Is Your Balcony Too Tiny For Furniture? This DIY Murphy Table Is Perfect When You're Short On Space

    Put that balcony to use this summer!

    Watch how to make it here:

    Nifty / Via Facebook: 195989344211258


    Circular wooden table-top

    Jigsaw (or handsaw)

    Paint or wood stain


    Power drill

    2 angle irons

    4 hinges


    1. Use a circular wooden table top, either from a hardware store or from an old table that you’ve taken apart, and cut it in half. Discard the other half (or save it for scraps).

    2. Cut a right triangle out of plywood where the short side is the length of the radius of your tabletop and the long side is the desired height of your table.

    3. Cut a 4" wide piece of wood to be the length of the radius of your table top. Make sure it is the same thickness as your table top.

    4. Paint or stain all of your wood pieces.

    5. If your patio railing is built in a way that does not provide proper support for this table, simply attach a board to your railing that it may be mounted to.

    6. Attach two angle irons to the top of your board/railing, making sure they are positioned at the desired height of your table.

    7. Attach two hinges to the long side of your right triangle.

    8. Attach the 4" piece of wood to the straight edge of your circular table top using two hinges.

    9. Screw in the right triangle to your board/railing using two hinges.

    10. Attach the circular table top (now attached to the 4" piece of wood) to the angle irons.

    11. Fold your table up to use it, and when you’re done fold it down to maximize your available space!

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