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    These Instagram Stories Will Change How You See Pigeons

    How to make brief but compelling pigeon vignettes.

    Allow me to present to you the new star of your Instagram Stories:

    Dirk70 / Via Getty

    That's right – in case you DON'T KNOW, pigeons make the perfect, dramatic stars for your Instagram Stories! See a sampling below and then I'll give you some tips on creating your own pigeon stories.

    1. Pin emojis and words around and to the pigeons to craft your story. If you have yet to try pinning emojis, you simply push down on an emoji or letter until you see this dialogue pop up.

    Nathan Pyle / Via Instagram: @nathanwpyle

    2. Shoot video first, ideate later. It's easiest to come up with an idea once you already have the footage in Instagram and you're playing around with the emojis.

    3. Entrance/Exit! When possible, capture the pigeon(s) walking in frame or out of frame. This creates opportunity for a reveal. Pin the emoji or phrase by holding it down on top of the pigeon.

    4. Drop/Pick-up! Note that pinned emojis tend to be dropped and picked up when the subject leaves and enters the frame. This gives you great opportunity to extend the vignette as seen here.

    5. Build the set with the text and paint tools. (For instance below, I used two long brown blocks of blank text to make a tree.)

    6. Keep the video short (6-10 seconds is usually perfect.) I usually shoot 30 second clips of the pigeons I see walking around New York and then within that footage I find the short clip I need.

    I've found that other birds work well too, but pigeons are optimal because of their slow movement and size. That's it. Give it a try! And let us know how it goes in the comments!

    Mkirarslan / Getty Images

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