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Campaigners And MPs Are Furious That The Government Won't Ensure All Pupils Receive Lessons On LGBT Relationships

More than 50 Labour MPs and peers had written to the education secretary saying the lessons were "critical to protecting children who may be in abusive homes".

Hannah Al-Othman • One month ago

These Instagram Messages Led To A Billboard Magazine Editor Being Accused Of Sexual Harassment

"He was trying to leverage his role as an editor at a massive magazine, to get himself off that night," Nik Thakkar told BuzzFeed News. "It’s manipulation. It’s orchestrated.”

Patrick Strudwick • One month ago

Censored: How Facebook Stopped A Whistleblower Exposing A Racist, Anti-Gay Rant

Exclusive: The audio clip was supposed to expose hate speech, but Facebook had other ideas. "No one wants to make a stand," the whistleblower told BuzzFeed News.

Patrick Strudwick • One month ago

After An Anti-Trans Backlash, The Lottery Fund Will Give A Grant To A Charity For Trans Kids

Mermaids UK will receive £500,000 funding, following a review of the decision sparked by anti-trans campaigners.

Patrick Strudwick • 2 months ago

A Leading Author Has Condemned Amazon For Selling Gay "Cure" Books

Exclusive: Damian Barr told BuzzFeed News that the bookselling website is "promoting self-harm" and profiting from hate.

Patrick Strudwick • 2 months ago

A Trailblazing HIV Doctor Who Helped Thousands Access PrEP Has Died At 44

Dr Mags Portman, a hero of the LGBT and HIV community, leaves behind a husband, two children, and a legacy: getting PrEP into the hands of those who need it.

Patrick Strudwick • 2 months ago

This Rule Is Stopping Sexual Assault Victims Getting Compensation. But One Survivor Is Fighting Back.

"A blanket, black-and-white rule, inflicted so insensitively, can have such a brutal effect,” a victim told BuzzFeed News.

Patrick Strudwick • 2 months ago

The Drug GHB Is Killing Gay Men. This Survey Will Help Uncover The Scale Of The Problem.

For a new documentary about GHB, BuzzFeed News and Channel 4 are asking gay and bisexual men to take this short survey, in confidence.

Patrick Strudwick • 3 months ago

The Government Has Admitted It Doesn't Know How Many Intersex Children Are Being Operated On

"Young people must be afforded the basic human right to decide autonomously on how they would like their body to feel and function."

Patrick Strudwick • 3 months ago

This Woman Only Discovered She Was Intersex After Watching A Viral Video About It

“My life could have been 100% different if one person would have told me the truth,” Irene Kuzemko told BuzzFeed News.

Patrick Strudwick • 3 months ago

These Women Are Making The Feminist Case For Trans Rights

The fight over transgender rights has ignored a key group: pro-trans feminists. Here, leading feminist thinkers told BuzzFeed News why feminism should include trans people.

Patrick Strudwick • 4 months ago

This Man Became HIV-Positive Aged 16 When He Lost His Virginity. So He Wrote A Play About It.

Fifteen years after becoming HIV-positive, Nathaniel Hall will be performing his story onstage. “I’ve got to do this, to break through the shame,” he told BuzzFeed News.

Patrick Strudwick • 5 months ago

The Government Will Launch A Consultation Into How Intersex People Are Treated

Exclusive: “A child needs to be able to live happily and safely and not subject to sterilisations, sex assignments and other harmful practices,” IntersexUK told BuzzFeed News.

Patrick Strudwick • 5 months ago

The NHS Refused To Give This Man The HIV Prevention Drug. Then He Got HIV.

“When they asked how I was feeling, I said, ‘Am I going to die?’”

Patrick Strudwick • 5 months ago

Chemsex Is Causing A Surge In New Crimes. Meet The Man Trying To Stop It.

Alarmed by chemsex rapes and murders, the prison and probation service decided to act. “We hear some of the most disturbing stories you can imagine,” Stephen Morris told BuzzFeed News.

Patrick Strudwick • 5 months ago

This Travel Journalist Tried Chemsex And Ended Up A Kingpin Drug Dealer

Exclusive: Cameron Yorke had a respectable job but ended up a major drug dealer – before losing everything. "It was a roller coaster I couldn't get off," he tells BuzzFeed News.

Patrick Strudwick • 6 months ago

This Former Police Chief Has Revealed His Ex-Boyfriend Died From The Chemsex Drug GHB

Five years after his ex died, Brian Paddick is breaking his silence to warn others about the dangers of GHB. “I should apologise to him for not doing something earlier.”

Patrick Strudwick • 6 months ago

This Is What Could Happen To People With HIV If There’s A No-Deal Brexit

The supply of drugs, access to new treatments, and staffing levels at clinics could all be affected, warn experts. “This is a basic public health issue,” said Stephen Doughty MP.

Patrick Strudwick • 7 months ago

This Trans-Critical Organisation That Provides Material For Schools Has Withdrawn Its Stickers And Apologised

"We are sorry, we made a mistake," said Transgender Trend, after BuzzFeed News reported that it had produced downloadable stickers for parents.

Patrick Strudwick • 7 months ago

A Leading Trans-Critical Group Said Schools Should Out Trans Pupils To Their Parents

After launching a new sticker campaign, Stephanie Davies-Arai from Transgender Trend told BuzzFeed News that schools have a duty to tell parents if their child is trans.

Patrick Strudwick • 7 months ago