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15 Useful Hacks Every Egg Lover Should Know


1. Fish out a broken egg shell by using another egg shell:

Paige Rodgers / Via

Genius. Try it like this.

2. The same thing works with a bit of water:

Paige Rodgers / Via

Just wet your finger and you can easily grab that lil' guy. Do it like this.

3. Make the easiest two-ingredient breakfast ever with eggs + bananas:

Zoe Zaiss / Via

Banana pancakes FTW. Recipe here.

4. Poach eggs in the microwave:

Amanda Shulman / Via

Just crack an egg into a bowl of water and microwave for one minute. Learn more here.

5. Scrambling eggs in the microwave works, too:

Sherry Xiao / Via

These take five minutes. Just whisk two eggs with a few tablespoons of milk. Find the full recipe here.

6. Use eggs as a DIY face mask:

Szerena Szabo / Via

Eggs are great for drying oily skin and minimizing pores. Scramble an egg and apply it to your face for 15 minutes, then wash it off with warm water. More here.

7. Combine Nutella + egg for a makeshift soufflé:

Alex Furuya / Via

You can have a ready-to-eat soufflé in less than 25 minutes. Make it here.

8. Cook eggs in other foods:

Lauren Feld / Via

We’re all about eggs in toast. Eggs in avocados. Eggs in tomatoes. Eggs and bacon. Eggs everywhere.

9. Toss eggs in a waffle maker:

Via Kat’s Kitchen Collective

10. Easily separate the whites from the yolks using a plastic water bottle:

Chelsea Choi / Via

No more messy hands. Just reuse a clean water bottle to take the yolk. Learn how here.

11. Master the art of microwave quiches:

View this video on YouTube / Via

All you need are a few items from your fridge (most of the ingredients are easily substitutable), a microwave, and a mug. Here’s how.

12. Make eggs last longer by freezing them:

Via Wonder How To

Here’s another ice cube tray tip: use an ice cube tray to store and freeze your eggs, which will make them last longer.

13. Use eggs as a base for make-ahead muffin-tin snacks:

Molly Krohe / Via

Cook eggs in muffin pans with a few other ingredients to make delicious vegetable-egg bites. It’s a healthy and portable way to kick off your hectic mornings. Recipe here.

14. Use the float test to check if an egg is past its prime:

Chelsea Choi / Via

Just put the egg (in its shell) in a bowl of cold water. If the egg sinks, it’s a good egg. If it floats, you’ve got a bad egg on your hands, ladies and gents.

15. Make hard-boiled eggs in a coffeemaker:

Via Cooking With Your Coffee Maker

All you need is some water, an egg, and a coffeemaker. Just put the eggs in the coffeemaker and cover the eggs with hot water. Wait for a few minutes for the eggs to cook and voilà! Find out what else you can make in your coffeemaker here.

Original article by Lily Lou for Spoon University.

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