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Best Friends Chose Surprise Tattoos For Each Other And Actually Did A Great Job

"Now there's a part of me forever *whispers* on your body."

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We somehow convinced BFFs to choose tattoos for each other, and this is what happened:

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A year ago, Ashly gave Andrew full permission to pick out her next tattoo. Granted, she was wasted, but he has the footage to prove it!

For some reason, Daysha and Briana also agreed to get pulled into this mess, but they were a little more nervous.

"I'm sweating, can you see my sweat?"

The stakes were high! I mean, this was a true friendship test. WHAT IF ONE OF THEM DECIDED TO PRANK THE OTHER?!

Honestly, a Beyoncé Santa Claus tat sounds fire.

Turns out, both Andrew and Ashly wanted to get each other very minimal, impressionistic tattoos that could be interpreted in many ways.

And Briana and Daysha were very thoughtful and deep with their tattoo ideas! Briana wanted Daysha to have a powerful quote from Audre Lorde, a strong black woman like Daysha, while Daysha picked out a diamond symbol because Briana is a diamond in the rough and also had a dog named Diamond.

Time to get inked!

It was cute!

After a little pain, it was time for the big reveal:

Daysha was into hers!

Ashly loved it because it was something she would get, but looked like something Andrew would design.

Briana thought it was so cute, but was especially moved when she learned the reason behind the choice.

And Andrew? Well...he hated it!

Just kidding!


"Now there's a part of me forever *whispers* on your body."