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    Posted on 1 Apr 2016

    23 Things All Aussies Secretly Love About The UK

    This was hard to admit OK.

    1. The relaxed laws on boozing.

    What's it like to not be subjected to shitty lock-out laws?

    2. Like, you can actually buy alcohol at any time of the night in some places.

    3. Dogs are actually allowed at pubs.

    4. And Yorkshire Puddings being a staple in meals is just beautiful.

    5. The public transport system is way more effective. / Via

    Sydney trains, you need to lift your game.

    6. And you can hop on a plane and be in another country in a matter of HOURS.

    7. Not to mention it only takes seven hours to get to New York?!

    8. British TV shows are a lot better than Australian ones.


    9. And the films are generally better too.

    Universal Pictures

    10. It's also very endearing the UK actually support their musicians.

    11. Not to mention they have given us some of the most iconic bands IN THE WORLD. / Creative Commons
    Getty Images / Brenda Chase

    12. As well as Harry Potter.

    Warner Bros.

    13. Look, just everything entertainment-wise is better tbh.


    14. The UK is also waaaay ahead of us when it comes to fashion.



    15. We are extremely jealous (though amused), this is deemed a heatwave.

    If you think today's a scorcher, you should see what's in store for tomorrow... Jo #heatwave

    16. The UK actually gets a proper winter.

    17. And are blessed enough to experience a White Christmas!

    18. Nothing ever sounds bad with an British accent.

    Though to be fair... scouse accents... aren't sexy.

    19. And whatever's in the water over there, send it our way.

    Getty Images / Frazer Harrison

    20. Oh and send some Wetherspoons our way too.

    21. There's no denying the castles and historic buildings are goddamn spectacular.

    22. And the fact you can rent bikes off the street in London is pretty damn cool.

    23. And of course - you just make ridiculously cute babies.

    A new family photo - Merry Christmas from The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte

    Send them our way any day.

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