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    Posted on Apr 1, 2016

    18 Hilarious Things That Anyone Who Was Broke AF In College Did

    "How to get a college kid to do anything: Free T-shirts."

    1. When sleep takes the place of a meal:

    2. When the funds get low and you guilt-trip your way into your loved ones' pockets:

    3. When you basically realize you get paid in free swag:

    4. When a fun vacation goes from 100 to 0 real quick:

    5. When you feel it's your duty to spread the word of any deals to your fellow broke college students:

    6. And when you'll do whatever it takes to get that deal:

    7. When your parents save your life with a simple text:

    8. When you go through great lengths to save money:

    9. When you'd rather be killed than pay somebody back:

    being broke in college in a nutshell

    10. When you really start to think about those informercials that pop up in between your TV shows:

    11. When you realize how petty FAFSA can be:


    13. And when you find a way to finesse some more money out of FAFSA:

    14. When being broke makes you the most creative you've ever been:

    15. When you notice that college is a pretty inexpensive diet program:

    16. When you appreciate any and all forms of currency:

    17. When you start to utilize all your resources to make money:

    18. When you really identified with your toilet paper struggles:

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