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March 28, 2016

The Unbearable Sadness Of Ben Affleck

The Ben Affleck of the late ‘90s was a charm machine: goofy, self-effacing, and deep in a highly public bromance with the equally winning Matt Damon. Within five years, he was a punchline. It took a decade for his career to recover. Today, he's once again at war with his image. So what's Affleck so ashamed of?

What's Going On Around The World Today?

Bernie Sanders swept victories in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii during Saturday’s Democratic caucuses. Why the New Year’s attacks on women in Germany weren’t even a crime. And meet the Syrian who pushed a sinking boat to the coast and plans to compete in this summer’s Rio Olympics.

North Carolina Sued Over Anti-LGBT Law

"By singling out LGBT people for disfavored treatment and explicitly writing discrimination against transgender people into state law, H.B. 2 violates the most basic guarantees of equal treatment and the U.S. Constitution," the lawsuit argues.

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