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March 23, 2016

O heroi da Sé

Erasmo Francisco de Lima salvou uma refém nas portas da maior catedral de São Paulo e morreu alvejado poucos segundos depois. O vídeo viral da morte do morador de rua tornou-se uma bandeira da compaixão — mas poderia a fama virtual oferecer uma compensação justa para a família de Francisco ou mudanças significativas para a população pobre das cidades do Brasil?

What Does It Mean When A Homeless Man's Death Goes Viral?

Erasmo Francisco de Lima saved a woman held hostage at São Paulo's largest cathedral, only to be gunned down seconds later. Viral video of the homeless man's death became a rallying cry for compassion — but could internet fame provide closure for de Lima's family or lasting change for Brazil’s urban poor?

In The News Today: The Brussels Aftermath, What We Know

Belgian media say two of the Brussels attackers have been identified, following yesterday’s deadly explosions. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton solidified their leads in Tuesday’s presidential primaries. And how pirates and hackers worked together to steal millions of dollars in diamonds from cargo ships.