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    Posted on Mar 1, 2016

    18 Men Who've Definitely Faked An Orgasm

    "I've only had one orgasm during sex. I've faked all the other ones." From the secret-sharing site Whisper.

    1. Little known truth: Guys fake orgasms, too.

    2. Sometimes they do it because they're insecure.

    3. Or because the relationship has run its course.

    4. Or because they're lazy AF.

    5. Sometimes they just know it needs to be OVER.

    6. They're pretty sure we never notice.

    7. Yeah, pretty sure.

    8. They swear they're doing it for us.

    9. Though sometimes it's because they're just not that into it.

    10. Like, at all.

    11. Sometimes they get bored.

    12. There are all sorts of reasons...

    13. Because of anti-depressants...

    14. Because of condoms...

    15. And just because.

    16. Yeah, it might be harder for them to fake it.

    17. But they do.

    18. Oh yeah, they do.

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