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April 1, 2016

¿Qué tal si transformamos todos los cementerios en bosques?

Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot y Zack Snyder escogen la Liga de la Justicia Mexicana.

El refrigerador es tu mejor amigo.


La culpa la tenemos todos.

Tus fines de semana ocupados de aquí a mayo.

A progressive underground dream

A los Siete Dioses no les gusta esto.

¡Diosito santo!

It's April Fool's Day, which means that it's best to be on guard for possible pranks that might be pulled at your expense, but it's not as if the pulling of practical jokes is something that's limited to a single day of the year. Here are five instances where notable musicians entertained themselves and had some fun, some of which were on April 1, some of which weren't, but they're all pretty least to the people who weren't the victims, anyway.


♫ You belong with meeeeeee. ♫

Are you more Mickey, Gus, or Bertie?

Where's my glass?

The president was asked about comments Trump recently made about Japan and South Korea developing their own nuclear weapons.

I'm looking at you, Naked palette.

"Now there's a part of me forever *whispers* on your body."

The city of Townsville was saved by this magical app

It's time to up that cookie game.

:3 moww

Chili for breakfast? Why, yes indeed.

"I'm sorry man, I didn't know it was you," the officer screamed. "Jacob, man, hang in there, bro. I thought you were a bad guy."

Mucho vino y poco ruido.

Go home, Roger!

This week for BuzzFeed News, Melissa Gira Grant reveals that heroism does not always lead to happy endings. Read it and other great stories from BuzzFeed and around the web.

All of us tbh.

So cute. So on sale. So in your shopping cart right now.

Are you a skeleton with high standards?

Find your new favorite song.

It's a shit ton.


"I belong here, and you're going to respect me."

~ O-O

♫The fun will never end, it's Adventure Time!♫

Here are the most moving, sorrowful, and beautiful pictures from the past week.

Helly-Hansen-Jacke und MP3-Player.

And no, you don't have to play with sherry.

La fuerza de los refrigerios está contigo.

Spoiler: The wallpaper tasted like wallpaper.

Covering your eyes won’t protect you.

One wrong answer and you're out this time!

Guys, what is going on?

"Ayi con el mismo tiki-tiki…"

Spring Break is coming.

Not even a light chuckle?

Officials had previously said the small-bladed knife is inconsistent with the one used in the 1994 double murder at the football star's Brentwood home.

Yer a wizard, Harry.

¿Te odia con fervor pero quiere regresar? Ten cuidado.

In the mood to shop? Good.

Wobble, baby, wobble.

Look at these photographs.

Quick, conversational live streams are now worth a tune-in.

Que no te de pena llorar si te gana la melancolía.

Battle of the beautiful boys.

What a babe.

Dummy post for a demo

♫And if you don't know now you know♫

Iman posted an emotional tribute to her mother on Instagram in announcing her death on Friday.

Back to you, Loki!

"Why does a fart smell worse in the shower than it does anywhere else?"

Is this an April Fools' joke?

♫ Forget about your worries and your strife. ♫

allyship (v.) is an active and consistent practice of unlearning and re-evaluating beliefs and actions, in which a person seeks to work in solidarity with a marginalized individual or group of people. NYU Ally Week 2017 takes place April 10th to 14th. At a large urban institution with hundreds of micro-communities, it is often challenging to foster meaningful cross-cultural interactions. NYU Ally Week creates opportunities for students, faculty, and administrators to deepen their understanding of the experiences of others, and raise awareness of the individual and collective injustices that confront many in our society. This quiz can help determine what your allyship style and approach is in examining stereotypes and prejudice and promoting equity and social justice.

Es difícil seguir el ritmo.

At some point, Nickelback had life. That’s worth mourning.

Advertencia: Imágenes dolorosas a continuación.

Mesmo o ronronar mais baixinho pode gerar os maiores sorrisos.

♫My name's blurryface and I care what you think♫

É assim que ele consegue essas fotos.

"Não temos que nos esconder, sabe?"

Essa receita está abalando o Instagram.

Me devolva minhas roupas.

O poder das garotas!

"Onde eles cabem, eles se sentam", literalmente. Se você conhece um gato que está procurando um ótimo lugar para relaxar, diga para ele avaliar estes lugares fáceis de encontrar.

"É muito legal – eu sou reconhecido em todos lugares que vou", disse Deno Driz.

O sangue deles é um remédio, o cocô deles pode ser transformado em chá e eles são adoráveis.

Bem autoexplicativo.

Britney. Leo. Friends. Beanie Babies. Who you got?

Name one member other than Chad.

Would it survive my burrito?

The struggle was very real.

"How to get a college kid to do anything: Free T-shirts."

De modo que así es como se hace.

Because everyone has their ups and downs.

There's no place like the Lone Star State!

Tú también puedes ser la niñita perfecta.

É um mais lindo que o outro.

A única coisa em que as pessoas vão reparar é em como você está gata.


They've made it as wisemen.


We're all alright!

The comedian and his wife picked the bull up from an animal shelter and transported it to a sanctuary.

One French academic wondered on Twitter what a higher education and research edition of a popular satirical newspaper might look like, and you won't believe what happened next...

Cada una de estas chicas te ayudará a ver la poca importancia de una talla para ser feliz.

Because you need to know.

The Buffy alum is about to bring her signature brand of badass to Banshee — but will it be her final role?

This is somehow not an April Fool's joke.

Straps need to GTFO.

"Veterans often feel so isolated because we think we're damaged or different but yoga can change that because it's all about being connected with the earth and people around you."

Un huevo perfecto.

"I'm felling really warm and tingly."

You can't make this sh*t up.

We all want to..

April Fool's Day strikes again.

Fur your entertainment.

Sanders' Poughkeepsie, New York office is an old bank building. The rest goes how you'd expect.

Ah, you gotta love the internet. [Possibly NSFW.]

"Todo lo que se necesita es una mochila de 18 kg y una caminata del demonio".

Sheila Bair, known for her clashes with Tim Geithner over bailouts, says she's "not anti-bank, not anti-lender."

‘It takes a lot to know a man’, sings Damien Rice. But what does it take to be one?

Sen. Tim Kaine said Netanyahu and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had expressed concerned about the U.S. presidential race to him during overseas trips.

So beet it, just beet it...

What's good, Rose Red?

Featuring 100% real Donald Trump quotes.

You can't not buy it.

Solo no las llames "bolsitas divertidas", por favor.

Because there's no fam like chosen fam.

“OH MY GOD! Look at your face.”

De Bélgica con amor.

~Tell me what you want, what you really really want~

Earlier this week, it insisted consumers got an extra shot of coffee with large Costa Express drinks, covered by the 30p price difference. Awkward.

Honestly, makeup takes up way more time than it deserves.

Are you really a wizard, Harry?


*adds to cart*

Cheese lovers ~only~.

Because when aren't you in a hurry?

And a few other helpful tips!

MTCNovo will run the Rainsbrook secure training facility from May this year.

I'm speechless.


"The prime minister must be able show that these donations are beyond reproach," Labour told BuzzFeed News.

Damn, Richard. Back at it again.

Du wirst sie nie wieder los. Nie.

"Canada's world international divas."


Can you cut it as a poor man stealing?

Quel voyage long et laborieux.

Befriedige den Grammatik- und Rechtschreib-Nerd in Dir!

Like, should you actually try this thing you saw in porn? And what foods will make you taste better?

Cause of death: Halloween season.

I love you AND I hate you.

Strict is an understatement.

Not Instagram. Not Facebook. Not Twitter. Google+.

Ask your parents' permission before reading this.

Es una promesa.

Like being a foot taller than any kid you had a crush on.

¿Es realmente este hombre el nuevo novio de Ricky?

Here for the sweet and salty.

Vegas here they come!

"But a woman can be any shape or size she wants." "What about a hexagon?"

«Je t'aime tellement papa. Même si tu es une "elle", je t'aime tellement.»

Aquela substância, ainda morna, na qual você encosta sem querer na parada de ônibus.

Yes, he does take it up the butt.

The failiest of social networks.

"Ist noch Apfelkorn da?"

Roses are red, violets are blue. It's time for your dental cleaning, and maybe a checkup, too.

El vídeo ha sido denominado por algunos como "la mejor selfie del mundo".

If you’re still riding the spring renewal high, feel free to take a gander at these wonderfully candid memoirs. They’re guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, sigh, contemplate, and ultimately inspire you to renew yourself and live your most authentic life.

The internet offers thousands of the best online stores where you can buy whatever you want.

Telly Lovelace takes over job of working with black outlets as Republicans worry Trump nomination will make it even harder to reach black voters. The RNC announced his title Friday: national director of African American initiatives and media.


Prepare for some Nickeldiscourse.

This is a safe space.

All eyes are not created equal, but some understand this more than others. For all those blessed with 20/20 vision, it can be easy to assume that is normal. Even those who wear glasses tend to have it pretty easy, but those who suffer through the everyday trials of contacts know so much better.

Bring a lil' Nickelback with you, wherever you go.

¿Recuerdas la alfombra con diseño de piano de Big? ¿Quieres una para sentarte en el inodoro?


Mais c'est quoi leur secret?

How cooking my mother's food helped me navigate the space between two cultures.

Let's hope they do justice to the story.

"For your health."

This is how you Mulan me.

Their insults to one another are the best part of KUWTK.

"If I paid 79p for Space Raiders I better actually go to space."

Authorities are still investigating the cause of death of Christine Thi Woo, who went missing with her children on March 30.

Working out is bad.

If you can't score full points, maybe you should just ~let it go~.

Hang in there.


Don’t hate me just because you know it’s true.

In case you need a reminder

Tout ce dont on a apparemment besoin, c'est de louer un film.

Look at this photograph (hanger).

You're SCARY GOOD at hiding stuff from wardens, and even your own roommates.

Agarra un pañuelo y prepárate para llorar.

Not every movie gets a superhero-level massive release. Here's what's worth seeking out in limited release, rent, or home video right now.

Nem vem de garfo que hoje é dia de hashi!

Love is a lie. Stop catching feels.

Never Little Mermaid it as a wise man.

The announcement came two days after the public health arm declared that Ebola was no longer a public health emergency of international concern.

"You go to school to do learning or to do bloody fashion?"

One wrong answer and you fail. How far through can you get?

Best prank ever.

30, kokett und sooooo viele Spaghettiträger.

Take a peak before you take the quiz!

The answer will shock you.

Why not? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Nunca viste algo tan emocionante como esto.

Trust no one.

The deal was announced just hours after a similar $15 increase passed in California.

On ne peut vraiment faire confiance à personne.

"I'm used to being treated as sub-human, now not even that, I am an extra-terrestrial," one claimant said.

Last week, NHS England said it wouldn't provide the drug that blocks HIV because it's not responsible for doing so. But who is? BuzzFeed News went in search of answers.

Beca, del latín "pagar, lo que es pagar, no pagamos".

«Et vous avez des magasins là-bas?» #QuandTuEsAntillaisEnFrance

RIP Nicky.

Our special guest this week is BuzzFeed News curation editor Sara Yasin, talking about some of her favorite stories she’s read recently.

Pferde stellen uns alle in den Schatten.

Honestly, it's pretty straightforward.

I bet you've got a graduation, wedding or job interview to go to this spring. You should buy a suit.

It's the ~finals~ countdown.

Wake and bake.

It's hard to keep up.

And no, I didn't wash it.

There are 20 questions, but as soon as you get one wrong, you LOSE.

All you have to do is look closely!

Vale, quizá no es TAN básico.

Renowned British-Iraqi architect Dame Zaha Hadid has died at 65. There are now more obese people than underweight people in the world, according to a major new study. And Beyoncé’s dropping an activewear line this month.

A Google spokesperson told BuzzFeed News this was not an extremely meta prank.

Fierce bubble gum pop meets a blaring tale about a space-travelling vampiric Al Pacino.

Who needs the Caribbean? We've got the Outer Hebrides.

So wird es also gemacht.

"Estoy criando a mi hijo para que sea quien quiera ser".

A ver, es comida viejuna, pero es flipante.

Piensa en la pizza como un lienzo delicioso y lleno de queso.



No, we aren't all orange.

All hail the king (or the queen).

This is how you April Fools'.

El press de banca ya era el infierno en la tierra en el siglo XII.

"Esos jovencitos no saben lo que se pierden".

Here we spell.

The 16-year-old was found guilty of culpable homicide over Bailey Gwynne's death.

Hier darf man auch unter 21 trinken!


Incredible scenes.

North West n'était même pas encore née.


«J'essaie d'apprendre à ne pas scruter mes défauts.»

Do you have what it takes to finish the hardest puzzle of the week?

Il y a toujours une bonne raison de faire la gueule.

"If you're alive, you answer your phone!!!"

Ein Furz kann unter diesen Umständen ein gewaltiges Risiko darstellen.

Abgründe tun sich auf. Tiefe.

It's that time again, people. Browse carefully! This post will be updated throughout the day.

El pecado de ser provincianos en Madrid.

Well played, legal team.

(Ou une Bretonne.)


Was this an elaborate but early April Fools' prank?

We beat Pakistan. Nothing else matters.



Porque la vida en la ciudad es dura, coleguis.

Porque puedes ponerte lo que quieras.

"Tumhe koi haq nahi banta."


Ça va sans doute vous inspirer.


«C'est dingue, mais aussi fou que les prix du marché de l'immobilier», dit Peter Berkowitz.


Good for bunnies. Good for you.

A six-question quiz? How easy is that!

This was hard to admit OK.

When your card gets declined and there's a giant line behind you...

A Maryland man who is accused of fatally beating a handcuffed 9-year-old boy for eating a piece of cake entered a plea deal and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

The first Tesla for the masses costs $35,000 and hits the road in late 2017.


In honor of George Miller’s gorgeous, and surprisingly feminist, post-apocalyptic action opus, here are the 33 times the “MMFR” fandom took over Tumblr. ALL GLORY TO THE MIGHTY V8!!!

Erotic novels, Jungle Juice and ~federation reform wooooo~

Oh great, this again.

Can you name all the fan-armies to these celebrities????

BuzzFeed Japan株式会社(以下、BuzzFeed Japan)は、2016年4月1日付けで、同社代表取締役社長に上野正博(うえの・まさひろ)が就任したことをお知らせいたします。

All that and a bag of chips.


Basically, not much at all.

The man, who has not been officially identified, was taken to a hospital and as of Thursday night was undergoing treatment. Warning: graphic video.

You will fall in love with these recipes!


Someone plz bring me some ice cream.

You got this, homie.


Officials said the explosive materials were completely stable and didn't pose a risk to students — but the CIA added it would be more careful in the future.

11% women. In 2016.

She is Marina and We are the Diamonds.

Joshua Bishop was executed for beating a man to death in an attempt to take his car keys.

"I am trying to learn how to not pick apart my every flaw."

Totally radical.

Sources claim interns produce much of tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos's work. Yiannopoulos says his practices are "completely standard."

2009 was a magical time.

What if?

The airline maintains the family was rebooked on another flight over concerns that the the child safety seat did not meet federal regulations.

From Bolt to Zootopia.

"I feel like the love child of Tank Girl, Cat Woman, and a bikey... and it's the best feeling in the world".

Let's take a trip down memory lane.

Removing legal inequality = better health outcomes.

"As you see I've got biceps to share"

Grab yourself some cheesecake and take this quiz!

Yo, it's 2016.