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41 Things That Made Me Say, “Why Don’t I Own That Already?”

It's amazing to me that I've been able to function without every single one of these things in my life.

Elena Garcia • 5 days ago

Target's 20th Anniversary Collection (Filled With Favorites From All Their Past Collabs) Is Now Live

I can not guarantee that by the time you see this post everything hasn't already sold out — so hurry up.

Elena Garcia • 7 days ago

33 Stylish Things That'll Probably Make People Ask "Where'd You Get That?"

Better get a life vest so you don't drown in all these compliments.

Elena Garcia • 12 days ago

35 Ways To Give Your Work Attire Some Personality

Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch.

Elena Garcia • 13 days ago

25 Splurge-Worthy Buys From Nordstrom's Summer Sale

Much like summer, this sale is coming to an end on September 8th.

Elena Garcia • 15 days ago

39 Gifts That Literally Every Canadian Will Want

No matter who you're shopping for, I have a gift they'll love — I guarantee it!

Sarah Aspler • 17 days ago

29 Clothing Basics You Should Buy Because It's About Time You Replaced Them

FYI: Having holey clothes doesn't bring you closer to God.

Elena Garcia • 20 days ago

Just Got Paid? Well, Nordstrom's Summer Sale Is Here...So There Goes That

The sale runs from August 30th to September hurry up.

Elena Garcia • 22 days ago

Just 33 Things You Can Only Get At Nordstrom

🎶 I'm a Nordie's girl, in a Nordie's world. Life in Savvy, it's so classy.🎶

Elena Garcia • 23 days ago
Elena Garcia • 25 days ago

37 Things Under $10 That'll Help You Look More Pulled Together

No one is gonna recognize the new, not-hot-mess, you.

Elena Garcia • 29 days ago

17 Things From Levi's That Reviewers Truly Love

Levi's — the *actual* San Francisco treat.

Elena Garcia • 29 days ago

29 Gorgeous Tops To Throw On With A Pair Of Jeans

Top off your look with one of these cute bad boys.

Elena Garcia • 29 days ago
Elena Garcia • One month ago
Elena Garcia • One month ago

50 Ingenious Products To Always Have On Hand

In the event of an emergency, use one of these before helping others.

Elena Garcia • One month ago

38 Things That Made Me Say, “Why Don’t I Own That Already?”

I don't wanna hear you say that buying these things ain't nothing but a mistake.

Elena Garcia • One month ago

26 Things That Are Just Slightly Inappropriate

It really depends on who you're talking to.

Elena Garcia • One month ago