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    Brands Are Tweeting The Lamest Things About "House Of Cards"

    The Underwoods would not approve.

    Unless you live under a rock, you probably know this weekend Season 3 of House of Cards was released on Netflix. / Via Giphy

    And so, some of the biggest brands on Twitter are getting in on the action with some ~timely~ House of Cards tweets.

    However, as Twitter user Jason Sparks pointed out, some of their attempts are pretty lame.

    This one from KFC drew tens of groans across the Twittersphere.

    Power hungry? Grab some KFC and enjoy the new season.

    Everyone knows Frank is a ribs man. / Via Giphy

    We're sure dozens of people half-smiled at this one.

    Even if your conscience isn’t clean, your clothes should be. #GetsItOut

    How dare you compare Claire Underwood to a cup.

    Frank Underwood has his Claire. You have your Chalice. #HouseofCards #PerfectPairings

    This is actually kind of funny.

    To be Frank, you're going to need us this weekend. #HouseofCards

    For those times you're watching TV and want to be reminded of the toilet.

    Cleaning house to get to the Oval Office: ✔️


    Welcome back, Frank. See you in 10 hours, Twitter. #HouseOfCards #bingewatching #GoCommando

    The Underwoods are done with you all.

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