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Two Kids In Charlottetown Got Stuck On An Ice Floe And Had To Be Rescued

They didn't get very far.

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Two kids in Charlottetown got stranded on an ice floe on Sunday and had to be rescued by firefighters.

ChtownFire / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ChtownFire

The city's fire department tweeted out a photo of the kids standing on the ice in the Hillsborough River as firefighters prepared to reach them by raft.

The nine-year-old twins were playing on the edge of the water when a sheet of ice they had jumped on separated from the shore and started drifting away.

ChtownFire / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ChtownFire

Sgt. Walter Vessey of the Charlottetown police told The Canadian Press two of the siblings' friends had also been on the ice floe, but they jumped off and waded back to land.

The boy and girl were brought back to shore and nobody was hurt.

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