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Serena Williams Sent Her Fiancé Out For A Late-Night Pregnancy Craving And It's Just So Pure

Who craves vegetables in the third trimester? The Greatest Of All Time, that's who.

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Let's just take a second and appreciate how adorable these two are with this ridiculously cute post from their '50s-themed baby shower.

Instagram: @alexisohanian

Come. ON.

So, like many supportive partners before him, Alexis ventured out late Friday night to fulfill a pregnancy craving...

Instagram: @alexisohanian

I was told there would be cravings. I was not told they would be these: zucchini, asparagus, and...what's this one called again? Artichoke. There we go. Really? These are her cravings right now. Amazing.


Serena won the Australian Open while pregnant. An earlier version of this post misstated she'd won Wimbledon while pregnant. Either way, still GOAT.