandered Onto A Photo Shoot With Shalom Harlow So She Flashed Him And Now He’s In A Magazine

Shalom Harlow is the latest 90s supermodel to be staging a comeback. After walking in the Alexander Wang’s fall 2012 show, she’s popping up in editorials and ad campaigns, and we couldn’t be happier to see her back on the circuit. For her latest gi…

The Wii U Port Report

The Wii U has plenty of new software on display at E3 2012, but Nintendo's new system also has its share of ports as well. Today at E3, I played Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition and Ninja Gaiden III: Razor's Edge, a pair of action games that pres…

Russell Westbrook's 8 Craziest Playoff Shirts

Oklahoma City's point guard is a star in the making. And all stars need a calling card. Russell's? Crazy shirts.

The 10 Most Hilarious Things We Overheard From The Crowds Outside The CFDA Awards

The CFDA Awards is one of the most glamorous fashion events of the year–except when you’re outside with the masses of screaming fans and curious onlookers, which is where I was. Since my invitation surely got lost in the mail (and maybe because I’m …

Poor E3 Showing Or Not, Wii U Remains Full Of Potential

The latest viral buzz from

Nintendo Needs To Get Behind Project P-100

Minutes after Nintendo's press conference ended, tweets started popping up online about a mystery Wii U launch title developed by Platinum that was completely neglected during the media briefing. Project P-100 is a whimsical throwback to colorfu…

Best Man Speech

We've shaved your speech prep time down from 2 weeks to 10 minutes. Just fill in the blanks.

BDSM And Sex


14 Awesome Geek Culture Mashups By Evgeny Yakovlev

You're almost there! Stay ahead of the curve and get the best mixture of web culture and entertainment delivered straight to your in-box.

The Girl From The Famous Vietnam Napalm Photo

One of the most memorable images of the Vietnam War is Nick Ut's photo of a naked Kim Phuc running from her just-napalmed village.

Seth Meyers Dared To Make A Galliano Joke At The CFDA Awards, Plus His Five Best Jokes About The Fashion Industry

Seth Meyers hosted last night’s CFDA awards. Fashion people are a tough crowd. As Meyers rightly pointed out, the fashion industry is not exactly known for being laid back and not taking themselves too seriously. So he went for it. And killed. He o…

Live Updates From The Wisconsin Recall Election

Live updates on the Wisconsin recall election. All times PST.

Nintendo's E3 Press Briefing Game Lineup Failed To Sell The Wii U

There wasn't enough interesting usage of the Wii U GamePad to be seen today.

Mel B Shows Off A Very Taut And Toned Physique As She Enjoys A Romantic Yacht Ride With Husband Stephen

The former Spice Girl was snapped on board a yacht with her husband Stephen Belafonte in a green patterned bikini which showed off her toned physique, the result of her programme with Jenny Craig and a tough exercise regime.

Listen To The Rock Of Ages Soundtrack

Songs from the Rock of Ages soundtrack have appeared online, giving us our first full-length listen to the fever dream that is Tom Cruise singing “Paradise City” and “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” as well as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Russell Brand’s “We Bu…

Trailer For The Babymakers, From Broken Lizard, Starring Olivia Munn

Okay, I admit, that headline may have been slightly misleading. But Olivia Munn does star in The Babymakers, the latest movie from the Broken Lizard guys (Super Troopers, Beerfest), which is about a SPERM HEIST, the trailer for which appears below. …

The Most Disappointed Barrett Supporter In Wisconsin

A blue-collar voter took the news of Scott Walker's victory a bit too hard.

7 Things To Know About Being A Lax Bro

An article in The Boston Globe digs deep into the lax bro ethos. Here's what we learned.

Sacrilegious Superhero Saints

Awesome or awful? Italian artist Igor Scalisi Palminteri explores the similarities between traditional religion and modern myth with a unique art installation.

Game Of Thrones‘ Hair And Wardrobe Secrets Revealed

Last night we watched the season two finale of Game of Thrones in all its mind-f*cking glory. (Daenerys got her dragons back, FTW!) Anyway,we haven’t mentioned this much before but…here at Fashionista we’re obsessed with G of T. The compelling plot…

Charlize Theron, Johnny Depp, Jennifer Aniston And More

Last night’s MTV Movie Awards was a roller coaster of emotions and odd situations. There were inspirational happy tears (from Emma Stone, who collected the first-ever ‘Trailblazer’ award), awkward silences (c/o Kristen Stewart–who else?), juvenile p…

The CFDA Turns 50! Take A Look At The 50 Best Fashion Moments From The CFDA Awards

This year the CFDA turns 50. Doesn’t it look good for its age? And apparently it hasn’t even had any work done! But in all seriousness, since its inception, the CFDA has helped countless of emerging talents, helped to foster important industry devel…

MLB Draft Tracker 2012: Results And Grades For Each Team

If you were looking for a one-stop shop to find out which prospects your favorite team drafted alongside draft grades for each team during the MLB draft, well, we've got you covered...

Kathy Griffin Flashes Her White Granny Underwear On Stage Giving Gloria Estefan The Shock Of Her Life

The 51-year-old was performing at Hard Rock Live! in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida and the look on her co-host Gloria Estefan's face really said it all.

22 Facts About Coffee: The World's Most Important Beverage

The entire world would shut down without it.

Jennifer Lawrence, J.J. Abrams, And Joel McHale On Hollywood's Archery Obsession

Yeah, this may have been the best part of the MTV Movie Awards. And if you look close, you can see a Klingon hidden in J.J. Abrams' TV screen!

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