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Lissandra Villa 5 months ago

Julián Castro Says Democrats Should Be Able To Make The Case For Impeachment And Provide A Vision For 2020

Castro also suggested he'll be able to outlast other 2020 Democratic candidates in an interview with BuzzFeed News' AM to DM Tuesday.

Lissandra Villa 6 months ago

Seth Moulton Says He Would Use Diplomacy To Fight Off An Alien Invasion As President

"You always have to start with diplomacy," the newly announced presidential candidate said.

Lissandra Villa 6 months ago

Seth Moulton Is Running For President

In an ever-growing field, Moulton is the second House Democrat who once tried to push out Pelosi to now run for president.

Lissandra Villa 6 months ago

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says Donald Trump Should Be Investigated And Possibly Impeached For Obstruction

The congresswoman said she will be supporting an impeachment resolution that one of her colleagues introduced earlier this year.

Lissandra Villa 6 months ago

House Democrats Are Starting To Call For Bill Barr's Resignation After His Mueller Report Press Conference

“OUR Attorney General acts as Trump’s defense attorney. He can’t represent both. Barr must resign.”

Lissandra Villa 6 months ago

Another House Democrat Is Running For President

"It's official," Eric Swalwell said on The Late Show. "Boy, did it feel good to say that."

Lissandra Villa 6 months ago

The House Sued Over Trump’s National Emergency

“No one is above the law or the Constitution, not even the President,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement.

Lissandra Villa 6 months ago

A Former Congressman Accused Of Sexual Harassment Has Lost His Attempt At A Post-#MeToo Comeback

Kihuen, who was accused of sexual harassment by multiple women, lost the primary for a Las Vegas City Council seat by five votes.

Lissandra Villa 6 months ago

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Formed An Unlikely Alliance With Nancy Pelosi. Now It's Facing Its First Real Test.

Pelosi has so far forged strong relationships with the new progressives in her caucus, but that relationship could soon be tested in a battle between the insurgents and the establishment.

Lissandra Villa 6 months ago

Republicans Have Pissed Off Donald Trump By Turning Down His Wall Plan. Now They’re Just Hoping He Doesn’t Take It Too Personally.

“Hopefully, he’ll give some of us a pass on this,” one Republican who voted against the president’s wishes said.

Lissandra Villa 7 months ago

A Shady New Website Has Outed Women Who Accused Former Rep. Ruben Kihuen Of Sexual Harassment

“I cannot possibly understand how anyone has enough evil in their heart to publicly out harassment victims and push a smear campaign against them,” one of the women who accused Kihuen of sexual harassment told BuzzFeed News.

Lissandra Villa 7 months ago

The #MeToo Movement Brought Down A Political Star. Now His Hometown Has To Decide Whether He Can Come Back.

“No Means No, Ruben,” is a new kind of political force, trying to prevent a former congressman from returning to political office after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment.

Lissandra Villa 7 months ago

The House Intelligence Committee Wants To Question The Trump Organization’s Chief Financial Officer Following Cohen’s Testimony

Allen Weisselberg came up multiple times during Michael Cohen’s testimony to the House Oversight Committee this week, leaving lawmakers with questions for the Trump Organization’s chief financial officer.

Emma Loop 7 months ago

Congress Just Got A Lot Closer To Rejecting Trump’s National Emergency To Build A Wall

Congress may now have the votes needed to formally reject Trump’s plan. The White House has suggested the president will issue his first veto if it passes.

Paul McLeod 7 months ago

The Michael Cohen Hearing Ended With A Very Awkward Fight About Racism

“What happened earlier was insulting to a lot of people of color, and his...response was hopefully genuine too,” one committee member said after the hearing.

Julia Reinstein 7 months ago

House Democrats Announced Their Plan To Block Trump’s National Emergency To Build A Wall

The bill could pass Congress, but it would still need to overcome a presidential veto.

Lissandra Villa 8 months ago

As Concerns Over Facial Recognition Grow, Members Of Congress Are Considering Their Next Move

“This is a perfect issue for our committee to look into,” California Rep. Jimmy Gomez told BuzzFeed News.

Davey Alba 8 months ago

Donald Trump Helped Give Beto O'Rourke A Hometown Send-Off

Thousands of people came out to protest the president’s border wall — and spent a lot of time cheering for a Beto presidential run.

Lissandra Villa 8 months ago

Beto O’Rourke Calls The Green New Deal “The Best Proposal” He’s Seen For Addressing Climate Change

“I'm really excited about the leadership there to meet our commitment to the generations that follow.”

Lissandra Villa 8 months ago