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17 Signs Long Distance Is No Match For Your Friendship Love

Fuck you, long distance. You can't stand in the way of true friend love.

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2. In fact, you always have several conversations going at once.

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Facebook, Facebook again but on your phone, Gchat, Twitter, YouTube comments, eBay feedback, smoke signals, carrier pigeons...


5. You send each other care packages.

Ok @brynn_flaig is killing the long distance friendship game. Sent me a Valentine all the way from Denver! LOVE YOU!

Partially because you can't post yourself.

6. You have scheduled Skype dates, and stick with them no matter how bad the connection is.

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8. You send each other snaps just so they can have a better idea of what your day looks like.

don't mind me. just having a long distance friendship w my bff


11. If you do drift apart, it is only temporary.

When you and your friend can't stay mad at each other lol

You both understand that sometimes it happens, so you never hold it against each other.

13. The more time you spend apart, the more you appreciate each other.

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

You occasionally just lament at how lucky you are to have them in your life.


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