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14 Lessons From 2012

Obama will get better. Politics keeps getting worse.

John Ellis 6 years ago

How Mitt Romney Got It Done In Tampa

Romney convinces America that the Republican Party is sane, and that he's ready.

John Ellis 7 years ago

Can Obama's "Chemical Warfare" Keep The White Vote Down?

John Ellis on the president's negative campaign. Romney hasn't figured out an antidote.

John Ellis 7 years ago

Five Lessons From Big Blue's Wisconsin Disaster

Republicans and Democrats look to November after a dramatic night in Wisconsin.

John Ellis 7 years ago

The Number That Will Matter In Wisconsin

In the epic showdown between Big Blue and Big Red, Walker's margin may be the number being watched from Chicago and Boston. A Walker blowout means trouble for the president.

John Ellis 7 years ago

Ellis: Romney's Answer To "Forward" Is "Brown Energy"

How can the Republican win the future? Fracking!

John Ellis 7 years ago

Where's Romney's Alternative?

Etch A Sketch won't beat the Blue Social Model, BuzzFeed columnist John Ellis argues.

John Ellis 7 years ago

Why Rick Won't Quit

The cost is high. But it's not about logic, or even winning, any more.

John Ellis 7 years ago

Big Media Is About To Pull The Plug On Newt Gingrich

The suits are taking charge, and they're killing the travel budgets. Sorry Newt, Rick, Zeke!

John Ellis 7 years ago

How Mitt Romney Can Put This Thing Away

BuzzFeed columnist John Ellis tells Romney: Go to South Carolina, go all in, and kill the opposition before it's born. What Atwater told Bush: "When you have your opponent by the throat in presidential politics, you best finish the job."

John Ellis 7 years ago