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17 Children's Books That I'm Glad I Never Read As A Kid

Sorry, this is your problem now.

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7. There's a lot going on here. Is that a tiny, angry dog in the first panel? Can someone in the third panel feed that unicorn in the second panel?!


13. Nursery rhymes sound so fun and cute, until you actually see them.

Art and Picture Collection, The New York Public Library

Let's analyze this for a sec: 1. The moon is clearly terrified that the cow is going to crush it. 2. That dog is high AF. 3. I feel like this cat plays his fiddle so that he can hypnotize you and take you straight to hell. 4. How do the spoon's legs even work?! 5. I HAVE NO WORDS FOR THAT DISH.

14. And again.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Same scene, slightly different depiction. The moon does not seem to be alive here, allowing the cow to freely jump over it. But I daresay that cat is even more sinister than the last one, and that dog is just as high as its predecessor. And that dish and spoon situation? Just no.