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J.K. Rowling Trolled The Scottish Resistance After Their April Fools' Joke About Her

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On April Fools' Day, notorious pro-independence pressure group the Scottish Resistance posted this on their Facebook page.


The Resistance – who have previously protested against "traitorous" Tunnock's teacakes and have attempted to have David Cameron arrested for war crimes at their local police station – joked that J.K. Rowling, a prominent supporter of the union between Scotland and the rest of the UK, had joined their ranks.

Alongside a crude photoshop of Rowling wearing a Resistance T-shirt, the group's leader, James Scott, wrote: "BREAKING NEWS: JK Rowling has joined the Scottish Resistance and has started her new book THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF WESTMONSTER."

BuzzFeed News immediately told Rowling about the joke and she said it had "made her day".

@JamieRoss7 @ExcelPope That's made my day.

Then moments later she trolled the Resistance by posting this selfie revealing herself to be the proud owner of one of their stylish uniforms.

@JamieRoss7 @ExcelPope They needn't have used photoshop, though.

Asked what he thought about the selfie, Resistance leader Scott told BuzzFeed News that Rowling "looks good in a Scottish Resistance T-shirt" and added: "If JK Rowling is against racists and bigots and wants to see all the nations free she is welcome to join."

Rowling is yet to formally join the Resistance, but has thanked Scott for his compliment after he repeated it on Twitter.

@MrSPECTRUM7 @JamieRoss7 @ExcelPope Thanks James!

Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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