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March 1, 2015

To find a better life for their family, my grandparents escaped the only life they knew. But on the long, difficult journey, a family secret came to light, changing my mother's life forever.

"Your virtual war on us will cause a real war on you."

Possibly more important than your blood type.

Jakia Jones died on Sunday, and her cousins, Dionanna and Dejah Bishop, died on Friday. An 8-year-old boy remains in the hospital in critical condition.

Your first month as a college student is bloody exciting. Well it wears off pretty quickly, I must say.


Netflix marathon, meet rib-eating marathon.

A love story for the ages.

Thomas Allen Jr., 34, died Sunday after he was shot by a police officer on Saturday in Wellston, Missouri, according to reports. Officials said Allen tried to drive away from a traffic stop while the officer was partially inside the vehicle.

¡Tengo que hacerlos todos!

Just say you want the whole cookie. Then eat it.

Artist Molly Soda and poet @sosadtoday team up to read you your "permascopes".

TMJ, dude.

You got so drunk that you started cutting a pineapple and yelling "Spongebob I know you're in there!"

Everyone wants to be black until it's time to be black.

Smith's latest film, Focus, could not have opened at an estimated $19.1 million without its main star, but it still ranks as one of Smith's lowest debut weekends.

Please no Krabby Patties in the theater.

Some people "like" cats and then there are some who LIKE cats.

For charity!

In an exclusive interview with the Dallas Morning News, Nina Pham claims that the Dallas hospital where she contracted the virus failed to provide her with a safe work environment.

They're stunning. BuzzFeed News talked to some of the casual photographers who shot them.

Happy Birthday Jensen!

And no questions meant to "divide on religious grounds." The radio show host, who will be a part of CNN's debate, says foreign policy should come first in an interview with radio host Aaron Klein.

You can’t unsee it!

As told by the ever amusing Indian Twitterati.

::Remembers puka necklace, bows head in shame::

Talking to people is hard, guys!

School: Reblog if you cried.

Just glowin’ with the flow.

Documents obtained by BuzzFeed News show the SNP leadership is going to require strict loyalty from its Westminster MPs in advance of potential coalition negotiations. The party is also going to break with tradition and introduce all-women shortlists.

The arrests suggest police are continuing to aggressively prosecute charges of homosexuality despite embarrassing acquittals in a high-profile case in January.

The Underwoods would not approve.

The Assyrians were released after an order from an ISIS Sharia court.

Colleen Green's "Deeper Than Love" is so accurate in describing what it's like to feel insecure and terrified of intimacy that it's kinda terrifying.

PM uncle, we hope you're listening.

The actress said she "stuck her foot in her mouth once again."

What a good sport.

The city said in a response to a lawsuit the 12-year-old shot dead by a police officer while holding a toy gun did not "exercise due care to avoid injury" in the incident.

Termina tu día con una hamburguesa con aguacate.

There's not as much order to "Phoenix" as J.K Rowling would have you believe.

America strips down to its skivvies.

"It is time the prime minister listened to us before he wrecks our strategic interests with our closest ally. Nothing good for Israel can come from humiliating the U.S. president."

Your next car is going to be something incredible.

Sometimes leftovers are even better than the original.

Step one: Download these templates. Step two: Go get that job!

Living with kids is dirty business.

The headteacher of the Hertfordshire school didn't think it was appropriate.

Hang in there.

Going outside is totally overrated. Stay in and make stuff instead!

"Heroes never die," read some of the banners at the march in memory of Boris Nemtsov.

It's all about livin' life to the FULLEST. Happy National Pig Day!

Brow down.

Realistic advice that works for real people, from real people. No more crash diets and get-ripped-quick schemes.

Set phasers to precious.

You had me at, "In a galaxy far, far away."

I'll stick to the regular earth kind, thanks.

A las llamas no les gusta el drama.


"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." So, how in shape are you?

He's living the geek dream.

The 1% has never looked so cute.

Instead of a cemetery, you could visit a memorial forest.

Schon am zweiten Tag des Monats gedrosselt.

"Just saw the most unfunny SNL piece of all time."


In a pair of tweets, West revealed the new album will be called So Help Me God.

Autumn arrives with a monster storm.

"4,400 words of sizzling human on gay dress action."

A man of many emotions

Since the writers don't seem to mind killing off our favorite characters already.

Good things come in threes, but good girl groups come in fives!

At least 11 people were reportedly injured in the massive pileup along Interstate 44 Saturday afternoon, involving several cars and big-rigs on the snowy road. The highway was expected to remain closed for hours.

No, really. It sucks.

"Journalism Is Not Advocacy" apparently.

Power to the people! Warning: This post contains racist language.

Waterfalls, white sand beaches, and sunshine. Who'd want that?

Happy birthday to the pop star, icon, life coach.

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