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15 Useful Hacks Every Egg Lover Should Know


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11. Master the art of microwave quiches:

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All you need are a few items from your fridge (most of the ingredients are easily substitutable), a microwave, and a mug. Here’s how.


13. Use eggs as a base for make-ahead muffin-tin snacks:

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Cook eggs in muffin pans with a few other ingredients to make delicious vegetable-egg bites. It’s a healthy and portable way to kick off your hectic mornings. Recipe here.

14. Use the float test to check if an egg is past its prime:

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Just put the egg (in its shell) in a bowl of cold water. If the egg sinks, it’s a good egg. If it floats, you’ve got a bad egg on your hands, ladies and gents.

15. Make hard-boiled eggs in a coffeemaker:

Via Cooking With Your Coffee Maker

All you need is some water, an egg, and a coffeemaker. Just put the eggs in the coffeemaker and cover the eggs with hot water. Wait for a few minutes for the eggs to cook and voilà! Find out what else you can make in your coffeemaker here.

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