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    Australia's Summer Turned To Autumn In About 30 Seconds

    Autumn arrives with a monster storm.

    Today is the first day of autumn, and in Sydney the seasons changed in real time at 3:45pm.

    On a ferry and barely outrunning what looks like will be a massive storm. #sydney


    Summer has ended! Storm brewing, then down came the rain #storm #sydneystorm

    A massive storm rolled in...

    3.30pm. Shelf cloud over Maroubra as the storm front hits Sydney. #sydneystorm #Sydney #Australia #iPhone6 @smh

    It was pretty intense.

    Remember Independence Day? #sydneystorm #sydstorm

    The storm front moved in from the south.

    Roll cloud rolling across Botany Bay marks a strong gusty cool change! #SydneyStorms

    And all the way up the Northern Beaches.

    Planes were diverted.

    #storm front attempt to land #Sydney #airport ..captain diverted at 100@ft - safely on ground pheww

    Cricket was cancelled.

    Gnarly storm about to hit Bronte #sydneystorm

    Beaches were cleared.

    Wild weather hitting Sydney now #Tamarama

    Like totally closed.

    Coogee beach is closed as storm hits #sydneystorm #sydney #coogee @PeterRaeSMH @smh

    But not before the obligatory storm selfies.

    Storm front at Coogee #sydneystorm

    The blue skies of summer were blanketed in grey.

    Sydney Coastal Walk being swallowed up in gale force grey right now


    Panorama of the storm. Epic storm clouds rolling in from the south to Sydney. #Sydneystorm #nofilter #ilovesydney