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This Mom Left Her Car Window Open And A Bunch Of Cats Got Inside And The Video Is CHAOS

"I have never laughed so hard in my life. It was one of those random, once-in-a-lifetime things."

Brianna Sacks One day ago

This Mom's Family Was Torn Apart After She Lost Everything In Hurricane Dorian

"They are trying to make us suffer so we will leave."

Brianna Sacks 4 days ago

Trump's False Claims About Hurricane Dorian Created A Shitstorm For Weather Service Employees

"These are getting very personal," one National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration employee emailed staff about a barrage of angry emails.

Brianna Sacks 6 days ago

A White Man Allegedly Threw Battery Acid On A Latino Man's Face And Told Him To Go Back To His Country

Mahud Villalaz is still recovering from his extensive injuries after an attacker called him an "illegal" and threw acid on him outside a restaurant. Villalaz is a US citizen.

Brianna Sacks 7 days ago

The White Supremacist Charged With Plotting To Blow Up A Colorado Temple Documented His Racist Activities On Facebook For Years

Before he surfaced in Colorado, Richard Holzer posted a Facebook video of himself urinating on a California synagogue, drawing the attention of law enforcement.

Brianna Sacks 8 days ago

A White Supremacist Was Arrested For Allegedly Planning To Blow Up A Synagogue

Richard Holzer also claimed he had poisoned the congregation's water with arsenic last year, the FBI said.

Amber Jamieson 9 days ago
Brianna Sacks 10 days ago

The Grandfather Of The Toddler Who Fell To Her Death From A Cruise Ship Window Has Been Charged

Chloe Wiegand died in July after falling from an 11th story window of a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

Brianna Sacks 16 days ago

Animal Rescuers Are Still Finding Dozens Of Pets Left Abandoned By Hurricane Dorian

“It’s human life versus animal life and I understand that, but now that the human life is at least safe, it’s time to really go in and go ahead and help these guys."

Brianna Sacks 16 days ago

A Black Security Guard Was Fired For Telling A Student Not To Call Him The N-Word

Last week, Marlon Anderson told a disruptive student not to call him the n-word, then was fired due to the school district's zero-tolerance policy.

Brianna Sacks 24 days ago

Trump Was Surprised People Thought It Was Shady To Host The G7 At His Own Resort

“At the end of the day, he still considers himself to be in the hospitality business,” acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said.

Brianna Sacks 24 days ago

A Very Big Dog Named Floyd Had To Be Rescued On A Hike And The Photos Are Amazing

He handled the situation like a champ, injured paws and all.

Brianna Sacks 29 days ago

The Fort Worth Cop Who Fatally Shot A Black Woman In Her Own Home Has Resigned

The officer, Aaron Dean, has not been cooperative with the investigation, police said.

Tasneem Nashrulla One month ago

At Least Two People Are Dead And Thousands Have Fled Their Homes In The Southern California Wildfires

"It's like you look up and all the sudden fire is everywhere. But we all help each other, we are all human, that is what is important."

Brianna Sacks One month ago

A Group Of Students Burned A Latina Author's Book Because They Felt Attacked For Being White

Jennine Capó Crucet spoke about "white privilege" at Georgia Southern University. The first-year student audience said she attacked them for being white and privileged.

Brianna Sacks One month ago

Joshua Brown, A Key Witness In A Dallas Ex-Cop's Murder Trial, Was Killed When A Drug Deal Went Bad, Police Said

Police said Joshua Brown's death had nothing to do with his role in the trial of an ex-cop who murdered her unarmed neighbor, Botham Jean, in his own apartment.

Brianna Sacks One month ago

A Neighbor Who Delivered Key Testimony In Amber Guyger's Murder Trial Was Shot And Killed

Joshua Brown was killed two days after a jury sentenced the former Dallas police officer to 10 years in prison for killing Botham Jean in 2018.

Brianna Sacks One month ago

Four People Were Killed And Five Others Injured In A Shooting At A Kansas City Bar

Police have arrested one suspect and are searching for one more. The victims were all Latino, but authorities say they do not believe it "was racially motivated."

Brianna Sacks One month ago

A 21-Year-Old Man Overslept For Jury Duty So A Judge Sent Him To Jail For 10 Days

"I had to tell myself, I am not a criminal," Deandre Somerville said. "Those 10 days were long and traumatic days."

Brianna Sacks One month ago

The Bahamas Is Using Hurricane Dorian To Push Out Haitian Immigrants, Critics Say

"This storm is looking like the opportunity that the government wanted or needed to be able to finally rid themselves of Haitians amongst us and the shanty towns."

Brianna Sacks One month ago