17 Signs Long Distance Is No Match For Your Friendship Love

    Fuck you, long distance. You can't stand in the way of true friend love.

    1. You always have a chat with them open in a tab on Facebook.

    2. In fact, you always have several conversations going at once.

    3. And even though you're far away, you know exactly what is going on in each other's lives.

    4. When you meet other old friends, they always ask you how your best friend is doing because they expect you to know.

    5. You send each other care packages.

    Ok @brynn_flaig is killing the long distance friendship game. Sent me a Valentine all the way from Denver! LOVE YOU!

    Partially because you can't post yourself.

    6. You have scheduled Skype dates, and stick with them no matter how bad the connection is.

    7. But if you don't, it's only because you are already totally in the loop of what is going on in each other's lives.

    8. You send each other snaps just so they can have a better idea of what your day looks like.

    don't mind me. just having a long distance friendship w my bff

    9. You always have plans to meet up in the future.

    10. And when you meet up, it's magical.

    11. If you do drift apart, it is only temporary.

    When you and your friend can't stay mad at each other lol

    You both understand that sometimes it happens, so you never hold it against each other.

    12. You have really long-term plans together, like agreeing to force your future kids to be friends, whether they like it or not.

    13. The more time you spend apart, the more you appreciate each other.

    14. If something big happens, they're still one of, if not the first to know.

    15. You talk about them all the time to new people.

    16. Regardless of time differences and distance, you know you can call them at any time if you need to.

    17. Because the physical distance hasn't created any ~emotional distance~ between you two.