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What Have You Learned As A Parent Of A Child With Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Your advice could help other parents.

Being the parent of a kid with autism spectrum disorder can be uniquely challenging...

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...not only because it often comes as a surprise (and so early in life, too), but also because it presents itself differently in each child — meaning that nobody really has the exact same experience.

But you do start to learn what works and what doesn't work for your child and your situation.

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You become more acquainted with responding to their specific needs and behaviors, and learn key things about parenting a kid who has ASD.

So, tell us: What advice and tips do you have that could help other parents and guardians?

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Share them with the class.

Maybe you learned something about creating routines — like that it's been really helpful to keep them structured and consistent.

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And maybe you discovered some good techniques and hacks for keeping them in place, like using timers.

Maybe you've worked with a therapist or other expert who's provided specific tips, or just general wisdom, that you think is worth passing on.

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Or maybe you learned something from other parents of kids with ASD that you want to share.

Maybe you have some pointers for helping your child cope with a specific issue, like hypersensitivity, socializing, or communication.

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Maybe you've just built valuable experience when it comes to parenting and homelife in general.

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Maybe you have advice for parenting siblings of kids with ASD, or tips for taking care of yourself and your relationship with your partner or seeking care and support for yourself. Maybe you're a single parent or guardian with some valuable tips.

Or maybe you want to let other parents know some of the rewards of parenting a kid with ASD.

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So tell us: What tips do you have for parents and guardians raising kids with ASD?

Using the dropbox below, tell us in a few sentences what comes to mind, whether it's about specific behaviors and needs, or just day-to-day life. Details are great, so don't be afraid to give too much advice.

Your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.