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Jon Lovitz Is Apparently Dating Jessica Lowndes (The Girl From The "90210" Remake)

New couple alert.

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Before yesterday, the pair was a "secret couple." Jessica was posting cryptic photos to Instagram, like this.

Instagram: @jessicalowndes

She also shared this old Thai proverb about old cows and young grass.

Instagram: @jessicalowndes

Making it clear that she likes old cows. Which I guess makes her the young grass?

She also shared a picture of her in his car. Taken around the same time the picture he shared was taken. (I used the same outfit as my context clue.)

Instagram: @jessicalowndes

This means that in addition to learning that this is a new couple, we also learned that Jon Lovitz drives a Bentley.

In conclusion: Maybe this relationship is not real and they are joking with us, but either way, I'll leave you with Jon Lovitz filming Jessica Lowndes "waking up" in the morning:

Instagram: @jessicalowndes

Update: THEY ARE NOT ENGAGED OR EVEN DATING. This whole thing was just an April Fools joke (a few days too early though). Jessica clarified on Instagram:

Instagram: @jessicalowndes

The whole fakelationship was for her new music video. RIP this couple that never existed.

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