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Thousands Of Gay Men Asked This Chemsex Adviser For Help On Grindr With Their Drug Problems. The App Blocked Him.

“This is the biggest tragedy happening in the gay community since the years of AIDS,” Ignacio Labayen de Inza told BuzzFeed News.

Patrick Strudwick One month ago

A Trans Man Who Gave Birth And Then Sued To Be Recognised As The Father Has Lost His Case

In an exclusive interview, Freddy McConnell, a trans man who has lost his legal case to be named as the father, not mother, on his baby's birth certificate told BuzzFeed News: “I will carry on fighting. This slams the brakes on progress in a way that should scare people."

Patrick Strudwick One month ago

Dozens Of Men Say They Have Been Raped Through The Drug GHB Being Mixed With Lubricant

Along with drinks being spiked with GHB and GBL, predators are now mixing them into lubricant, a probation official has told BuzzFeed News, as victims speak out.

Patrick Strudwick 2 months ago

This Man Found His Husband Dead In A London Park And Is Fighting To Learn The Truth About What Happened

Ashley Chaplin's discovery turned into a mystery. Here, he tells BuzzFeed News of the questions still remaining and asks whether the police understand what was really happening.

Patrick Strudwick 2 months ago

Companies Are Selling A Date Rape Drug As A Cleaning Product On Facebook

Exclusive: Websites selling GBL are offering “cash on delivery” payment options, untraceable transactions, and the destruction of shipping details after purchase.

Patrick Strudwick 2 months ago

Thousands Of Men Have Spoken Out About Being Spiked And Sexually Assaulted With The Sex Drug G

A major investigation by BuzzFeed News and Channel 4’s Dispatches, has revealed the hidden epidemic of sexual violence, overdose, and death caused by G.

Patrick Strudwick 2 months ago

A Major Gym "Lied" About Using Undercover Cops In The Men's Locker Room

"It's disgraceful that they lied, and undermines any reassurance they have given as being supportive of the LGBT community," a member of the gym told BuzzFeed News.

Patrick Strudwick 2 months ago

The Guardian Newspaper Has Lost Two Trans Employees Over Its Reporting On Trans Issues

“It suddenly became real,” one trans staff member told BuzzFeed News. “I’m entering this building with people who are denying my humanity.”

Patrick Strudwick 3 months ago

A Trans Father Has Lost His Fight To Protect His Identity

In an exclusive interview with BuzzFeed News, the man at the centre of the case spoke of his concerns over his anonymity being removed: "My priority is to keep my child safe."

Patrick Strudwick 3 months ago

The UK Parliament Has Approved Same-Sex Marriage In Northern Ireland

LGBT campaigners called the decision by Parliament an "end to second-class citizenship".

Patrick Strudwick 4 months ago

The Most Powerful Woman In The European LGBT Movement Is Quitting. This Is The Story Of Her Fight.

In an exclusive interview with BuzzFeed News, Ruth Hunt speaks out about politicians, the press, the BBC, and how her past made her stand up to the anti-trans lobby.

Patrick Strudwick 4 months ago

This Man Spent 25 Years Fighting Newspapers Over Their Anti-Gay Reporting And Finally Won

Terry Sanderson charted media slurs against LGBT people from the 1980s onwards. He told BuzzFeed News how he won the first-ever ruling against the press for its anti-gay coverage.

Patrick Strudwick 5 months ago

A Businessman Was Murdered With The Chemsex Drug GHB, A Court Has Heard

Gerard Matovu denies killing Eric Michels with GHB during a 19-month robbery campaign targeting gay men.

Patrick Strudwick 5 months ago

The Editor Of The Times Of London Has Denied It Is Transphobic

Presented at an employment tribunal with examples of its articles about transgender people, John Witherow said: "There is not any trans bias".

Patrick Strudwick 5 months ago

The Times Newspaper Is Being Sued For Anti-Trans Discrimination By A Former Editor

If successful, Katherine O'Donnell's case could have far-reaching consequences for how the British media covers transgender people and other minority groups.

Patrick Strudwick 6 months ago

Campaigners And MPs Are Furious That The Government Won't Ensure All Pupils Receive Lessons On LGBT Relationships

More than 50 Labour MPs and peers had written to the education secretary saying the lessons were "critical to protecting children who may be in abusive homes".

Hannah Al-Othman 7 months ago

These Instagram Messages Led To A Billboard Magazine Editor Being Accused Of Sexual Harassment

"He was trying to leverage his role as an editor at a massive magazine, to get himself off that night," Nik Thakkar told BuzzFeed News. "It’s manipulation. It’s orchestrated.”

Patrick Strudwick 7 months ago

Censored: How Facebook Stopped A Whistleblower Exposing A Racist, Anti-Gay Rant

Exclusive: The audio clip was supposed to expose hate speech, but Facebook had other ideas. "No one wants to make a stand," the whistleblower told BuzzFeed News.

Patrick Strudwick 8 months ago

After An Anti-Trans Backlash, The Lottery Fund Will Give A Grant To A Charity For Trans Kids

Mermaids UK will receive £500,000 funding, following a review of the decision sparked by anti-trans campaigners.

Patrick Strudwick 8 months ago

A Leading Author Has Condemned Amazon For Selling Gay "Cure" Books

Exclusive: Damian Barr told BuzzFeed News that the bookselling website is "promoting self-harm" and profiting from hate.

Patrick Strudwick 9 months ago