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    8 Fast Food Brands If They Were Pronounced In Spanish

    Mmmm, Güendis…

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    If you grew up in a Spanish-speaking household, you'll always remember how your parents said certain words in English that simply did not have a Spanish translation. For example, fast food places:

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    While the pronunciation varies depending on where you live, it's pretty much the same.

    1. Domino's Pizza = Domin-OH

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    Example: "Vamos a ordenar DOMIN-OH."

    2. Subway = Subgüey

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    Example: "¿No, mejor algo nutritivo como SUBGÜEY?"

    3. McDonald's = Madonna

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    Example: "No, mejor vamos a comer MADONNA."

    4. Burger King = Belgel Kin

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    Example: "No me gusta MADONNA. Mejor BELGEL KIN."

    5. Papa John's = Papayon

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    Example: "¿Y si mejor comemos PAPAYON?"

    6. Pizza Hut = Peek-sa Jó

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    Example: "No. Papayon no. Mejor PEEK-SA JÓ."

    7. Kentucky Fried Chicken = Kentoqui

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    Example: "¿Qué tal un pollito del KENTOQUI?"

    8. Wendy's = Güendis

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    Example: "¿Sabes qué? Me vale madre. ¡Vámonos a GÜENDIS!"

    It's always the little things about your family that make you smile.


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