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March 1, 2016

This Is What Happens When A Dog Licks Your Face

If you love when a dog licks your face, you may not want to continue any further.

9 Personas hablan sobre sus experiencias al salir del clóset

Hombres y mujeres nos contaron sus historias y compartieron sus consejos.

These People And Their Pets Met With A Pet Psychic For The First Time And It Blew Their Minds

"I hear an animal the way I hear anyone I'm having a conversation with."

South Dakota Governor Vetoes Anti-Transgender Student Restroom Bill

The bill would have made Dennis Daugaard's state the first in the U.S. to ban transgender students from using school restrooms that correspond with their gender identity.

21 Cosas que entenderás si estás saliendo con un chef

Tienes una cantidad enfermiza de utensilios de cocina.

The Girl Who Went Out & Didn't Post A Picture

“I thought she was dead.”

A Teacher Is Inspiring Her Students Before Standardized Testing In The Best Way

"These tests do not define you. There are many ways of being smart."

Clinton Hires SEIU Veteran As Director Of Hispanic Paid Media

Sylvia Ruiz will coordinate the Hillary Clinton campaign’s national Latino paid media efforts.

The Surprising, Groundbreaking Lead Character In "Zootopia"

Judy Hopps is the hero your daughter has been waiting for.

9 Dope Sneakers To Buy This Month

Time to hit the Coinstar, fam.

How The "IDK Not Trump Tho" Campaign Sign Ended Up All Over The Internet

Dave Ross, an L.A.-based comedian, came up with the idea as a joke because "it would be so insane" if Trump became president.

A Lot Of People Are Getting Sick On The New Harry Potter Ride

Is there anything in Advanced Potion Making that cures motion sickness?

This Woman's Facebook Post Is Going Viral After Her Wife Was Killed In A Car Accident

"I had to ask policemen if I was allowed to write 'spouse' on incident reports."

El 'Super Tuesday' explicado para los que no son estadounidenses

¿Qué es el 'Super Tuesday' y por qué debería importarnos?

“Super Predator” Comment Creates Another Tense Moment For Hillary Clinton On The Trail

A young woman confronted Clinton on the issue of her 1996 comments on gang members in Minnesota on Tuesday as she campaigned in the Super Tuesday state. "Well, you know what? You haven’t looked at the whole thing."

Fotos de hombres con gatos que harán explotar tu corazón

El fotógrafo David Williams les hace un homenaje a los hombres con sus gatos en estos impactantes retratos llenos de amor y pelusas.

Can You Guess Which Region This Canadian Slang Is From?

Where y’ longs to? This quiz will test ya.

12 People Reveal What It's Like To Have Resting Bitch Face

"People need to stop telling me to smile more." All confessions courtesy of Whisper.

18 Crímenes contra el maquillaje cometidos en los años 2000

Mucho brillo labial y muy pocas cejas.

A Senate Report Says The Canada Food Guide Is Useless And Harmful

The obesity study pushes for major changes to how food is made, taxed and labelled in Canada.

Look At This 18-Metre Dick Erected In Sydney

It's on, and that's not on.

12 ovos de Páscoa que você deveria ter parcelado desde o Natal

Mas toda Páscoa é esse assalto?!? O ranking foi calculado dividindo o preço pelos gramas do ovo.

13 Razones por las que Jaime Lannister y Luke Skywalker son básicamente la misma persona

Es un espadachín incestuoso que perdió una mano y mató a su padre... ¿Quién es?

こんなところに魚が? 27の不思議な水槽たち




MLB Issues First-Ever Suspension For Domestic Violence Allegations

Yankees pitcher Aroldis Chapman was suspended for 30 games by MLB.

14 séries e filmes na Netflix para quem ama comida

Prepare a pipoquinha para não passar fome na frente da TV.

FBI Director Admits Password Mistake, But Insists Apple Should Comply

For the first time, Director James Comey acknowledged investigators made a mistake by resetting the Apple ID of one of the San Bernardino terrorists.

These Refugees Say The Police Are Systematically Beating Them

Refugees in the French port city of Calais claim authorities are engaging in systematic violence towards those trying to cross to the U.K. and excessive force while on patrol at the camp.

27 De los más fantásticos momentos de la historia

La historia favorece a los valientes.

Sexo é bom, mas...

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This Guy's Dog Was Killed By A Coyote So He Made A Crazy-Looking Vest To Protect Others

The idea is to literally make your dog look too crazy for a coyote to attack.

Trump And Clinton Own Super Tuesday With Victories From The South To Northeast

BuzzFeed News reporter Evan McMorris-Santoro is with Bernie Sanders in Vermont; Rosie Gray is with Ted Cruz in Texas; McKay Coppins is with Rubio in Florida; and Ruby Cramer is with Hillary Clinton.

18 coisas que todo paulistano gostaria de entender sobre SP

Como pode a linha de metrô estar funcionando e as estações do meio não estarem prontas?

Bernie Sanders Supporters, Including His Nephew, March In Central London To Vote

"For reasons that aren’t family reasons, the prospect of him being president is very exciting," his nephew told BuzzFeed News.

18 Men Who've Definitely Faked An Orgasm

"I've only had one orgasm during sex. I've faked all the other ones." From the secret-sharing site Whisper.

13 Questions To Start A Conversation With Literally Anyone

Important questions that need answers.

21 Imágenes que prueban que Sonora hace los mejores hot dogs del mundo

Los dogos sonorenses son el siguiente paso en la evolución de la comida rápida.

19 Struggles Of Being The Last Person Awake

Must be nice for the people who fall asleep easily.

Touch A Butt To Determine Your Dominant Personality Trait

Now here's a quiz you can get behind.

15 Deliciosos helados que debes de probar antes de morir

No te mueras sin haber comido estas irresistibles novedades.

17 Truths For Anyone Who Thinks Moving Is The Absolute Worst

Moving is definitely not for the weak.

23 Little Moments That Were So Gratifying To '90s Kids

Nothing like hearing the loud voice of Disney's "Coming Soon" guy to get you excited about the movie you were about to watch.

19 Things That Happen When Your Cousin Is Also Your Best Friend

"Nah we're not sisters, we're cousins."

Precisamos falar sobre Tom Hardy na cerimônia do Oscar 2016

Ele pode não ter ganhado um prêmio, mas certamente foi o destaque da noite.

19 face swaps tão ruins que acabaram ficando bons

Eu não sabia se ria ou chorava.

17 gatos fofinhos que farão você se convencer de que precisa de um bichinho desses

Como é possível que existam pessoas que NÃO gostam de gatos?

Essa mulher sobreviveu a queimaduras e se tornou uma maquiadora incrível

"Você deveria se amar de qualquer jeito — com ou sem maquiagem."

Mike Huckabee Hearts Donald Trump

How Donald Trump won over a former Baptist minister — and millions of people like him.

15 Celebs That Look Totally Normal Flipped Upside-Down

Such a minor change. Such a major nightmare.

Este joven busca crear conciencia sobre los peligros del cigarrillo electrónico

Marcus Forzani necesitará múltiples cirugías después de sufrir quemaduras de segundo y tercer grado en la mayor parte de la pierna izquierda. ADVERTENCIA: Algunas imágenes pueden ser perturbantes para los lectores.

A Man Got His Body Photoshopped In 18 Countries

Beauty standards around the world.

So, Peeps Milk Is A Thing That Exists

If you're into that, I guess.

28 pensamentos que todo mundo tem ao ver vídeos de comida no Facebook

"Sacanagem postarem isso bem nesse horário".

28 Photos That Show How Different America And Canada Are

Sharing a border, but not much else.

Another Round, Episode 44: Mommy's Side Piece

On this week's episode, Gene and Linda from Bob's Burgers (aka Eugene Mirman and John Roberts) grace us with a song. Plus: a short recap of the Oscars, Stacy's Career Corner tackles internships, and Tracy's plant is trying to kill her.

Estos son los 21 mejores estrenos de Netflix para marzo

Un mes más alimentando tu obsesión.

Two Beloved '90s Nickelodeon Shows Are Returning

The '90s have officially returned.

23 Cosas que encontrarás en todo restaurante hipster

Porque no es un restaurante cool sin unos ladrillos a la vista.

Court Denies Donald Trump’s Bid To Toss Trump University Fraud Lawsuit

A New York appeals court ruled that the 2013 lawsuit filed by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is "authorized to bring a cause of action for fraud."

These Abandoned Tanks Have Been Beautifully Painted Over

So this is what people mean by "the art of war."

We Asked Trans People To Share The Stories Of Their Names

"I took a name that was meant to shame me and used it to empower myself."

Britain's Top Civil Servant Baffled By Brexit MPs' Furious Reaction To EU Rules

"I don't think there's much to see here, to be honest," Sir Jeremy Heywood said.

Dear Tyra, Please Consider These Celebs As Potential "Top Model" Judges

These folks will make sure the smize endures forever.

This Woman Told Her Husband She's Pregnant In A Very Sweet Way

A red-eye flight home never felt so great.

Men Who Beat, Fatally Ran Over Black Man Ordered To Pay $840,000

The men were convicted of beating James Craig Anderson and then fatally running him over during a 2011 spree of racially-motivated assaults on black people in Jackson, Mississippi.

MPs Told Theresa May To Add A Privacy Section To The "Snooper's Charter", So She Changed A Heading

The home secretary says the new version of the investigatory powers bill addresses more than 120 concerns raised by MPs, but privacy groups have said the changes are "not even cosmetic".

This Food Test Will Determine If You’re Actually From Colorado

Do you have the balls to take this quiz? (Because the local bulls and sheep certainly don't.)

17 Cosas que los científicos forenses quieren que sepas

Buscar restos de semen en una cubeta de vómito es una tarea desagradecida.

Esta nevería en Guadalajara te hará agua la boca

El paraíso de los dulces picositos.

27 trucs (horribles) que tous les garçons ont porté dans les années 2000

Les t-shirts avec un col V très profond, ça paraissait une bonne idée à l'époque. À l'époque.

Buddy: A Stuffed Animal for Emotional Narrative

A fuzzy, squishy, pettable, purring friend for everyday life.

Osama Bin Laden Left Barely Any Of His $29 Million To His Family In His Will

A newly released trove of documents shows an ever-determined, but increasingly cautious terror group in the months leading up to the al Qaeda head's death.

KFC Fires Manager For Discriminating Against Transgender Woman

“We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind,” the company told BuzzFeed News.

Why I’ve Stopped Giving And Asking For Advice

As I grow older, I've become more comfortable saying "I don’t know."

Le Super Tuesday expliqué aux non-Américains

Qu'est-ce que c'est, ce «super mardi», et pourquoi devrait-on s'y intéresser?

17 Fotos que muestran las extrañas diferencias entre Argentina y México

Porque del Norte al Sur las cosas cambian mucho.

Scotland Could Be About To Get Its Own Flag Emoji

One step closer to independence?

Grover Helps Stephen Colbert Through An Existential Crisis In This Surprisingly Emotional Short Film

The auteur behind Being John Malkovich and Her, Spike Jonze, gives us a surreal and moving alternate opening to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Also, Muppets.

Things Around Your House You Can Sell For A Lot Of Money

Here's a bunch of stuff that you might think is junk, but that's actually worth tons.

Men Touch Breast Implants For The First Time

“This is like a balloon four days after the birthday party.”

This New Service Introduces Refugees To Their New Best Friends

"Let's Integrate" is aiming to connect Germans with the refugees who have settled into their communities.

23 Imágenes que lamentablemente los niños de hoy jamás verán

Por supuesto que no eran tiempos más sencillos.

All Tomorrow's Parties Took Out Loan Ahead Of Under-Threat Music Festivals

The music promotions company obtained a short-term loan shortly before concerns emerged over whether two festivals – including one curated by Stewart Lee – would be going ahead.

Why Is Anyone Still Doing Caucuses?

They have confusing rules, weird tie breakers, people can’t get off work to go to them (or may not have enough break time to stay), the ballots aren’t secret, and the turnout is terrible. Critics say it’s time for them to go — and even their backers say they need major changes.

Here’s What It’s Like To Return To Earth After A Year In Space

The hours and days after Scott Kelly detaches from the International Space Station will be super busy.

This Suicide Prevention App Might Actually Be Able To Save Lives

Scientists are raising money for clinical trials to show that it can.

Can You Pass This Geography Quiz?

Are you still an A-grade student?

En off, Trump avoue au New York Times ce qu'il pense réellement de l'immigration

Selon nos informations, le New York Times détient un enregistrement qui pourrait nuire à Donald Trump. Lors d'une conversation informelle avec des journalistes, le candidat aurait remis en question ses positions très radicales sur l'immigration.

22 Cool eBay Products All ‘00s Teens Need Right Now

Can anyone check what time it is on their ring watch?

What’s The Best Thing To Eat In Houston For Less Than $10?

The Space City knows how to make out-of-this-world food.

How Much Do You Really Know About Kesha?

Celebrate the pop star's 29th birthday by proving you're an Animal.

Este adorable cachorrito con frenos está causando furor en internet

En imágenes: Todos nuestros antiguos rostros de adolescentes con frenos.

21 Little Kitty Peets To Improve Your Day

Are you sad? Look at these little paws.

Wait Until You Hear Who Vanessa Williams Is Playing On A New TV Show

"I can't wait to jump into this fictional world of secrets, lies and ambition and rule the roost," Williams tells BuzzFeed News exclusively of starring in Satan’s Sisters, a scandalous peek behind the scenes at a female-fronted talk show.

Canada’s Highest-Ranking Aboriginal Minister Must Avoid Some Indigenous Issues

The conflict of interest screen means Jody Wilson-Raybould can't participate in issues involving First Nations that employ her husband's consulting firm.

Can You Beat The Harry Potter Quiz That Was On "Mastermind"?

This contestant managed to get full marks. Can you?

31 Things You Probably Didn't Know About "Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince"

Giant swings, work experience, and transfer tattoos.

14 Charts That Will Only Make Sense To British Students

Because going to the library means spending most of the time complaining about how much work you have.

18 imagens que ilustram as músicas melhor do que seus próprios clipes

Beyoncé em "Beleza dói". Todos os tuítes são da conta @MusicaEmImagem.

This Former Tory Cabinet Minister Won't Say Who Funded £18,000 Of Trips Through His Think Tank

Owen Paterson MP is under pressure to reveal the ultimate sources of funding for trips, accommodation, and hospitality he received from UK 2020, a think tank he chairs.

22 Urinale, in die Du pinkeln musst, bevor Du stirbst

Ob Du es glaubst oder nicht, die Aussicht beim pinkeln kann umwerfend sein.

8 странных сочетаний продуктов, которые удивительно вкусны вместе

Соленый огурчик с орео и кефир со скиттлз? Почему нет!

Here's Why This Educated, Liberal Couple Is Considering Voting For Donald Trump

"Yes, we could be like the good citizens who voted for a 'tameable' Hitler in 1933 to get things back on track. But the alternatives look worse," the couple wrote in a letter to the Financial Times.

Donald Trump Had No Idea What Overalls Were Until 2005

"I said, 'what the hell is that?' And they gave me a pair of things that they bought at some farm area."

Five Officers Could Face Charges For Man's Death In Custody

Sean Rigg died of a heart attack in Brixton police station in 2008 after being improperly restrained.

Podemos adivinar si tu novi@ vive contigo con solo tres preguntas

Descubre de una vez por todas si ya te amarraron.

Esta sobreviviente de quemaduras es la artista de maquillaje más increíble que hayas visto

"Debes amarte a ti mismo de cualquier manera; con o sin maquillaje."

Quel est votre prénom moche?

Plutôt Vagina ou Lucifer? Faites le test pour le savoir!

What's The Grossest Thing You've Ever Done For Your Partner?

True love is popping your loved one's spots.

17 Things People With Big Feet Will Never Understand

"One size fits all", except your size.

Este perro disecado se parece mogollón a Adam Driver

Es el mejor perro de disecado EVER.

How Much Of A Twentysomething Grandma Are You Actually?

Are you into going out or is a cup of tea more your...cup of tea.

Can You Figure Out The Theme Of This Mini Crossword?

And honk if you've ever seen 7-Across 5-Across

Você é um guerreiro das comidas de rua?

Pelo menos uma vez na sua vida você precisa experimentar uma dessas iguarias que são a verdadeira alta gastronomia.

7 series clásicas españolas que se merecen un revival de Netflix

Si han podido con 'Padres forzosos' seguro que también pueden con 'Hermanos de leche'.

What's The Best "Harry Potter" Quote That's Missing From The Movies?

"There's no need to call me sir, Professor."

17 Productos que prueban que estás criando a tus hijos en el condenado futuro

Ni siquiera el Doctor Brown pudo haber soñado con esto.

Sex In The Movies Vs In Real Life

Gonorrhoea doesn't exist in the movies. (Warning: images of censored toon sex.)

31 veces que los animales de taxidermia fueron todos nosotros

¡La taxidermia es lo mejor que nos ha pasado!

This Woman With A Rare Disease Is Looking To Be Reunited With Her Lost Stuffed Cow

Hammy the Cow has been with her through 300 nights in the hospital, 30 surgeries, and 12 chemotherapy sessions.

This Is The Most Beautiful Cover Of The Pokemon Theme Song You'll Ever Hear

You're my best friend/In a world we must defend

A Ana Paula do BBB botou a Xuxa no horário nobre da Globo

E é claro que a Xu não perdeu tempo e aproveitou a propaganda gratuita.

32 imágenes que separan a Inglaterra de España

Ellos tienen el 'God save the Queen', pero nosotros tenemos el "¡Arriba la Esteban!".

This Is How Many Women Are Members Of Science Academies

Just 6% of members of the UK's Royal Society are women, putting us below Ghana and Palestine, according to a new report.

Trans Therapists Sign Open Letter To Mental Health Body Over Conversion Therapy

Dozens of psychotherapists have called on Britain's biggest professional body for therapists to acknowledge that trans people are subjected to attempts to "cure" them.

Diese Figuren haben die gleichen deutschen Stimmen und es wird Dich erschrecken

Chuck Norris = Benjamin Blümchen??!?!??!?!?!?!?!!

Today: Super Tuesday, The Refugee Crisis, And James Baldwin

It’s Super Tuesday. So far this year, at least 131,724 people have crossed into Greece fleeing war in the Middle East and elsewhere. And meet Wesley, a golden retriever who wears braces.

7 Brilliant Tips All College Kids Should Try This Week

Get over that mid-semester slump.

This Startup Wants To Help Keep Your Parents Out Of The Hospital

The on-demand senior care startup HomeHero is stepping away from the independent contractor model, and closer to the medical world.

17 WebMD Symptoms That Will Make You Question Everything

Noisy breathing + fits of rage = dying, right?

27 Backpacks For Actual Adults

Pack it up, pack it in.

How Observant Are You?

Good luck. You'll need it.

24 Things About Dumfries And Galloway That Will Seriously Surprise You

Human slingshots and a tropical climate: What's not to love?

10 Things The Exec Did That You Might Not Know About

Your student Exec have been working pretty hard for you over the years - here's 10 things they've introduced that you might not even have realised were them...

19 compliments qu'on se passerait bien de recevoir

Gardez vos faux compliments pour vous, merci.

18 pessoas que não têm como ser mais grossas

E tem gente que merece, viu.

Wie lautet Dein französischer Name?

Du hast schon einen? Mach das Quiz trotzdem!



Stacey Dash Has Responded To Her Awkward Oscars Moment By Reading Mean Tweets

"I'm very happy about what I did and I'm proud of it."

Your Tomato Soup Might Contain More Salt Than A Big Mac And Fries

Many shopping basket essentials are packed full of salt, a study by campaigning group CASH has revealed.

Les candidats à la présidentielle américaine citent Gandhi, mais se trompent

Trump, Sanders, Palin ou même Clinton l'ont utilisée. Mais Gandhi n'a jamais dit ça.

22 problemas para todas las chicas que sangran una vez al mes

El estado de alerta felina cuando tu regla se retrasa dos días.

21 Things You'll Understand If You're Dating A Chef

You have an insane amount of kitchenware.

60 idées de tatouages petits et mignons

Il sont tellement mignons qu'ils pourraient vous convaincre pour de bon.

19 Dinge, die Du nur verstehst, wenn Du eine Katze hast

Es ist ein Gesetz, dass Katzen nur auf Dir sitzen wollen, wenn Du eigentlich pinkeln musst.

Inspectors Find "Unacceptably Poor" Conditions At Immigration Centre

Detainees at Harmondsworth immigration removal centre in London were also being held for too long, according to a new report.

A Northern Irish MP Apparently Agreed With A Man Who Said "Get The Ethnics Out"

Sammy Wilson was caught on microphone while filming for a BBC Spotlight programme.

19 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Dating Someone Who Goes To The Gym

While they're at the gym for three hours you're in bed. Eating chips.

14 Reasons Everyone Needs To Celebrate St. David's Day

Everyone needs some cawl in their life.

Lena Dunham Apologises To Magazine After Accusing It Of Photoshopping Her

"Sorry to make you the problem, you cool Spanish magazine you. Time to get to the bottom of this in a bigger way."

On aurait aimé être aussi beau que ce chiot avec un appareil dentaire

On aurait aimé avoir cette classe avec nos appareils nous aussi.

These Are The Best British Press Photos From 2015

The UK Picture Editor's Guild Awards have announced their winners, picked from the nation's top photojournalists.

France, We Need To Talk About Cheek-Kissing Because It's Nightmarishly Awkward

In a bid to avoid embarrassment ahead of a trip to Paris, I asked my French colleagues to explain the culture around "la bise", or cheek-kissing. Turns out they're just as confused as I am.

18 échanges de visages sur Snapchat tout droit sortis de l'enfer

Le filtre «face swap» est une invention du diable.

What's Your German Name?

Because German names are the best names.

24 Geheimnisse, die Dir kein Mensch über Chemnitz erzählt

Nichts mit Karl-Marx-Kopf – VERSPROCHEN!

Lena Dunham denuncia el Photosop en la portada de una revista española

"Mi cuerpo NUNCA ha tenido ese aspecto y nunca lo tendrá".

Cet artiste trans se prend en photo pour pallier l'indifférence des médias

«Beaucoup de médias ne nous représentent pas réellement. Je voulais vraiment changer le prisme.»

Super Tuesday Explained For Non-Americans

What's a Super Tuesday, and why should we care?

18 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Capture India In February 2016

"The most Indian thing about the Coldplay video is the reaction."



We Visited Sydney's New Nutella Café To See What All The Fuss Is About

The man that brought Nutella doughnut milkshakes to the world is about to change your life again.

M·A·C 黒人のリップめぐるヘイト議論に4万コメント 「美は人種を超える」


13 Things That Happen When Your Friend Is Nine Months Pregnant

You every single morning: "Today's the day. I can feel it".

Erin Andrews Says ESPN Required Her To Do TV Interview About Nude Video

Andrews was brought to tears Monday in a Nashville courtroom. The sportscaster is suing a local hotel as well as the man who took the video for $75 million in damages.

Where The Hell Are Broken Hill's Water Quality Reports?

It's been two years since the town's water supplier, Essential Water, updated their water quality reports.



27 Things Every '00s Boy Wore That Are Now Embarrassing As Hell

Deep V neck t-shirts just seemed like a good idea at the time.



KKK Members Released After 3 People Stabbed At California Rally

Authorities said they released five Klansmen from custody Sunday after concluding they had acted in self-defense during a violent brawl with counter-protesters.

We Need To Know All Your Weird Questions About Drugs

Is there ice in caps? Can I get access to medicinal cannabis? That sort of thing...

Somehow I Went To The Oscars And This Is What It Was Like

This is the story about an average Jane (me) going to an event she shouldn't be at.

People Rate Latinos' Favorite Hot Sauces

"This one looks like throw up..."

In Clinton's Pitch To Voters, Sanders Fades From View

As Sanders ramps up his attacks on Clinton, she drops the sharp contrasts — and looks ahead to the general and a "proactive message," a campaign official says.

San Bernardino Survivor's Husband To Judge: Terrorist iPhone “Unlikely” To Hold Valuable Information

"This was a work phone. My wife also had an iPhone issued by the County and she did not use it for any personal communication," Salihin Kondoker wrote in a friend-of-the-court brief in Apple's legal dispute with the FBI.

Federal Judge In New York Sides With Apple Over Feds On Encryption

The government’s request to force Apple to extract data from an encrypted iPhone was denied, which the company says strengthens its case in San Bernardino.

What Questions Do You Have For "The Hills" Star Heidi Pratt?

She's stopping by BuzzFeed and nothing is off limits!

The Government's Starter Homes Are Not Affordable, Say Councils

The 200,000 homes, designed to be bought by first-time buyers under the age of 40, should not be classed as affordable housing, according to a survey of council leaders.

Some Amazon Prime Now Delivery Drivers Are Now Employees

Amazon Prime Now delivery drivers in California have been reclassified as employees following a lawsuit brought by workers at one of Amazon's shipping subcontractors.

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