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7 Quick Organizing Tricks You'll Actually Want To Try

Small ways to make spring cleaner!

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1. Now that we're officially a week into spring, open your door, sweep off your porch, and toss or organize any clutter that's crowding your outdoor space.

Old crates work well as DIY outdoor storage shelves, if you need a little bit of structure for your porch. Get more outdoor space inspiration here.

2. Secure clothespins to the inside of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets to make extra sponges or washcloths easy to find and grab.

This tutorial uses mounting tape to stick the clothespins to the cabinets, but you could also use removable picture hanging strips if you're worried about damaging the paint.


3. Pull all of your springtime jewelry out of your closet and display it so you'll actually remember to wear it.

Learn how to make this super easy and affordable minimalist necklace holder here, or use whatever display works for you!

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