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Anil Kapoor Has Challenged Ranveer Singh To Out-Ranveer Himself

God bless us, everyone.

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You must already know that Ranveer Singh and Anil Kapoor are pretty close. In case you didn't, this is me telling you. Look at their goddamn bromance.

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Since they are related to each other, Ranveer has known Anil since childhood. In an interview with NDTV Movies, Kapoor said that Ranveer has always been a wacky dresser and he basically wears clothes that make him happy.

But looks like Kapoor has been a major influence on Ranveer's fashion sense because look at this beautiful throwback photo he tweeted.

Rad AF.

Ranveer, like us, was LOL-ing at how adorable Anil is.

But will he take on the challenge? Time will tell.

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