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Influencers Are Celebrating Christmas Way Too Early This Year

This week's newsletter: The ever-shortening time between Halloween and Christmas, and what I learned from having a front-row seat at a behind-the-scenes Instagram photo shoot.

Tanya Chen 5 days ago

How These Small-Time Christian Influencers Became A Viral TikTok Meme About Purity Culture

Girl Defined, a pair of Christian sisters with a relatively small following on YouTube, are being mocked for their views on sexuality and dating.

Stephanie McNeal 7 days ago

LuLaRoe Is Firing All 167 Employees At Its Warehouse After Years Of Legal Drama

The employees in Corona, California, will be laid off five days before Christmas and the warehouse will be closed.

Stephanie McNeal 15 days ago

Why Are So Many Influencers Suddenly Selling Beautycounter?

I am starting to wonder why all my favorite bloggers are joining this MLM, plus Megan Skalla dishes on her perfectly Instagrammable wedding, in this week's newsletter.

Stephanie McNeal 19 days ago

This Mom Thought She Saw A Terrifying "Ghost Baby" In Bed With Her Son But The Truth Is Hilarious

What would you do if you saw this on your toddler's baby monitor?

Stephanie McNeal 22 days ago

The FTC Said Sunday Riley Faked Sephora Reviews For Almost Two Years To Boost Sales

Under an agreement with federal regulators, the skincare brand has promised to not write fake reviews after an investigation was launched based on a whistleblower’s Reddit post.

Stephanie McNeal 22 days ago

Cole Carrigan's Video About Austin McBroom Shows That YouTube Culture Is Out Of Control

In this week's Please Like Me newsletter, YouTube is silent while one vlogger accuses another of serious crimes, and people need to stop picking on women who love fall.

Stephanie McNeal 26 days ago

Caroline Calloway Has A Message For Her Haters

In this week's newsletter: a fitness guru under fire for hiring a team of coaches who all look...well, like her, and outtakes from the Caroline Calloway profile.

Tanya Chen One month ago

Caroline Calloway Wants To Talk About Why You Love To Hate Her

Caroline Calloway gets real about how our culture devalues the work of women, why people hate influencers so much, and why people are so obsessed with hating her.

Stephanie McNeal One month ago

The Next "Bachelor" Has Been Announced And Fans Are Very Upset

"ABC would rather cast Sean Spicer than have a black Bachelor."

Stephanie McNeal One month ago

Pete Buttigieg Told His Coming-Out Story During The Democratic Debate

"This would have been unfathomable just a few years ago."

Stephanie McNeal 2 months ago

22 Tweets That Sum Up The Petty Nature Of The Democratic Debate

"Barack is probably at home reading scripts with the TV on mute."

Stephanie McNeal 2 months ago

Who Is Caroline Calloway And Why Is Everyone Talking About Her? Let Us Explain.

Love her or hate her, no one can stop talking about her.

Stephanie McNeal 2 months ago

Millie Bobby Brown Has Confused A Lot Of People With This Instagram Video Of Her Skincare Routine

The teen has since apologized for "replicating her personal process" instead of doing a full video.

Stephanie McNeal 2 months ago

Kids YouTube Channel Ryan ToysReview Has Been Slapped With An FTC Complaint

Ryan and his parents have been slapped with a complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission over his sponsored content.

Stephanie McNeal 2 months ago
Stephanie McNeal 2 months ago

A Group Of Ohio Boys Allegedly Fed Their Teachers Urine And Semen

A lawyer for four of the boys is blaming the incident on "YouTube flu."

Stephanie McNeal 2 months ago
Stephanie McNeal 2 months ago

The Fitness Influencer Behind Blogilates Is Speaking Out After Critics Accused Her Of Going Too Far With Her Weight Loss Plan

“Weight loss and body positivity can go hand and hand, as long as you love your body and are grateful for your body every step of the way."

Stephanie McNeal 2 months ago

The Hosts Of The Popular Podcast "Crime Junkie" Are Accused Of Quietly Deleting Episodes Over Plagiarism

Multiple episodes of the podcast have vanished after fellow podcasters and a former journalist accused the hosts of ripping off their work without credit.

Stephanie McNeal 2 months ago