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17 Reasons We Should All Live By Kesha's Wisdom

Happy birthday to the pop star, icon, life coach.

1. She knows how to handle haters.

2. And refuses to let them bring her down.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

3. She isn't limited by anyone else's expectations.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images


4. And knows she isn't defined by how she spends her nights.

Larry Marano / Getty Images


5. She refuses to keep quiet.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images


6. She rejects gender normativity.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images


7. She celebrates individuality.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images


8. She has no time for anyone telling her what she can't do.

Isaac Brekkin / Getty Images


9. She is a voice of candidness, support, and hope for people living with eating disorders.

10. And she knows speaking honestly about your struggle isn't a sign of weakness.

Noam Galai / Getty Images


11. She also knows true love is found in cats.

12. And, rightfully, doesn't trust anyone who disagrees.

13. She has her priorities in order.

Michael Kovac / Getty Images


14. She owns her sexuality.

15. She understands it doesn't matter where you are, but who you're with.

Brad Barket / Getty Images / BuzzFeed


16. She is herself, through and through.

17. And encourages everyone to do the same.


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