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August 1, 2017

27 Foods You’ve Been Eating Wrong This Whole Time

Who doesn't want super-soft cookies and perfectly-reheated pizza?

Trump Denies Telling Golf Club Members The White House Is "A Real Dump"

"That White House is a real dump," the president reportedly told members of one of his private golf clubs. Trump later denied the report.

Temer já negociava emendas antes mesmo de tomar posse, diz deputado

Levantamento do deputado Alessandro Molon (Rede-RJ) mostra que Temer empenhou R$ 2,1 bilhões em emendas de deputados em seus primeiros 20 dias de governo.

People Are Really Loving This Country Version Of "Baby Got Back"

Shouldn't it be 'baby got honky tonk badonkadonk'?

These Instagram Stories Will Change How You See Pigeons

How to make brief but compelling pigeon vignettes.

Here's The Latest Police Body Camera Video That Allegedly Shows Officers Planting Drugs

It's the second time in just weeks that Baltimore Police Department body-camera footage has led to criminal charges being dropped — and one attorney said he doesn't think it'll be the last.

Tenemos que hablar sobre estos pequeños genios mexicanos que la están rompiendo en Asia

México tuvo su mejor actuación en la Olimpiada Internacional de Matemáticas durante el certamen de la India.

Young Australians Are Just Not Moving Out Of Home Like They Used To

Home ownership among young people is also down.

Contesta estas preguntas y te diremos tu % de niño consentido

Di la verdad, ¿eras casi casi el dueño del control de la tele?

People Guess What Meat Is In Their Hot Dog

This looks like Mummy dick

24 Drivers Who Stopped Traffic With Their Vanity Plates

Thank goodness they're here to entertain us in traffic.

The Center For American Progress Is Releasing A Nearly 50-Page Report Claiming Trump–Russia Collusion

In a forthcoming report, the progressive think tank lays out what the public knows about interactions between the Trump campaign and Russia during the lead-up to Election Day, hoping to get Democrats to “stop beating around the bush.”

Apple CEO Successfully Avoids Discussing Trump When Asked About Trump

During the company's earnings call, Tim Cook would neither confirm nor deny President Trump's claim that the company would build three manufacturing plants in the United States.

Republicans Are Taking Steps To Avoid A Repeat Of The Health Care Disaster

White House officials and Republicans in Congress are using lessons learned from their health care defeat as they gear up for an "aggressive" push on Trump's agenda.

21 Imágenes que te harán decir "yo a las 3 de la mañana"

No es tu culpa que el Internet sea tan interesante a las 3 am.

16 Times April Ludgate Made Us Want To Say "Yes, That Is Me"

"Can you photoshop your life with better decisions?"

Esta pareja de Guadalajara vende dibujos para salvar al perrito atropellado que rescataron

El perrito fue nombrado Sirius Black en honor al Prisionero de Azkaban, de la saga Harry Potter, porque "es un perro negro que ha sido golpeado por la vida desde chiquito y no tenía familia".

19 Photos That Prove You Should Drop Everything And Visit Australia

A trip Down Under will be the best trip of your life. Apply here!

おうちでカフェ気分♪ ひんやり抹茶フラッペ


Presidente de partido que vai lançar Bolsonaro emprega cinco parentes em seu diretório

Adilson Barroso, que preside o PEN, diz que contratou dois irmãos e três sobrinhos para se cercar de pessoas em quem confia.

Under Russia's New Internet Censorship Law Everyone Is A Potential Criminal

Experts say the new law is less about targeting VPNs than it is about allowing the Russian government to target anyone.

Maybe It’s Time The US Talked To North Korea About Its Missile Program

The US remains stuck on China as the one country that can solve North Korea's rogue missile program.

Is Your School In A Flood Zone?

The schools most at risk serve more than 3.5 million kids, and not only on the coasts. Louisiana schools are especially vulnerable.

42 Problemas que todas las chicas con mucho pelo han tenido

Mucho pelo en tu trasero luego de la ducha.

This Is How Disturbing The 1967 Detroit Riots Really Were

During the summer of 1967, rioting in Detroit left 43 dead and exposed the severe cracks in US race relations.

Answer These 10 Questions And I'll Try To Describe You And Your BFF

Are you the hugger, or are you the one being hugged?

Moro aceita denúncia contra Lula no caso do sítio de Atibaia

Construtoras pagaram R$ 1 milhão em reforma de propriedade da qual, segundo os investigadores, Lula é o dono oculto. Petista nega ser o proprietário.

食の世界はニセ情報だらけ おいしく健康的に食べるには何が必要か?


これって本当に裸なの? ボディーペイント世界大会の出場者がすごい


¿Qué Digimon original sería tu compañero de vida?

Porque hay muchos monstruos digitales, pero sólo uno es el indicado para ti.

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Bars

Set the bar high with these.

13 tatuagens desenhadas pela Helen que de tão feias são muito lindas

"Minha intenção não é zoar o ofício de tatuador", diz a tatuadora que ficou conhecida por "não saber desenhar".

Are You More Hipster Or Basic?

Don't take it personal.

21 Times Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Were The Best Couple On Twitter

The couple that tweets together stays together.

The Bernie Sanders Left Wants More From Democrats’ Rebranding

Democrats say they want to be the party "on the side of working people." Labor groups say it’s a good “first step.”

21 fatos que o mundo não sabia no começo de julho

Os T-Rex não podiam correr, os átomos do seu corpo podem ter vindo de fora da Via Láctea e os humanos já produziram uma quantidade absurda de plástico.

Which Popsicle Is Not Like The Others?

How well do you notice small details?

I Just Watched The Red Wedding For The First Time And I Need To Talk About It

Spoilers for anyone who still hasn’t watched this 2013 Game of Thrones episode! (No judgment.)

Maia diz que votação da denúncia contra Temer será rápida e deixa a oposição irritada

Presidente da Câmara quer encerrar a votação até final da tarde de amanhã. Partidos da oposição tentam convencer o PT a não dar quórum, mas legenda só decidiu até agora que não vai registrar presença no plenário pela manhã.

CBS Is Being Confronted About Its Lack Of Diversity Yet Again

"We are absolutely moving in the right direction. We are making progress," said Thom Sherman, CBS's senior executive vice president of programming.

Você tem mais traços dominantes ou recessivos?

Você nem precisa se lembrar das aulas de biologia do ensino médio para descobrir.

Uber Tells Employees It’s “Looking Forward” In Its Search For A CEO

Uber General Counsel Salle Yoo addressed rumors of Travis Kalanick returning to his CEO seat at an all-hands meeting Tuesday, telling employees the company is looking forward in its selection of a new leader.

23 Song Lyrics That People Have Been Singing Wrong Until Now

"All the single lettuce/All the single lettuce/Now put your hands up!"

Conservatives Planning CPAC-Style Conference Focused On Minority Engagement

"Every phase of this conference is inspired to engage Republican minority voters, and create good will."

Can You Match The Quote To The Superhero?

"I'm here to fight for truth, and justice, and the American way."

This Conservative Mom And Liberal Daughter Were Surprised By How Different Their Facebook Feeds Are

BuzzFeed News analyzed 2,367 posts from the Facebook News Feeds of a politically divided mother and daughter to show them just how different their online worlds are.

17 Parents Who Let Us In On Their Dirty Little Secrets

There's no such thing as a perfect parent. Really.

38 Things Not To Do On Your Period, According To Superstition

"If you squeeze some lemon juice on your blood, you will die."

Esta liga mexicana de futbol femenil no se transmite en la tele, pero tú puedes ayudarlas a llenar el estadio

En ocho partidos juntaron la asistencia que hay en un solo partido de la liga masculina.

The Head Of The Coast Guard Says He Will Not Turn His Back On Transgender Service Members

"We have made an investment in you, and you have made an investment in the Coast Guard, and I will not break faith."

Booker Doesn’t Regret Fundraising With Jared And Ivanka In 2013, But “Wouldn't Take A Dime From Them Now”

The New Jersey senator also told BuzzFeed News podcast Another Round that he would allow a child of his to play football.

Women Test Smear-Proof Eyeliner

On the quest to find a 100% smear-proof under eyeliner.

Which Part Of Metro Manila Do You Actually Belong In?

Do you belong in the sozyal South? The far North? Making it in Makati?

13 Descabelladas teorías sobre películas de Disney que te dejarán la boca abierta

Hasta el mismo Walt se estremecería con estas teorías.

38 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

Summer dresses, butterfly dildos, and 36 other favorite products from our recent posts.

The "Call Me By Your Name" Trailer Is Here And It's Beautiful

"Call me by your name, and I'll call you by mine."

Inside The Most Magical, Fun Safe Space For Black Women Around The World

For many, Essence Fest is an annual tradition between friends, à la Girls Trip; for others, it’s a bucket-list goal, a journey to our very own mecca that every black woman knows she should make at least once in her life. In 2017, the safe space is needed now more than ever.

14 exemplos de como as mães não cabem em estereótipos

"Eu trabalho e meu marido fica em casa com as crianças. Ele adora cuidar da casa e eu adoro meu trabalho. Todo mundo está feliz!"

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a wireless charger, waffle maker, curling iron, and more!

Oposição pede investigação sobre os R$ 217 milhões da consultoria de Meirelles

O PT quer que a Procuradoria-Geral da República apure quais os serviços que o ministro da Fazenda prestou que justifiquem os valores revelados pelo BuzzFeed Brasil.

A Man Allegedly Hid His Ex-Girlfriend's Body In A Freezer While His New Girlfriend Took Over The Victim's Life

An Ohio man and his girlfriend have been charged with abuse of a corpse after his missing ex-girlfriend's remains were believed to be found in his freezer.

Os 18 tuítes mais engraçados de julho de 2017

Você só vai rir assim de novo daqui a um mês.

32 Cheap Skin Care Products That Work Just As Well As The Luxury Brands

Because giving your skin the attention it deserves shouldn't cost more than $20. Who's with me?

Si contestas al menos 50 de estas 99 preguntas, confirmado, estás con el amor de tu vida

Marca todas las preguntas de las que te sepas la respuesta.

Create A Lipstick Line And We'll Describe Your Style

If Kylie Jenner can do it, so can you.

19 Hilarious Pics That Sum Up Scotland So Perfectly They Should Be On Stamps

"Buy wan get fuck awe free." – Scottish shops.

Sen. Cory Booker Will Face An Uphill Battle Fixing America’s “Badly Broken” Drug Laws

The Democratic senator called the bill “a necessary step in correcting this unjust system,” but even legalization advocates say that it’s unlikely to succeed.

Billie Lourd Opens Up About Life After Losing Carrie Fisher And Debbie Reynolds

“If life’s not funny, then it’s just true – and that would be unacceptable."

39 Weird Dating Things Everyone Does But Doesn't Admit

Take a screenshot of every one of your date's pictures and send them to your group chat.

A Prison That's Suffered Two Days Of Riots Routinely Locks Up Inmates All Weekend

A prisoner rights campaigner told BuzzFeed News that inmates at HMP The Mount have been locked up during the last three weekends and this has been going on since May.

Dylan Sprouse Is Returning To Acting And Cole Had An Epic Reaction

"Can you return my fucking T-shirts too?!"

31 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Marvel Movies

There's a special "Groot script" that translates what he says!

This Guy Has Been Secretly Following His Wife's Pinterest Account For Years For Gift Ideas

Jordan's slick little "hack" has inspired tens of thousands of partners in relationships. "This is the smartest man alive," one person even said of him.

416 Incredible Facts That'll Make You Say "WTF THAT CAN'T BE TRUE"

You're about to become the life and soul of every party.

What % Regina George Are You?

But is butter a carb?

A Newspaper Said That Some Millennials Have Never Seen A Cow IRL And Everyone Is Confused

"After a quick image search I'm ashamed to say that it seems what I've always thought was a cow was actually a tractor."

25 LGBT Characters On Television That Viewers Absolutely Love

Television needs more LGBT characters, but that doesn't mean that there aren't some great people out there already.

Les citations de Christophe Barbier transformées en posters pour vos toilettes

Christophe Barbier, journaliste, éditorialiste, comédien et «tuteur du peuple».

18 histórias de mansplaining que vão te fazer dizer "parem, homens"

"Um ex me explicou a posição de fazer xixi sem encostar no vaso e como eu deveria me limpar."

This Fashion Label Loved By Celebrities Has Just Gone Into Administration

TOWIE star Sam Faiers and shoppers say they've been left out of pocket after Rare London ceased trading.

This Sled Dog Can't Have Puppies, But She Can Raise Chicks

This comic tells the adorable true story of writer Blair Braverman's sled dog, Flame, and how she learned to love baby chickens instead of eating them.

What Irrational Fear Did You Live With As A Kid?

I was afraid of Abraham Lincoln, IDRK.

11 Life-Changing Things To Try In August

Because we tried them for you in July!

Esta empresa ofrece préstamos de 100 mil pesos a nombre del Gobierno federal pero es una estafa

La supuesta financiadora condiciona el crédito a que primero sean depositadas tres mensualidades. BuzzFeed News México documentó que roba logos del programa social Prospera y Presidencia.

6 Inventions Making British People's Lives Better In 2017

From a pair of "glasses" that can help some legally blind people see to the latest in prosthetic knee technology that's now available on the NHS – here are some of the products helping make people's lives better.

What's Your Haunted Dorm Room Story?


The Fraud Case Involving Ex-SNP MP Michelle Thomson Has Been Dropped

"I am eternally grateful to my SNP colleagues in Westminster who supported me so strongly throughout this time," Thomson told BuzzFeed News.

Basically All The Sheet Masks You Could Ever Want, In One Post

Think of this like a skincare pick 'n' mix.

Met Police Officers Are Disproportionately Likely To Use Force Against Black Men

Black men account for 37% of all use-of-force incidents, but London's black population is just 13.3%.

17 Completely Mind-Blowing Facts About Outer Space

Eclipses are basically cosmological miracles.

20 Awesome Things You'll Want To Buy From Topshop Now

They are too damn good to pass up.

11 Differences Between Being A Teenager In Britain And Mexico In The '00s

You either wore ballet pumps or Chinese mesh slippers.

Where Do You Fall On The Ambition-Serenity Cat Grid?

Are you more ambitious or serene?

Answer These Six Random Questions And We'll Reveal Which "IZombie" Character You Are

Are you eating brains or are just hanging with people that do?

Es wird endgültig Zeit, dass wir diese 3 Nutella-Fragen klären

Heißt es DIE oder DAS Nutella? Letzte Chance!

20 petits secrets que les masseurs aimeraient que vous sachiez

Arrêtez de nous demander une branlette les gars, ça n'arrivera pas.

Where Should Everyone With Big Boobs Be Shopping For Clothes?

If you are ~well-endowed~, we wanna know where you go to find cute-ass clothes!

Pretend To Go To The Zoo And We'll Rate Your Visit

Will you get to see the penguins?

27 Fancy AF Items To Glam Up Your Everyday Life

Add a little glamour to your life without breaking the bank.

What Products Should Anyone With Short Hair Own?

Tell us what hair products keep your short cuts looking amazing!

Bumble's Former Neighbors Say It Was Using A Luxury Apartment Building As Its Personal Playground

The hugely successful "feminist Tinder" turned a two-bedroom luxury apartment into its corporate headquarters. It wasn't a match.

Este es el escalofriante tráiler de la nueva serie de suspenso creada por Netflix y David Fincher

A un lado True Detective, Mindhunter es la serie policiaca que no sabías que necesitabas en tu vida.

Lawsuit Says Sean Spicer Reviewed A Fox News Report On A Fake Conspiracy Theory Before It Was Published

A private investigator says he was part of a plan to concoct a false story about murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich. His lawyer wants to depose both President Trump and Sean Spicer.

19 Facts About Shakespearean England That Will Blow Your Damn Mind

People drank beer all day long, and makeup could kill you.

À quel point êtes-vous gnangnan?

On a tous une part de Bisounours en nous.

Create Your Dream Apartment And We'll Reveal Which Badass "Teen Wolf" Chick You Are

Because every girl needs a place to stash her bow and arrow at the end of the day.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Samsung, Target, Box Lunch, and more!

37 Hilarious Jokes Only For Engineers

"In India, if you throw an engineer, you will hit a stone."

What Are Some Books You Want To Buy Just For The Title?

Tell us about those book titles you've seen and can't help but want to buy!

Are You Team Pinot Or Team Pot? Why The Debate Has One Community Choosing Sides

The battle between the Wagner family and their neighbors could be a sign of clashes to come as cannabis becomes a legal crop in more states. Wine producers fear for their grapes if weed grows nearby; weed growers say those fears are unfounded.

The New CEO Of The Body That Managed Grenfell Tower Didn't Mention The Fire In Her First Public Statement

Elaine Elkington, the new interim CEO of the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation, said she wanted the body to move forward at this "business-critical time".

This New MP Is Not Impressed That Parliament Isn't Set Up To Accommodate His Disability

Nobody expected Jared O'Mara to be in the House of Commons right now – least of all O'Mara himself. Now the Labour MP for Sheffield Hallam plans to use his new role to keep fighting to improve life for people with disabilities.

Let's See How '00s You Really Were

Were you all about asymmetric skirts and bandanas? Or baggy cargo pants and halterneck tops?

Chrissy Teigen Just Got Honest About "Period Skin" On Twitter

Yes, she gets angry breakouts and blotchiness just like the rest of us.

Pro-Corbyn Websites Are Applying To Join The Parliamentary Lobby

First they gained readers during the election – now they want access to the heart of Westminster.

Así serían los príncipes Disney en la vida real

Érase una vez, en un país de maromos...

29 Jokes That Nurses Will Laugh At, Despite The Tiredness

Who said nurses don't have a sense of humour?

This Pro-Brexit News Website Is Actually Run By Former Vote Leave Campaigners

How to turn a campaign into a journalistic outlet approved by parliament.

Can You Find 9/9 Answers In This Movie Trivia Wordsearch?

Find the right answers, ignore the imposters.

【期間限定】イケア、ザリガニフェスティバルを開催 349円から


21 Things The World Didn't Know At The Start Of July

T. rex couldn't run, the atoms inside you might have come from outside the Milky Way, and humans have made an incredible amount of plastic.

11 Longreads You Need In Your Life Right Now

The best longform reporting, feature stories, and personal essays from BuzzFeed UK over the last month.

9 Things To Do If You're Being Harassed Online

Know your rights against harassment and how to fight for them.

32 choses que seules les femmes avec un peu de ventre comprendront

Cette ligne rouge exaspérante qui apparaît sur votre ventre après une journée en position assise.





A Bunch Of Top Trump Officials Were Duped By A Fake Email Prank

A British "email prankster" tricked several White House advisers into thinking he was their colleague.



Guys, Chill About Sansa's Hair On "Game Of Thrones"

Yes, we're talking about her hair again.

18 pequeños detalles de "Juego de tronos" que puedes haberte perdido a primera vista

Revisiones, augurios y maravillosas coincidencias. Hay un montón esperando por ti si nunca te ha dado por verla una segunda vez.

This Teenager Had To Use Crowdfunding And 8 Different Charities To Get The Wheelchair He Needed. Here’s Why.

A BuzzFeed News investigation also reveals that 96% of areas are failing to supply wheelchairs within the 18 weeks guaranteed by the NHS constitution.

A Black Student Made A Powerful Point About Her Place At Cambridge

"I am grateful to go to Cambridge. I have worked hard. Nothing was handed to me on a plate," Courtney Boateng told BuzzFeed News.

More Youth Prisons Not The Answer For System That Brutalises Aboriginal Children, Campaigner Says

"Children are coming out of detention more harmed than when they went in."

Students Told Harrowing Stories Of Life At College To The Landmark Campus Sexual Assault Report

"Awards were given for ‘best arse’, ‘top root’, and the ‘largest number of sexual partners during a week’."

25 Things You'll Only Get If You're A Tasmanian

No, we're not all related and that's all I'll say on the topic.

生クリーム専門店が原宿・新宿にオープン SNSで大人気


Which Halsey Song Should You Have On Repeat?

Fire up your gasoline, because you're going to make a blue hurricane."

Meet The Four Men Who Might Be About To Deliver Marriage Equality To Australia

The four men who DGAF and could guarantee marriage equality by the end of August.

J.K. Rowling Admits She Was Wrong About Trump Ignoring A Kid In A Wheelchair

The Harry Potter author admitted she did not see a "full or accurate" video of the president's interaction with the toddler.

The Republican National Committee's Top Black Outreach Official Has Left

In the lead-up to 2018, the party is set to unveil a new program banking on a strategy of engagement focused on policy issues to reach black voters.

Flash Briefing For August 1, 2017

Crowdfunding sites are cracking down on the alt right, HBO has been hacked, and teens are setting up parody accounts for fast food restaurants, causing absolute chaos.

Tasty Japan1周年キャンペーン記念動画ができました♪


Jon And Daenerys Met On "Game Of Thrones" And People Made A Lot Of Jokes

Such a monumental event. There must be memes.

A dos años del caso Narvarte, las familias de las víctimas exigen disculpa pública de Mancera

La defensa de los jóvenes asesinados, entre ellas el fotoperiodista Rubén Espinosa, piden que se agoten las líneas de investigación relacionadas con el periodismo y el activismo.

We Got Our First Look At Zazie Beetz As Domino In The "Deadpool" Sequel And Holy Shit

She looks hotter than a chimichanga and I'm beyond here for it.

Pick Your Favorite Foods And We'll Tell You Which TV Hottie You'll Marry

Matching food palettes is the key to any successful relationship.

Here's What The Cast Of "Moesha" Looks Like Now

Did she end up "realizing her responsibility"?

Kris Jenner's European Vacation Photos Are The Single Best Thing To Happen In 2017

Forget the rest of the family — I just want to keep up with Kris.

Show Us Your Kitten To Cat Transformations

You've cat to be kitten me right meow...

University Students Are Being Sexually Harassed At “Unacceptable” Levels And 94% Don’t Report It

"While it’s great that some action is being taken now, there is still a long way to go."

The Easiest Geography Quiz You'll Ever Take

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

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