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11 Differences Between Being A Teenager In Britain And Mexico In The '00s

You either wore ballet pumps or Chinese mesh slippers.

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1. In Britain you spent hours and hours getting your hair poker straight with your GHD or Babyliss straighteners.

Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

You always had a few unsightly "war wounds" from the hot ceramic.

2. In Britain, a lot of teens slathered their bodies in Johnson's Holiday Skin fake tan to achieve this sought-after look:


In Mexico, it was all about clear mascara or colored mascara.

4. In Britain, everyone wore ballet pumps or Uggs which got soaking wet in the rain.


5. In Britain, you bought all your clothes in either Primark or Topshop.

In Mexico, you had to go to the tianguis (market) to find the cool American brands... most of the clothes were imitation but you had an Aeropostale shirt and that was what mattered.

You prayed that someone you knew would go to the US so they could bring you cool stuff you couldn't get in Mexico.

6. In Britain, you celebrated the end of your GCSEs by going to Reading or Leeds Festival.

Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

There was always one guy that got mugged off by his mates and ended up in a proper state.


7. In Britain, you listened to Blue's albums on repeat.


"One for the money and the free rides, it's two for the lies that you denied, all rise, all rise!"

In Mexico, La Batidora, Aserejé and Todavía, made you dance like there was no tomorrow.

Universal Music / Via

"¡Todavía me acuerdo de ti, todavía siento que estás junto a mi... ni el tiempo, no el espacio podrán borrar lo que me hiciste soñar!"


9. In Britain, everyone had a poster of Gareth Gates or S Club 7 in their bedroom.

In Mexico, everyone had a poster of Diego Luna or Gael García in their bedroom.