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    What Does The "Pink Blob" In This Photo Remind You Of?

    Penis penis penis.

    Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne stopped by a high school in Toronto to tout her government's free tuition plan for low-income students, but it was a science experiment that really stole the show.

    Pink blob takes over @Kathleen_Wynne's visit to Jarvis Collegiate. #onpoli

    The Toronto Star's Robert Benzie tweeted a photo of the premier posing next to two students and their chemistry experiment, which he artfully described as a "pink blob."

    Computer, enhance image.

    Robert Benzie / Twitter / Via Twitter: @robertbenzie

    Enhance further.

    Robert Benzie / Twitter / Via Twitter: @robertbenzie


    People had questions.


    Is it ... art?

    OK, let's be honest: It looks like a giant penis. But it seems like it was just a well-timed photo. Here's another reporter's photo of the same experiment, just a fraction of a second later.

    The students were showing the premier an example of the classic foam volcano experiment, which results in an explosion of coloured, soapy foam when you mix the ingredients together. It's just a coincidence that it also, for a split second, looked like a big pink dong.

    In conclusion: penis. 😏

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