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    25 Products That'll Make Your Cubicle The Nicest One In The Office

    It'll be like your cube got a Queer Eye makeover!

    1. A delightful little mist humidifier with a USB plug, auto shutoff, and the most adorable design anyone has ever seen.

    2. A golden nameplate so you have the answer to every workplace problem.

    3. A pack of googly-eye pushpins, because all eyes are on you — no pressure tho!

    4. A handy little notepad that lets you keep track of your weekly happenings while adding a little color to your desk.

    5. An LED touch lamp to replace that plant you thought you could keep alive on your desk...because you thought wrong.

    6. A compact coffee mug warmer so you never have to worry about that forgotten cup of coffee on your desk that gets ice cold before you finally have a chance to drink it.

    7. A pack of divider sticky notes that'll not only work better in your quest to take more comprehensive notes, they'll also look super cute sitting on your desk.

    8. A USB desk fan, because if your office is anything like mine you need to be prepared for whatever the temperature gods have in store.

    9. A protective keyboard cover to help your clumsy ass from destroying yet another work computer.

    10. A gorgeous 36 LED-light bonsai tree, because you've murdered enough houseplants, and it's time to move on to something you can't kill.

    11. A pack of foxy sticky markers that'll hold your spot for a (rab)bit — I can almost guarentee no otter person will have them.

    12. A five-piece set of super-pretty desk accessories, because being surrounded by pale-ass walls and overhead lighting means you need some fun accessories to perk up your surroundings.

    13. A folding vanity mirror for when you need to touch up before you head out — or make sure that salad you had for lunch didn't stick around in between your teeth.

    14. A pack of sturdy file folders to not only hold your stuff but also speak your truths.

    15. A set of metal paper clips that'll help you liven up all that damn paperwork.

    16. A silicone mouse pad, because you like corgi butts and you cannot lie, other people can't deny, when a corgi walks in with its itty-bitty legs, and fluffy thing in your face you get sprung.

    17. A set of stress-relieving squishy toys that'll double as some ultra-adorable desk decor.

    18. An uplifting and just plain cute piece of art to help give your space an air of sophistication and inspiration.

    19. An acrylic memo board that easily attaches to the back of your monitor so you have a place to put those important notes you're always scrambling to find.

    20. An adorable magnetic paper clip holder no one will be sheepish about asking where you got it.

    21. A delicious little tape dispenser you donut want to pass up.

    22. A pack of super-colorful metal binder clips — look, binder clips are boring, so the least you can do is spice them up a bit!

    23. A charming little tissue box cover to really make your workspace feel like home.

    24. A set of feather pens you'll use to sign all those important declarations that need your autograph.

    25. And a string of 10 LED lights you'll have to buy right now if you're a sucker for ridiculously adorable things lest people think you're a hippo-crite.

    Or just put all your office supplies in Jell-O and call it a day.

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