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August 21, 2017

Conar pode ter de julgar sua própria propaganda

Órgão, que autorregula a publicidade brasileira, levou ao ar campanha que fala sobre representatividade. Houve críticas de que Conar reduziu temas sérios, como orientação sexual e racismo, a "gosto pessoal".

White House Going Ahead With HBCU Conference After Charlottesville

The president and CEO of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund sent a letter to the White House with a simple recommendation for next month’s HBCU conference: Don’t do this — at least, not right now. But the White House is going forward as it continues to deal with fallout after Trump defended a white supremacist rally as including “some very fine people.”

Flash Briefing For August 21, 2017

At least 40,000 people turned out to protest a right-wing event in Boston, Trump will address the nation on the war in Afghanistan, Lyft is partnering with an anti-discrimination group to train drivers on handling white supremacists, and Kendall Jenner is under fire (yet again).

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