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13 Times Nickelback Had The Last Laugh

They've made it as wisemen.

1. When the band joined in on the campaign joke that was mocking them.

2. When Chad Kroeger said he understands and credits much of the band's success to all the haters.

3. In fact, Chad doesn't really think haters are being totally honest with themselves.

4. When the band jumped on a Funny Or Die sketch in response to the NFL petition against them in 2012.

5. And when Chad said "I love it" to the crowdfunding campaign to keep them out of London: "I hope the money goes to charity and not the guy's pocket. . . whatever, I think it's hilarious."

And of course every time they decided to respond to a troll or hater directly:

6. Wham


8. Bam


10. Thank

11. You

12. Ma'am

13. Damn.