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Food Critic Jonathan Gold Tells About Getting Stinkeye From Suge Knight

Why would Suge Knight get mad at a Pulitzer Prize winning food critic? Well, he used to be a hip hop critic.

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Food Is the New Rock asked critic Jonathan Gold to be interviewed about, naturally, music. He responded with this email:

Sure, I guess. As long as you understand that with a few exceptions, my knowledge of pop pretty much slammed shut in late ‘96, around the time of the death of Tupac. I can talk with Talmudic subtlety about the 20 years before that, when I played in punk bands, ran clubs, wrote about rap, hard rock and what was then called “electronica” for the L.A. Times, Spin and Rolling Stone, and played the Boswell to Snoop Dogg’s Samuel Johnson - but at the point when all roads led to Britney Spears, Metallica became a boogie band and hip-hop violence stopped being a cartoon, it was time for me to exit, stage left. Ever gotten stinkeye from Suge Knight? You would have changed professions too.

Let's hope he never has an issues with Gold's restaurant reviews.

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