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18 Things From Newcastle That Will Make You Say "Fuck, I Wish I Lived There"

Saveloy Dip, for a start.

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2. Saveloy dip.

Another uniquely North East food you can't get anywhere else. And we've tried. It's saveloy sausage in a bun, with stuffing pease pudding, with the option of having the bun lightly dipped in the saveloy "gravy".

3. Newcastle Castle.

Flickr: stuhaigh / Creative Commons

It's where we got our name. With its foundations laid all the way back in 1080 and still standing strong, it's something to be immensely proud of. Plus it's nice having somewhere to go when you wanna pretend you're in Game Of Thrones.



Flickr: dougbelshaw / Creative Commons

The former flour mill turned art gallery houses some of the most impressive art you could wish to see. Yes, it's technically in Gateshead, but it's just a short hop over the Millennium bridge (did I mention we like bridges?) and you get to visit a truly special place.

5. Tyneside Cinema.

Lots of cities may have their own independent cinemas, but Tyneside Cinema has its own unique charm. Regularly showing classics and cult favourites alongside new releases, it's a cinephile's idea of heaven.

6. Brown Ale.

Okay, you get this most places now but it's ours and tastes like home.

7. Viz.

Flickr: badgreeb_records / Creative Commons

This magazine has given a satirical voice to Geordies for decades. Founded in 1979 by Chris Donald with help from his brother Simon and friend Jim Brownlow, it's still going strong and is home to some iconic characters.


8. The Ouseburn Valley.

A trip down a bank and into a valley finds you with a collection of some top bars that host live music and serve up amazing food; it even houses two music festivals across all of them in the summer months. You've also got cafes and even a farm that you can visit.

10. The Geordie language.

Whey aye man, you divn't al talk like us in other places.

11. An award winning street.

Grey Street was voted a Great Street Award winner in 2010, and has only gotten more beautiful. Home to some amazing shops, bars and even a theatre, the architecture alone is worth a walk down to marvel at.


12. A blummin massive angel.

Flickr: neilsingapore / Creative Commons

Okay, it's another one that's technically Gateshead. But come on, if you were on Family Fortunes and naming things that you think of when you think of Newcastle, it's up there with Alan Shearer and Byker Grove.

13. The Stand comedy club.

The ones in Edinburgh and Glasgow may have came first, and all three are revered as some of the best in the U.K., but it's a venue that really makes us stand out as a city, and even has a bistro for some tip-top eats.

14. A football stadium in the city centre.

Stu Forster / Getty Images

St James' Park is just a short walk from any of the town centre Metro stops, and hordes of black and white shirts on match day is quite the site. Well, apart from that one time a bloke punched a horse. We're still sorry about that.

15. The Metro.

Flickr: 63008913@N00 / Creative Commons

It's a unique form of travel that takes you underground and overground, all the way through to the coast, Sunderland, South Shields, the Airport. Yeah, we've got busses too, but they don't have a lovely Geordie voice coming on the speaker to shout at some kid for trying to get on with a bike.

16. Ice skating in the winter.

Outside the Centre For Life in Times Square, an outdoor ice rink is set up every Christmas, and it's amazing fun.

18. Geordies themselves.

We're a friendly bunch, it's an immensely welcoming city, and unless there's a bunch of us off on a stag or hen do somewhere, you won't find such a good collection of Newcastle folk anywhere else.