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    Meryl Streep Turned Into Food Is The One Thing You Didn't Know You Needed

    The Devil Wears Pasta.

    The Instagram account Taste of Streep answers the age-old question: What would Meryl Streep look like merged with your favourite foods?

    And the answer is unsurprising: damn iconic.

    This is nacho typical Instagram account.

    This Bloody Meryl will cure an award-winning hangover.

    Do you know Meryl's favourite podcast?

    She's ABBAsolutely crazy for a sandwich.

    Here's Meryl starring in The Beer Hunter.

    And here she is starring in Poptarts from the Edge.

    I loved her in In-N-Out of Africa.

    While you're here you can get a taste of The Brie-dges of Madison County.

    Remember when there were Girl Scout Cookies at the Oscars? Well this 19-time Oscar nominee IS the cookie.

    BuzzFeed spoke to Samantha Raye, the brains behind the beauty, to ask the most important question: why?

    Check out @tasteofstreep, I promise it's the only thing your friends will want to taco bout.

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