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25 Things You'll Only Get If You're A Tasmanian

No, we're not all related and that's all I'll say on the topic.

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1. Your friends on the mainland joke that you'll need a passport to visit them because you're flying "overseas".

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"Is Tasmania even a part of Australia?"

2. And you always remember to pick up at least a dozen Krispy Kremes at the airport for your family and friends.

Did you even go to the mainland if you didn't bring back some Krispy Kremes?

3. They say the drive from Devonport to Hobart is over three hours but you know you can do it in two and a bit...

ABC / Via

4. ...unless you get stuck behind an L-plater or a tractor.

The WB / Via

5. You've made the road trip to the giant Penguin statue in Penguin at least once.

The best version of the Penguin is it dressed as Santa and I don't want to hear otherwise.

6. No road trip to Hobart is complete without a stop at Anvers on the way...

7. ...or Campbell Town.

New Line Cinema / Via

8. You can't remember a time when there wasn't roadworks on the Midlands.

Jens_lambert_photography / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

9. You've been to the Village of the Lower Crackpot at Tasmazia at least once, and took a trip "around the world" while you were there.

I promise that this is a real thing and not something I just made up.

10. You cringe every time someone pronounces Launceston as Lorne-ceston.

The Weinstein Company / Via

It's LON-ceston OK. You have to channel your inner bogan as you pronounce it.

11. Going back home to the North West Coast for the weekend means a night out at House...

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12. ...and that one friend who is always posting on Facebook for a des*.

*Des: Tasmanian slang for designated driver.

*Des: Tasmanian slang for designated driver.


13. You've never had to worry about missing out on Falls tickets, because Marion Bay rarely sells out.

NBC / Via

"Oh I bought my tickets like two weeks ago."

14. You've made the trip to the Cadbury factory just to get cheap chocolate in bulk.

Only place in Australia where you can still buy Brunch Bars.

15. You're pretty proud of your Frequent Shopper Points, as you're SO CLOSE to that $20 voucher.

Double Points Day is always a good day.

Double Points Day is always a good day.

16. You dust off your gumboots each May in anticipation for AGFEST - even though you're not a farmer.

Don't knock it until you've tried it.


17. You secretly love winter as it means there will be snow on THE mountain.

And nothing looks better on your Instagram than a snow pic on top of kunanyi/Mount Wellington.

18. You know that the proper name for runners is sand shoes.

Don't @ me OK - you're wrong.
Zhaubasar / Getty Images

Don't @ me OK - you're wrong.

19. Burger Got Soul is your go-to take-away place.

But you know not to go there on a first date.

20. You have pretended to go to MONA to look at the modern art, but you really just went to get a glimpse of the wall of vaginas.

...and to giggle at the vagina soap in the gift shop.
MONA / Via Facebook: MONAmuseum

...and to giggle at the vagina soap in the gift shop.


21. You've used the excuse of "discovering Tasmania" to up your Instagram game.

AKA heading down to the Neck Lookout just to get that Instagram shot.

22. You know that going to a concert on the mainland means forking out half of your savings for flights and accommodation.

ABC/Warner Bros / Via

BUT it's a great opportunity to go shopping for clothes that nobody else will have.

23. You know that there is no greater rivalry than the one between Hobart and Launceston.

Melbourne and Sydney's rivalry is child's play in comparison.

24. And even if you do try hacking it on the mainland...


25. know in your heart that Tasmania will always be home.