Aggie Lal is under fire after netting nearly $200,000 from an "exclusive" program that people say was highly disappointing. Some students defended Lal, who said she is offering "anyone who felt disappointed in the whole situation a full refund."

Stephanie McNeal • One day ago

“I could not believe I was getting spam emails to track my dead child’s credit.”

Stephanie McNeal • 2 days ago

"Mike Pence’s body language is like when you went over to your friend’s house and their parents started fighting."

Stephanie McNeal • 3 days ago

Me in any social situation.

Stephanie McNeal • 8 days ago

"It's not you, it's me."

Stephanie McNeal • 8 days ago

Someone even got arrested!

Stephanie McNeal • 9 days ago

"This isn’t a red herring, it’s a sign society is going to the dogs. Thanks for tackling the elephant in the room."

Stephanie McNeal • 9 days ago

Jacquelyn Smith’s murder caught the attention of Oprah, who tweeted, “this story struck my heart.”

Stephanie McNeal • 10 days ago

"Just fixin' my melon!"

Stephanie McNeal • 11 days ago

“I think they look fantastic. ... In real life, they look even more beautiful.”

Stephanie McNeal • 16 days ago

Welcome to perhaps the most important Twitter debate of 2018.

Stephanie McNeal • 17 days ago

“Thank you for sharing your voice with the world.”

Stephanie McNeal • 23 days ago

"His photos never got as many likes. Never got as many comments. From a statistical point of view, he wasn't as popular with everyone out there."

Stephanie McNeal • 25 days ago

"I don't see enough color. And I didn't see enough color when I walked in the room today."

Stephanie McNeal • 25 days ago

The team's head coach and Rice herself have denied the rumor.

Stephanie McNeal • 26 days ago

"That dog is gonna be in aviators and a convertible by Thanksgiving."

Stephanie McNeal • 26 days ago

Unfortunately, the shrine’s viral fame led to its demise.

Stephanie McNeal • 28 days ago

The Florida resident and Mar-a-Lago member claims she was a close personal friend of Princess Diana and has no political experience.

Stephanie McNeal • 29 days ago

“When else are you going to be able to summon kittens for your pleasure, and make a donation to a great organization?”

Stephanie McNeal • One month ago

Talk about stunners.

Julia Reinstein • One month ago