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Paris Hilton Thinks It's Random That Lindsay Lohan Invited Her To Her Bday Party In Mykonos

*Looks both ways and grabs popcorn*

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Greetings and welcome. Before we go any further I'd like to take you on a quick trip down memory lane. The year was 2006, and Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton were friends. It was the height of early 2000s pop culture. A time we will never forget.

Fast forward to the present. Well, to the present but like, a month ago. Lindsay Lohan was having a birthday party in Mykonos, Greece, and invited her old pals Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

#nicegirls @britneyspears @parishilton come to #mykonos for my birthday this weekend 😊 @Beyonce you too

Lindsay Lohan ended up having her birthday party, (she turned 31 on July 2nd) but methinks that Paris, Britney and Beyonce did not show up.


And now fast forward to actual present day, and we know what Paris Hilton thought about being invited in the first place thanks to this interview with Billboard. They asked her if she knew that Lindsay tweeted at her and Paris said this:

I didn’t see it, but I was at the airport like so many paparazzi and they are talking about it and asking me if I was going. I just have the residency in Ibiza, so it’s okay. I like, doubt that Britney or Beyonce are either. I think that was a little bit random but you know, trying to promote the club over there or whatever.


In conclusion: I think Lindsay Lohan just got owned. And next time she should invite me. I'd definitely come!